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These Nokia E6-00 camera samples are keen to convince you fixed-focus cameras are not slacking

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Who said fixed-focus cameras aren’t fit for proper shooting? Nokia wants to prove that you won’t be losing anything in terms of picture quality if you go for the Nokia E6-00 and its 8MP fixed-focus snapper.

That’s why they have selected a bunch of photos taken from an internal competition at Nokia during the device’s testing. Read more »

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc rooted, hackers rejoice

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With Sony Ericsson being kind enough to unlock the XPERIA Arc bootloader, rooting the device was the only thing missing for a grand hacker slam. Well now we’ve got that one completed, thanks to the ever helpful XDA community.

The best part is that you can try this at home and get full access to the system folders of your very own XPERIA Arc. There is only a single step required (check out the source link) so it shouldn’t be a problem to anyone who knows their way around smartphones. You will need to unlock your bootloader first though, if you haven’t done so already. Read more »

Compufon wants to be your all-in-one smartphone, tablet and netbook solution

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After ASUS unveiled the Eee Transformer Pad and Motorola introduced the ATRIX 4G, now the widely infamous Kosmaz Technology want to take their shot at mobile convergence with the Compufon concept. While this isn’t really a great name to be honest, the Compufon aims to target the smartphone, tablet and netbook markets all at the same time.

Admittedly, the shots of the thing look impressive. Kosmaz has done a far better job at discretely integrating the smartphone into the netbook/tablet dock than Motorola did with the ATRIX 4G. The specifications, while nothing we haven’t heard of, are still impressive. Read more »

Samsung releases the source code of the Gingerbread update for the Galaxy S

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Samsung released the source code for the Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update for the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S – you can grab it now from their Open Source Release Center (search for

Of course, the source code would only be useful for developers but regular users should reap the benefits of this release soon – in the form of new custom ROMs… Read more »

NEC MEDIAS N-6C Gingerbread droid is 7.9mm thick, can go a meter under water

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Some gadgets are for Japan only but that doesn’t mean we don’t want them – take this NEC MEDIAS N-06C Gingerbread droid for example. It’s not out yet, but pamphlets promise a really cool phone.

It has both performance (1GHz CPU with 512MB RAM) and rugged character (IPX5 and IPX7 certification). It’s just a bit thicker than its “world’s slimmest” counterpart, the MEDIAS N-04C, making other waterproof phones feel chubby… Read more »

The Samsung Galaxy S II goes swimming with the fishes in a cute new ad [VIDEO]

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Samsung has just released a rather funny video ad of their flagship superphone, the Galaxy S II. The phone is set to launch in May for the UK and early June for the rest of the major markets, so we should see more and more videos like this from Samsung in the future.

Obviously, the advert is focused on the vivid 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen. But what’s more interesting is did the phone survive the encounter with the water? Read more »

Most popular camera on Flickr? The Nikon D90, but the iPhone 4 is a close second

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Flickr is one of the first websites that comes to mind when you have some photos to share with friends or when you just want to upload your cat photo albums for everyone to admire. For several years Flickr has been the place to upload and share photos, no matter your how skilled you are or what gear you have.

Talking about gear, Flickr has pretty interesting statistics regarding the most used cameras that upload to their site. The top spot is taken by the good ol’ Nikon D90 – a nearly three-year-old DSLR camera, which is not such a surprise. The real shocker, is the runner-up. It’s the iPhone 4, and looking at the charts below it comes really, really close to taking the crown as Flickr’s most popular camera. Read more »

Don’t be jealous anymore, the Japanese Sony Ericsson XPERIA Acro has a single LED flash too

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Do you remember the rumors about a better flash on the Japanese version of the XPERIA Arc – the Acro? Well, the Acro’s official presentation has just leaked and it shows a single LED flash at the back – just like the international Arc.

Read more »

Shop your phone online Minority Report multi-touch style [VIDEO]

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The gap between the sci-fi future of Minority Report and our future just got a little bit smaller.

3 live shop touchscreen

3 Live Shop takes the online shopping experience to the next level using the latest technology and techno-wizardry. Developed in partnership by B-REEL, Teenage Engineering and Isotop, the new tech allows a touchscreen wielding ’3′ sales assistant to help you with info about your potential purchase by showing you an interactive visual overlay on your own computer screen. They can drag, drop, resize, scale and rotate images and information beaming it straight to you. Read more »

The Nokia N8 takes a second batch of spectacular aerial photos of Britain

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Do you still remember Nokia’s HD Horizons project? It was about capturing the most beautiful places in Britain with a Nokia N8 from the air. Two weeks ago I told you about the first batch of awesome pictures taken by the popular aerial photographer Jason Hawkes.

Nokia N8 camera sample (click to enlarge)

Yesterday Nokia released 34 new breath-taking photos. You have to admit the phone did splendidly. Read more »

1.2 GHz Samsung Galaxy S II benchmarked, shows mind-blowing speed

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Okay we can’t say we are stunned since the 1GHz Galaxy S II was already blazing fast, but 1.2GHz version benchmark results are still pretty impressive. Obviously Samsung has not only managed to crank the clock speed up a notch, but they have also improved their drivers as the tested unit is 25% faster than the one we had at the office.

Apparently in their current states the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II is about twice as good as the HTC Sensation (or Pyramid if you will) on Smartbench, where it got 3732 in productivity and 2431 in gaming and it even manages to beat it at Quadrant with the astounding 3053 points. Read more »

Good times for Google as Q1 financial results come in, 350K Android devices get activated daily

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It’s the time of the year when companies announce their financial results for the first quarter and Google has just posted theirs. All in all it’s been a good three months for Google and Android. The company has managed to surpass last quarter’s results, while Android has been steadily and surely winning people’s hearts… and hard-earned cash.

Let’s get the numbers rolling. Google’s gross revenue for the first quarter of 2011 accounts for $8.58 billion, which is a serious 27% increase over the first quarter of 2010. Read more »

Touch Wood SH-08C phone for NTT DoCoMo is a real piece of.. something

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There is nothing particularly special about the phone you are about to see except that each unit has a unique rear panel made of real wood. Whoa, that and the unusual pebble design, I mean. It’s really something and you should definitely have a look at it, even though it will probably never make it your country (unless you live in Japan). But I have to admit its 3 minute-long ad is quite impressive.

Get your headphones on, hit the full screen mode and enjoy the video. Read more »

A new service promises to unlock your iPhone for good, costs dearly

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Several sites have just started offering a new unlock service for the iPhones out there. Requiring no jailbreak or any other tinkering of you beloved smartphone, the new service has a permanent effect, which means that you can safely update to future iOS revisions without undoing it. You will also be preserving your warranty as long as you haven’t voided it already.

The bad news? At $170 the solution is quite expensive. Also it’s unclear what dirty tricks were used for making this service a reality. Honestly, it’s the first time a similar service has been offered for the iPhone in the 3+ years of the existence of the lineup. Read more »

Android Skype video-calling update leaks, you can try it now

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Okay we got carried away a bit there with the title. You see the video-capable Skype for Android version really appeared online, but it seems unable to run on anything, but the HTC Thunderbolt. So unless you have purchased the LTE-packing smartphone, you will need to wait for the official version or at least another leak to experience the video-call goodies of the new droid Skype.

Anyway we got to see the first review of the application thanks to the guys at Except for the addition of video-calling to other mobile users and desktop clients alike there isn’t too many updates brought by the new version. The four tabs remain as they were and work just the way they used to. Read more »