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We take the Galaxy S II for a walk, here are a few pictures and a video

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The Samsung Galaxy S II landed in our office just yesterday and the first thing we did was to take it for a spin. Today we got some wonderful weather and we took it outside to take a few camera samples and a some 1080p videos.

Before we proceed with the camera samples you might be interested to see a few more close-up photos from our studio. Read more »

Watch the mobile phone evolve in a unique video

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It’s not so common for carriers to make such a great video presentation that actually catches ours (and yours) attention. But Vodafone has a history with viral videos involving mobile phones and the guys from the UK branch did a great job presenting the evolution of the mobile phone in a special video.

It’s so good that in the end when the question “What’s next?” pops out, you are already so hooked that you would really want to know the answer.

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Gresso Luxor World Time Gold offers ancient luxury and a high price tag

by 17 comments

Imagine that you live in a perfect world where the budget for your next phone purchase is $30,000. You are already tired of diamond and gold encrusted iPhones, Blackberrys, and whatnot, and feel the need to be somewhat different. Oh, and yes, I almost forgot – you also have a passion for fine watches.

Gresso Luxor Gold

The answer to all your heavy phone requirements comes from nowhere else but Russia in the face of Gresso Luxor World Time Gold.
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Samsung Galaxy S II drops by for a preview, we roll up our sleeves [VIDEO]

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Well, well, well, look who came by to hang out a little with us. It’s been a long time since we first met the Galaxy S II at the MWC 2011 earlier this year, and now the time has come for the Samsung Galaxy S II to be properly previewed away from all the hustle and bustle.

Samsung Galaxy S II

Naturally, being the replacement for the well-known Samsung i9000 Galaxy S, the Galaxy S II has to fit the very large shoes of its predecessor. And judging by the initial impressions from quickly playing around with the device – it does pretty well. The user interface is ridiculously snappy and the phone, despite its mammoth size, feels alive and light. Read more »

Facebook-centered INQ Cloud Touch droid on sale now in the UK, 300 pounds seems pricey

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The INQ Cloud Touch phone is on sale in the UK earlier than expected (it was slated for Q3), with some better specs but not quite the bargain price we originally saw. This Facebook-loving Android is coming out just in time – before the similar offerings from HTC get out (the Salsa and the ChaCha).

The INQ Cloud Touch is available right now from The Carphone WarehouseRead more »

Android cloud-based music app leaks – looks cool, we have the screens to prove it

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By a lucky coincidence a tech site – Techfrom10 dot-com, came across the new Music application for Android. We’ve prepared some screenshots to show you how good the new UI looks.

In terms of looks the new music app looks a lot like the Vanilla gallery. It has interactive backgrounds Read more »

Verizon iPhone 4 drops less calls, does not make customers much happier

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With everyone in the US so excited about the CDMA iPhone, you’d think that landing on Verizon’s network is the best thing that ever happened to Apple’s smartphone. However the survey that ChangeWave Research just published shows that iPhone users on both carriers are equally happy.

Apparently 80% of the iPhone 4 owners on AT&T are very satisfied, while another 18% describe themselves as “somewhat satisfied”. On the other side, 82% of the Apple-loving Verizon subscribers are very satisfied, while 16% are “somewhat satisfied”. Read more »

iPod Touch 4G with touch Home key spotted in the wild, possibly fake or canceled

by 11 comments

Some blurry iPod Touch 4G photos have just surfaced today. They show an unseen prototype of the 4th generation iPod Touch with a touch-sensitive Home button.

The device runs on the iOS 4.2.1, packs 128GB storage and has a MC550LL model number. Read more »

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 bootloader unlocked, custom kernels are welcome

by 528 comments

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 held its ground against hacker attacks for ages, but its defenses have finally been breached. The bootloader of the device was just unlocked, allowing for custom kernels to be installed.

Like most good droid things, this one comes courtesy of the XDA community – a guy named zdzihu made the breakthrough. Read more »

Facebook for iPhone/iPod Touch gets updated – brings map view for Places, Check-in and un-friend to your iDevice

by 4 comments

The Facebook app for iOS (excluding the iPads) has been updated to version 3.4. It brings along the Map View for the Places section, a Check-in function for events and places and even a un-friend option straight from your device.

Today it seems a lot of emphasis is being put on check-in functionality on our handhelds. Earlier it was the Google Maps for Android, now this. Read more »

The XPERIA Play new video ad ditches creepiness for good, is nice too [VIDEO]

by 359 comments

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play has just hit the shelves in a number of countries and the marketing campaign has finally started to make sense.

Instead of the previous creepy and even scary ads, we now have a more mature and adrenaline-rushing video experience. Watch it below: Read more »

Four phones, four SIM cards each, $30 a pop – oh, my!

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Get ready for some SIM card envy – it seems that phones with 4 SIM cards and quad-standby are a standard in China. A while back there was the OTECH F1, which I can only assume sold well because we just got the scoop on four NEW models, all of which have 4 SIM cards on active standby all at the same time.

You can have a BlackBerry looking one, one that looks like a Samsung, or maybe you fancy a Nokia or a Motorola. These phones have it all, a whole family worth of phone numbers, a TV receiver, stylish looks and all go for about $30 a piece… Read more »

The sum of all iPhone 5 rumors is an infographic away

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We love infographics as much as we love rumors about upcoming devices. What we stumbled into today though, combines both of these features and concerns the most anticipated launch in the mobile phone industry for 2011 – the iPhone 5.

The infographic is designed by the guys over at Nowhereelse, who gave us last year’s infographic. As you’ll notice the new inforgraphic looks so much better. Read more »

HTC ThunderBolt gives iPhone 4 a run for its money

by 390 comments

To some it might be a surprise. Others might just call it logic. The fact, however, remains that the Thunderbolt – HTC’s latest powerhouse of a phone has been outselling the iPhone 4 in a significant number of Verizon Wireless latest locations according to data, compiled by a team of analysts at BTIG.

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The new 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon MSM8660 got benchmarked, meet the new champion

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The Qualcomm’s Snapdragon MSM8660 chipset is the latest big platform to power the next generation mobile devices. It packs a dual-core 1.5GHz Scorpion processor and Adreno 220 graphics.

The benchmarks you are about to see were made on a Snapdragon Mobile Development Platform (MDP) device. It’s a fully functional device manufactured by Qualcomm for demonstrating and development purposes.

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