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The sum of all iPhone 5 rumors is an infographic away

We love infographics as much as we love rumors about upcoming devices. What we stumbled into today though, combines both of these features and concerns the most anticipated launch in the mobile phone industry for 2011 – the iPhone 5.

The infographic is designed by the guys over at Nowhereelse, who gave us last year’s infographic. As you’ll notice the new inforgraphic looks so much better.

Next to each rumored feature, you will also notice a percentage bar, which measures the likelihood of each of the rumored new features’ appearance in the upcoming Apple device. We can’t see we agree to all the rumored features and their probability. Following yesterday’s news, it’s almost certain now that the next iPhone will have a camera with higher resolution than the current generation. Also dumping the Home button is highly unlikely. Also judging by the Apple iPad 2, we doubt the iPhone 5 will have more than 512MB to go with its A5 dual-core chipset.



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