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HP and Palm to announce something big, something small and even more on 9 February

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Ever since HP bought Palm I have been itching to find out how the webOS would evolve and in what devices would it be featured next. We just got hold of a Palm UK newsletter confirming that the press event on 9 February is about the latest and greatest HP-slash-Palm devices and even more.

Earlier this month HP teased its upcoming press event is going to be about the WebOS. But there was no word of Palm. It’s almost sure now that on 9 February they are going to announce a tablet, a smartphone along with that update of the webOS.
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Two sisters are the new texting champs in the LG Mobile WorldCup

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Two sisters from Panama won the second LG Mobile WorldCup becoming the fastest texters on the planet. More than 13 million people from 16 countries participated in the tournament, where LG gave away $130,000 worth of prizess.

The second LG Mobile WorldCup finals were held in New York. Every country was represented by a team of two – the winners from previously held local tournaments.

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Facebook phone leaks again, confirms camera and GPS; Updated

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It wasn’t too long ago that Facebook denied any interest in creating its own smartphone and yet here we have another rumor of the development of one. Apparently one of the Boy Genius Report readers was a part of the focus group for the upcoming device. And then there’s this other report that HTC will be revealing two Facebook-branded hadnsets at the MWC.

According to City AM HTC will be revealing a couple of Android handsets carrying the Facebook logo. They will be high-end devices with specially modified interface, that will bring the Facebook integration to a new level. Using your friends profile data to write an email or call them is among the rumored features.

Update: Facebook has just issued another public statement, denying they are working on such phones. They did confirm that HTC are making use of some new API to extend the Facebook integration in their upcoming smartphones. Those devices won’t be carrying the blue F logo, though.
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Gresso makes diamonds out of gold, their lavish iPhone 4 design becomes even more ritzy

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I’ll admit it – if it wasn’t for socketing stuff in Diablo II with gems, I probably wouldn’t know much about rubies, sapphires and diamonds. And those are the staples of luxury phones – sapphire crystal for the screen, rubies for the bearings and inset diamonds for opulence.

So, you can understand why I was so confused by Gresso’s new product – gold “diamonds”. Yep, diamond-looking crystals made of 18K gold. Whether it makes sense or not, they went ahead and used them to enhance their customized iPhone and they even made a new case for it too… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 comes to the office, a hands-on video awaits you inside

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It’s been a while since the last Samsung mid-range Android handset. The company looked too busy with its Galaxy S and we almost lost hope that we’ll see a Galaxy Spica successor. Yet here comes the Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 and we are rushing to give you a hands-on video and a few photos.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 front side bears distinct resemblance to the Apple iPhone 4, while its back looks like a mini Galaxy Tab (the one in white). Read more »

Here’s a LG Optimus 2X vs Nokia N8 video shootout, you bring the popcorn

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Nokia N8 is the current best phone camcorder, but it has its title seriously contested by the Optimus 2X, which ups the game at Full HD 1080p. We gave you a sample video captured with the Optimus 2X not long ago, and now we have this mini shootout to show how good it really is. And there’s even a nice surprise for you if you stick with us after the jump.

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Quad-core Tegra 3 and Tegra 2 with 3D in the pipeline, says NVIDIA roadmap

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A product roadmap of the Tegra family of processors leaked today and it shows what NVIDIA holds for the near future. We are already familiar with the Tegra 2 SoC but we are yet to see how the latest LG and Motorola smartphones benefit from this raging beast inside them.

Nvidia Tegra roadmap leaked

What’s more interesting though are the new processors that NVIDIA holds for the future. This leaked roadmap (that is supposed to be announced at the MWC 2011) shows the improved dual-core Tegra 2 3D and the quad-core animal – Tegra 3. Read more »

Line Phone concept uses extra-clever gestures thanks to its touch-sensitive rim

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Judging by some of the newly announced phones, you might get the idea that we’re living in the future. But every once in a while, a concept of a phone comes along that makes it very clear that it’s not the future yet.

The Line Phone, which won the 2010 Furong Cup in ‘Digital Product and Service Design Competition’ in China, is one such concept… Read more »

Asahi Glass introduces Dragontrail, Gorilla Glass is no longer alone

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Corning and its Gorilla Glass had it easy so far – there just wasn’t any other product on the market that could match them. Yet today the Japanese company Asahi Glass introduced Dragontail, which promises to do just that.

Dragontrail is about six times tougher that the typical chemically-treated soda lime glass, which should make it perfect for protecting those precious capacitive touch displays. Read more »

The iPhone multi-touch gestures demonstrated on video plus other goodies

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Yesterday I told you that Apple is testing the iPad multi-touch gestures on the iPhone 4 and we might see them despite the odds. Later Apple broke all the hopes of getting this feature in iOS 4.3 as the official statement was it was just a preview to gather some developers input.

Well, despite we all know we won’t see the gestures in iOS 4.3, Antoni Nygaard has successfully ported them from the iPad beta to the iPhone one. Here is a demo video, where you can see them on an iPhone 3GS. Read more »

Driving a BMW remotely with a Nokia C7 makes you a real-life James Bond

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I remember seeing James Bond remote-control a BMW with his phone in Tomorrow Never Dies. Pure fantasy, right? Except, two guys did pretty much the same using a Nokia C7

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Entry level QWERTY-packing Samsung C3500 a.k.a. Ch@t 350 revealed

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Samsung has just unveiled a new member of their feature phone family. The Samsug Ch@t 350 C3500 (now that’s a mouthful) is an entry level handset with a taste for messaging. It packs a side-sliding full QWERTY keyboard and runs on the Samsung proprietary TouchWiz platform.

The screen on that one is a 2.4” LCD of QVGA resolution, which isn’t exactly ideal, but it’s about what you could expect in this class. There’s no 3G or Wi-Fi on board, so you are left with EDGE for your data transfers. Bluetooth 2.1 and FM radio are included though. Read more »

BlackBerry Bold 9780 dares come to our office, we do a hands-on video

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We just got a retail unit of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and you can bet we’ll be doing a full review of the thing. The BlackBerry OS 6 running smartphone is only the second RIM-made device that comes with a 5 megapixel shooter.

With a thing like that as its key feature you can tell that the Bold 9780 is hardly the most feature-stuffed handset around. Yet, much like its Bold 9700 predecessor the interest it generates is tremendous. Read more »

Unboxing the Motorola MILESTONE 2, texting and SNS are in its blood

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Time for another unboxing – on today’s menu is the Motorola MILESTONE 2, or DROID 2 as it’s called States-side. The Motorola messenger kept a lot of the highlights of the original, while updating much of the features. Here’s what we found in the box…

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Disney Mobile Japan will be getting a cool Froyo droid with 3.8-inch 3D screen, 9.6MP camera

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Disney Mobile, which is enjoying a new lease of life in Japan after a short stint in the US, will be launching its first smartphone. You might be thinking of a Mickey Mouse shaped plastic gadget (I did at first) but it turns out it’s a very serious Android smartphone made by Sharp…

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