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New XPERIA Play ads get creepier and creepier, even iPhone isn’t safe anymore

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Sony Ericsson is hard at work with the XPERIA Play media campaign. You can really tell it’s very important for Sony Ericsson to sell the life out of this device.

The latest slew of ads feature this lunatic woman (in real life american actress Kristen Schaal, who’s actually not insane or possessed ), which absolutely looses it in front of the camera, delivering satanic messages and plain old craziness. Read more »

HTC EVO 3D and EVO View 4G for Sprint announced, are the Flyer and the Pyramid on steroids

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The CTIA hasn’t officially begun just yet but we are already bombarded with announcements. Now we have a 3D-capable HTC smartphone and a version of their tablet, headed to US carrier Sprint.

These are the HTC Flyer slate, renamed to HTC EVO View 4G and the HTC EVO 3D, which is pretty much the rumored Pyramid with 3D capabilities. Read more »

Nokia pushes a Symbian^3 update that fixes email synchronization issues, not browser or text input

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Nokia has fixed the Mail for Exchange synchronization issues (but not this one it seems) that were plaguing the Nokia N8 (and the other Symbian^3 phones too) with a voluntary software update. This is the second Symbian^3 update (this one was the first) – and it’s still not the one we were all waiting for.

Still, this update should save a lot of frustration for heavy corporate email users (mind you, Gmail can also use Exchange ActiveSync as an option)… Read more »

So here’s how the HTC Incredible S rotating touch keys actually work!

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The HTC Incredible S is the first smartphone with rotating button inscriptions. Sure, it’s not a big deal, but our geeky minds just wouldn’t let us sleep until we found how they did it.

Rotating keys on the HTC Incredible SRotating keys on the HTC Incredible S

Well luckily our insomnia was short-lived as we managed to get to the bottom of this quite easily. Read more »

Google Nexus S 4G for Sprint has WiMAX, is coming this spring

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The Google Nexus S is headed to Sprint in CDMA form with 4G connectivity (WiMAX) in the bag – which warrants a name change to Nexus S 4G. The phone should arrive in spring packing unmodified Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Cell radio aside, the Google Nexus S 4G has pretty much the same specs – it’s a bit thicker (11.2mm vs. 10.9mm) but that’s about it… Read more »

Apple to revamp MobileMe, make it free and integrate it in iOS 5

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Apple announced the death to MobileMe as we knew it a few weeks ago and speculations about the future of the service haven’t stopped ever since. This latest rumor just came in and it says MobileMe is going to become free and get deep iOS integration.

The iLounge source claims that Apple will turn MobileMe into a free cloud-based service for photos, videos, and music service, which sounds pretty cool to us. Read more »

HTC Thunderbolt price cut to $175 on-contract, offer only valid for the weekend

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LetsTalk has just made you an offer that’s pretty hard to refuse. The LTE-packing HTC Thunderbolt will be available for a reduced price of $175 this weekend. And unlike the $180 deal that Amazon is offering the phone is in-stock here.

Of course a contract is required and if you fail to fulfill at least half of it you will also need to refund LetsTalk the discount you are getting now. However if you are on the lookout for the ultimate high-speed internet on your smartphone, the $175 Thunderbolt seems like a deal too good to miss. Just have in mind that the offer is only valid through the weekend so you should make up your mind quickly.

If you decide to get it you can do so by following this link.

HTC dedicates a four-minute video to the Thunderbolt, makes you want it

by 19 comments

In case you’ve missed it Verizon got its first LTE-packing smartphone, the HTC Thunderbolt, yesterday. Understandably HTC is very proud about it and are not shy to show it.

The company has just released a short video dedicated to their new flagship, explaining what they were trying to achieve with it. Read more »

HTC Incredible S lands at the office, the hands-on video is waiting for you

by 21 comments

The Android army got another wave of new reinforcements over the past few months and we are now welcoming one of the best-prepared among them to our office. The HTC Incredible S is the certainly the most exciting of the five smartphones announcements by the Taiwanese at the MWC. It wasn’t lucky enough to get the Gingerbread treatment, but Froyo isn’t too bad either and you get the most powerful hardware.

Plus the HTC Incredible S adds a welcome diversity to the company’s designs portfolio. We were getting somewhat bored with the HTC smartphones designs recently, so the edgy back comes as a breath of fresh air. Read more »

Browser wars, Android vs. iOS edition: Android wins hands down, JavaScript performance not so important

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It’s always about speed with browsers – company undertook a huge testing effort to answer the question “Which is faster – the Android Browser or the iPhone’s Safari for iOS?” Well, after 45,000 page loads the answer was clear, Android wins by a huge margin.

The test also offers other curious results. The oft touted speed it turns out doesn’t affect page load times as dramatically as browser makers would have you believe… Read more »

The Wi-Fi iPad 2 gets a GPS signal, once you hook it up with iPhone 4, what do you know

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It turns out that the new iPad 2 can act as a SatNav unit, even without having a GPS receiver inside. All you need is an iPhone 4 with the latest iOS 4.3 and enabled hot-spot functionality.

Besides transmitting its data connection to the Wi-Fi-only iPad 2, the iPhone 4 new hotspot functionality can actually sends GPS information to its larger sibling as well. So in theory, if you’re not sure whether to get a Wi-Fi or 3G- Wi-Fi combo version of the iPad 2, this knocks one consideration from the list. You can actually use it as a dedicated big-screen GPS unit, even though there’s no GPS chip inside. Read more »

Google Mobile app for iPhone is now Google Search app, gets a much cooler UI [VIDEO]

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Google has just updated their Mobile App for iOS devices. What was initially meant to be your one-click portal to all of Google services has now been downgraded to a mere Search app. By reducing its focus the Google dev team has managed to make the iOS Search app much nicer to use.

The improvements include a new toolbar that lets you filter your results. To toggle it on you can use one of the newly implemented swipe gestures (left or right) either before you search or once you’ve got your results. You can then select the required filter, like Images, Videos, Shopping etc.

Next you get the setting menu Read more »

More pictures of Motorola DROID 3 surface, we get to see the keyboard this time

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A few days ago I showed you a bunch of new DROIDs coming on the way. One of them was the Motorola DROID 3. There are two new pictures today and we get to see its five-row keyboard.

Read more »

LTE-powered HTC Thunderbolt 4G is finally out, can be yours for $250 from Verizon, already benchmarked

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As promised the HTC Thunderbolt 4G – Verizon’s first LTE-enabled smartphone – is now available. The carrier is offering it for $250 on two-year contract.

HTC Thunderbolt 4G

In case those 250 bucks are too much for you, you might be able to find it slightly cheaper. Amazon was offering it for $180 on the same contact, but is now back-ordered. I guess another retailer might be offering the same deal right now. Read more »

HTC Flyer on pre-order in the UK for 600 pounds, to arrive in mid-April

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HTC’s first tablet, the HTC Flyer, is preparing to land in the UK. The Brits at Clove were very happy to announce the start of the Flyer pre-order and they even have a quick pros and cons for the device.

They’ll be posting one-to-one comparisons with other tablets over the next few weeks, biding their time until the HTC Flyer stock arrives… Read more »