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Verizon iPhone 4 drops less calls, does not make customers much happier

With everyone in the US so excited about the CDMA iPhone, you’d think that landing on Verizon’s network is the best thing that ever happened to Apple’s smartphone. However the survey that ChangeWave Research just published shows that iPhone users on both carriers are equally happy.

Apparently 80% of the iPhone 4 owners on AT&T are very satisfied, while another 18% describe themselves as “somewhat satisfied”. On the other side, 82% of the Apple-loving Verizon subscribers are very satisfied, while 16% are “somewhat satisfied”.

Yet despite those minor differences in overall satisfaction, there seems to be a large difference in the services provided by the two carriers. On average AT&T subscribers with an iPhone 4 have 4.8% of their calls dropped due to reception issues, while on Verizon the number is 1.8%. We guess the faster web browsing speeds provided by AT&T make up for that though.

Not to mention the nuisance that you can’t use voice and data simultaneously on Verizon’s network. When using data on 3G, incoming calls have priority, but if you’re in a 2G region and using data, your call will go to voicemail. What that also means, is when you’re using the Personal Hotspot feature on 3G, any incoming call would kill your connection.

A bigger issue may be that while using the Personal Hotspot feature (more on this in a minute), your calls will kill your connection.

The survey also shows that of those planning to buy an iPhone 4 in the future, 46% will go for Verizon, while only 27% plan to go to AT&T for it. Which is understandable considering that those wanting to get an AT&T iPhone 4 have now had almost a year to do so.



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