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Galaxy Tab Unpacked teasers continue surfacing, there’s no stopping Samsung

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We’ve come across yet another teaser of the Samsung Unpacked event and the supposed 8.9-inch tablet it revolves around. This time the video focuses on delighted consumers, talking about their Tab experience.

The guys in the video appear to be holding a Galaxy Tab original, a white one. They talk about the effect that the device has on their personality and their life. At the end of the video you can see more obscure shots of the new unannounced tablet. Read more »

Yves Behar phone lives in the good old days when phones were for talking, costs as much as a car

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In a stance against phones “more” Yves Behar designed a phone for Danish manufacturer Aesir, which focuses on craftsmanship and audio experience. The result is pretty attractive (unlike some eyesores of the luxury phone world) but its price will still make you frown.

Functionality-wise it’s nothing impressive but the edge-to-edge keypad does look interesting and there are custom ringtones and icons designed just for the phone… Read more »

Meet Verizon’s new army of droids – Motorola DROID X2, DROID 3 and Targa and the HTC Incredible 2

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Verizon is on course to launch another batch of powerful Android smartphones. No less than three high-end Motorola droid just leaked, along with the HTC Incredible 2 leaked today, confirming that the Verizon iPhone 4 hasn’t quenched the carrier’s thirst for smartphones.

Motorola DROID X2 and DROID 3

Motorola is obviously pretty keen to find strengthen its positions in the US market. It’s got the DROID X2 and DROID 3 in the pipeline, plus the LTE-capable Targa.

Read more »

New Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play video ad reaches new levels of grossness

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I’m not quite sure how they did it but Sony Ericsson managed to come up with an XPERIA Play ad that’s even grosser than the one before it. You know, the one where the droid wakes up with thumbs attached to its droid arms.

Titled “The Donor” this second ad comes to tell us the background of that story – i.e. where the thumbs came from. Read more »

Google adds Instant previews to mobile search for Android and iOS, makes it look really cool

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The Google dev team has just come up with another cool feature for the mobile version of their search engine. You have probably been using instant previews on your desktop computer for some time now, but you can now try them on your mobile browser.

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Google Music Sync works ahead of launch on rooted Gingerbread phones

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Google Music Sync is a much anticipated service that will provide users with the ability to enjoy their whole music library over-the-air. No need to keep it stored on your Android device and use up all that space. Now it seems that this service can be enabled to work through the music players of rooted Android device running 2.3.3, before it has even been officially launched.

The ever-testing and never-resting guys over the XDA developers site have found, by chance, that if you have a Gingerbread-running device, which you’ve rooted already, you can use this unofficial feature. Cool, right?

Here’s how Google Music Sync works. You have to upload your music onto Google servers, from which you can then stream it right on your device wirelessly. You can probably enjoy it on your Chrome netbook too. The obvious catch here is that you’ll need a reliable internet connection to enjoy this service.

We are yet to see the real benefits of a service like this.


Sarah Harding and the HTC Incredible S look good in black, The Carphone Warehouse has the phone on sale

by 245 comments

HTC have enlisted the help of Girls Aloud member Sarah Harding to promote the HTC Incredible S in the UK. They set up a photo shoot and here’s the result (two more photos after the jump).

The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy are now offering the handset and they claim exclusivity… Read more »

360 Compact Mobile Phone concept puts touchscreens on flip covers with questionable results

by 16 comments

We occasionally cover concepts for mobile phones – they may never leave the drawing board, but their designers often dream up of interesting new features that might one day make it to actual devices.

This design is by Baek Kil Hyun (a student at the Samsung Art & Design Institute) and it’s called 360 Compact Mobile Phone (hey, the guy’s a designer, not a copywriter). His imaginary product implements two flips that are also displays and do what the iPad 2’s Smart covers do, except… they are better. Read more »

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Neo pays us a visit, we shoot a video

by 49 comments

One of the Sony Ericsson latest flagships – the XPERIA Neo – has just landed in our office. The first thing we did is shoot a quick demo video for you.

You are getting a quick overview of the Neo itself and a glimpse of the user interface. It’s just like in the Arc, but on a smaller screen.

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Google Nexus S display gets warmer colors with the 2.3.3 update

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If you have applied the Android 2.3.3 update to you Google Nexus S recently you might have noticed that the screen now looks different. There’s no reason to worry though – the slightly warmer colors don’t indicate a hardware bug, but are in fact a feature implemented by the Google engineers.

According the support team the color temperature adjustment was done so darker colors could be rendered “more accurately at all brightness levels”. Read more »

Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies and other best-selling games to hit WP7 on 6 April

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The Windows Marketplace might be some way off its competitors in terms of content, but it’s catching up pretty fast. We just got word that some of the most wildly popular mobile games will be joining it shortly.

The Rovio addictive physics game Angry birds and the Plants vs Zombies tower defense title will be hitting the WP7 Marketplace shelves on 6th April. In addition WP7 will soon welcome other mobile hits such as Doodle Jump, geoDefence, Hydro Thunder Go and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I. Read more »

Galaxy S 4G torn apart by the guys at iFixIt, looks as tough as the original

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The Galaxy S 4G just got the iFixIt treatment. It was stripped off everything and revealed its secrets to the World. But it turns out that it’s pretty much the standard Galaxy S, save for the HSPA+ modem inside.

The Galaxy S 4G uses the ST Ericsson’s THOR M5730 HSPA+ Thin Modem for its so-called 4G capabilities theoretically reaching speed of 21 Mbps download and 5.76 Mbps upload. Read more »

The NEC Medias is the world’s slimmest smartphone, has a Gorilla Glass screen

by 14 comments

Ok, it’s official: the NEC Medias N-04C is indeed the worlds slimmest smartphone as we suggested recently. Now we have the full specs of the device besides the record-breaking thickness.

Unfortunately, the NEC Medias is bound for Japan’s NTT Docomo carrier and we probably won’t see its face around our parts of the world. The Android smartphone should be released there in the middle of March.

Specs-wise the NEC Medias should offer Android 2.2 Froyo upon launch. There’s also Read more »

Nokia E7 is next up for review, the hands-on video is inside

by 585 comments

The dramatic shift in strategy that Nokia announced before the MWC stole some of the E7 thunder, but it still remains the flagship of the largest cellphone manufacturer in the world.

The QWERTY-packing fella has just arrived to our office and we are already hard at work on its detailed review. There are quite a lot of buttons to push on that one until we are ready to pass a final verdict so we thought we might give you something in advance to make the wait easier to bear. Read more »

The MHL port explained, makes the Galaxy S II that much cooler

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With all the fuss about the impressive 1080p video recording and the gorgeous new SuperAMOLED Plus display we might have missed a pretty cool new feature of the Samsung Galaxy S II – its MHL port. Long story short it’s a port that integrates HD TV output into a compact microUSB-shaped connector.

The MHL standard specifies a 5pin port that can output HD video up to 1080p/60 and 192 kHz 7.1 channel audio to HDTVs. And that’s only one of its fancy features. Now for the details. Read more »