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Google Maps 5.3 for Android comes out, brings location history to your mobile

The Google Maps application for Android has just been updated to version 5.3. It now brings some previously computer-exclusive stuff like location history – or in other words, where you’ve been to and how much time you’ve spent there.

The Google Maps app is no longer just a digital map of the world. It’s now a mapping service – slash – SatNav app with the ability to check you in at home, work and all sorts of places. And it even lets you give reviews to places, add specific things you like about a place. And all this is posted to the virtual profile of the place for everyone (using Google Places) to see. Google is essentially integrating the Places experience into Maps.

When you want to give a restaurant, café, bank or any type of place a review you can opt to just give it a rating – you have the choice of 5 (max) stars. Or you can add a specific note, saying what you like or dislike about it. Also you can add a specific thing you liked or disliked. Like, say, the Margherita in a pizza joint.

On a different note, to check out your location history from your Android phone, you only have to enable it in your Latitude account. It gives you cool statistics on how much time you’ve spent at home, at work or out. Plus you might be surprised by the numbers. I know I was.

These are all great features and added to the 3D buildings and multi-touch gesture controls, the GPS navigation of the Google Maps app for Android, it’s really becoming a premium service app. It kinda makes me wonder when (if ever) are these features making their way to the iOS or WebOS.



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