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Plants vs. Zombies and Chuzzle to hit Android this month, to be free for 24h at the Amazon app store

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The popular developer PopCap Games has just announced that it will be bringing a couple of titles to the Android world this month. We are talking about the puzzle game Chuzzle, which is already available and the extremely successful Plants vs Zombies lane tower defense game, which should come in two weeks’ time.

Both titles will be exclusively available on the Amazon App Store for the first two weeks of their Android existence and will be offered for free in the first 24 hours. Read more »

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II does 8 hours and 5 minutes of video playback on a single charge

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We’ve just completed the first of our dedicated Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II battery tests. We decided to start with the dedicated video playback test and we have to admit, we are pretty pleased with the results.

The new Samsung flagship went through the pretty good 8 hours and 5 minutes of video playback before its battery level dropped to 10%, at which point the video player automatically switched off. Read more »

MEDIAS WP N-06C is a water-proof, super slim Android smartphone, how about some underwater tweeting?

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Japan’s largest carrier, NTT DoCoMo, just unveiled its new smartphone lineup and as expected the MEDIAS WP N-06C made its first public appearance. The watertight super slim Android device measures an unbelievable 7.9mm all over its body, but for the 5 megapixel camera lens, which protrudes to 9.7mm.

The MEDIAS WP N-06C packs a 4” FWVGA touchscreen and offers support for 14Mbps network transfers. Unfortunately, it only works on FOMA networks so taking one back to your home-country is not an option. Read more »

John’s Phone reminds us what phones were created for

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No, this is not a joke! I humbly present to you the phone with the shortest spec sheet in well over a decade. In a time, when smartphones boast dual-core processors and HD cameras, John’s Phone has ONLY one function – it can make phone calls.

Now on with those specs. The phone has quad-band GSM support so it will work just about anywhere in the world, except for Korea and Japan. It has only one ringtone complete with a vibration function. A small screen on top of the device displays the inbound and outbound numbers in a call. It also shows a rather unique battery indicator. The manufacturers claim talk time of up to 6 hours and a three week standby for the device which is powered by a 1200 mAh battery. Read more »

Nokia smartphone spoted in the new Real Steel trailer, looks hot

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It may come as no surprise that a Nokia handset is seen in a futuristic time where robots are the new heavyweight boxing fighters. The Finnish company is obviously here to stay, Symbian or not.

The unknown Nokia prototype has been spotted in a trailer of the upcoming soon movie Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman (you know Wolverine from X-Men) Read more »

Samsung Infuse 4G and Angry Birds star in a music video

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For all the fans of Samsung and Angry Birds, here is a video which I stumbled upon in YouTube featuring the upcoming, AT&T bound Samsung Infuse 4G and the theme song from the popular mobile game which got me particularly excited.

As we already told you, the Samsung Infuse 4G comes with Angry Birds preloaded and features a hidden level Read more »

New HTC Sensation video ad shows us just about every reason there is to go for the phone

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The HTC Sensation just got a video ad, displaying all of its noteworthy features in HD and FullHD style on YouTube. The video is almost 6 minutes long, which amounts to about 5-6 Apple promo videos for example (remember the iPad 2 promo videos).

The focus in this video is on the features HTC thought to be evolutionary and exciting. The brand new HTC Sense 3.0 Read more »

Motorola DROID X2 set to launch on 26 May

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Motorola DROID X2 just can’t stop showing its face before the official announcement. It is supposed to hit the stores on 26 May, while the pre-orders will start shipping on 19 May.

Now what about we get an official announcement, mmkay? Read more »

Watch Samsung Galaxy S II connect to an HDTV through its MHL port [VIDEO]

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The Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II has a MHL port – the technology that combines USB and HDMI into the same port. This one is indistinguishable from a microUSB port and works like one with no problem (and as a charger port too).

Plug-in an adapter however and you get an HDMI out as well. Read more »

Alexander Amosu turns BlackBerry Bold 9780 into an investment

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Last time we mentioned the British jeweler Alexander Amosu was around Valentine’s day when Amosu Couture released an iPhone 4 covered with pink Swarovski crystals. Now, the object of the jeweler’s talented work is no other, but the rather conservative BlackBerry Bold 9780.

This time, the BlackBerry does not change color. Instead, it gets covered with 1400 diamonds with an approximate weight of 15 carats. Read more »

Nokia unveils a new Ovi Store concept for Orange France and Deutsche Telekom

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Today Nokia released information regarding plans for a new Ovi Store concept they intend to push to leading mobile companies Orange France and Deutsche Telekom (the parent company of T-Mobile).

Ovi Logo

The focus of the Ovi Store operator app store concept is the idea of a ‘store within a store’. Alongside the existing Ovi Store infrastructure, the design is intended to help “provide operators around the world new ways to differentiate, distribute and compete”. Read more »

This is how you plug your USB flash drive into the Samsung Galaxy S II

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We’re still playing with all the features of the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II (and there are plenty of those to get through). Right now, I’m plugging every thumb drive and card reader we have laying around our office to test the USB On-The-Go (OTG) functionality.

I used an adapter from Samsung for the tests. Here’s what worked and what didn’t. Read more »

LG teams up with Rovio to bring you Angry Birds Rio on every new Optimus smartphone

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Angry Birds Rio is going to be preloaded on every upcoming Optimus starting with the Canadian Optimus 2X.

You can bet the LG Optimus 3D and Optimus Black are getting Rio as well as the regions where the Optimus 2X is still scheduled for launch. Read more »

Watch the Samsung Infuse 4G do its big-screen tricks [VIDEO]

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Since its launch barely a week ago, Samsung Infuse 4G has become the company’s flagship (for the time being) in the United States. It has the biggest screen on the market – a 4.5″ Super AMOLED Plus, which is a beauty to look at.

The Samsung Infuse 4G is definitely one of the strongest offerings from the US branch of Samsung at the moment. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S II plays 1080p Flash videos in the browser, can hot-swap SIM cards just fine

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A retail version of the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II 1.2GHz just arrived and we immediately started fiddling with it. Here are two interesting things we tried, that to our surprise, worked smoothly: 1080p Flash video played right in the browser and we hot-swapped the SIM card just like that.

Here’s how the tests went… Read more »