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ZTE to bring their first Windows Phone device to market by mid-February

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Chinese manufacturer ZTE have grown to become the 4th largest mobile vendor in the world, thanks in part to the plethora of Android devices under their belt, but in September last year they unveiled that their first Windows Phone device was joining the lineup.

ZTE's new Windows Phone device, tania

Following their acceptance as an official Windows Phone OEM partner, ZTE have wasted no time in creating the ZTE Tania which is expected to come to the UK market in mid February, later this year. Read more »

Double the data usage for Siri users could be costly for iPhone 4S owners everywhere

by 22 comments

It was effectively impossible to miss hearing about Siri, the ‘virtual assistant’, at the launch of the iPhone 4S and since it was unleashed on the world we’ve seen some impressive practical demonstrations and a far larger proportion of comedic ones.

Siri could be a financial black hole for users

But what if we told you that using Siri could potentially double your data usage compared to that of the humble iPhone 4 user, something you might not notice until your next nasty bill. Read more »

iPad and GoPro camera drop from the edge of space in this impressive publicity stunt [VIDEO]

by 47 comments

Your personal electronics and an abundance of gravitational potential energy don’t always get along. We’ve seen drop tests emulating every day accidents and some recreating more severe scenarios, but this one takes the cake.

iPad in G-Form's Extreme Edge case on the edge of earth

G-Form, makers of various protective wares for both you and your gadgets have outdone themselves by dropping an iPad from a mammoth 100,000 feet up and filmed it tumbling back down to earth with a thump. Read more »

Qualcomm planning to launch GameCommand for Android devices at CES 2012

by 30 comments

Last year Nvidia unleashed their Tegra Zone app on the Android Market to steer users towards games optimized for their Tegra-powered Android devices.

GameCommand teaser image

This year, Qualcomm look to be joining the fray, with their own Android app dubbed GameCommand, set to launch on the opening day of CES this year. Read more »

Eye in the Sky: The US military’s new helicopter drone comes complete with a 1.8 gigapixel camera

by 48 comments

Military research has resulted in an increased use of unmanned drones amidst conflicts in recent years. From mine sweeping to aerial surveillance, some of the most advanced robotics of the age see implementation in military projects.

Boeing A160 Hummingbird

Step forward one of the latest pieces of hardware to grace the US military, Boeing’s A160 Hummingbird, a UAV helicopter drone endowed with a mammoth 1.8 gigapixel color video camera. Read more »

Microsoft take UK retailer Comet to task over claims of producing and selling 94,000 bootlegged Windows CDs

by 22 comments

UK-based electrical retailer Comet have incurred the wrath of the big ‘M’ over in Redmond, Washington.

Comet, eerily empty

Microsoft are presently taking legal action against Comet following allegations of the production and sale of bootlegged copies of both Windows XP and Windows Vista recovery CDs. Read more »

This bizarre ultra-realistic looking Steve Jobs action figure is only for true Die-Hard Apple fans

by 80 comments

Steve Jobs changed the way the world perceived technology and during his time as co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc. he amassed a fan base and following comparable to any top tier Hollywood celebrity, sports team or perhaps even religion.

Steve Jobs action figure

There were a number of tributes following his death in October last year, most notably in the form of the Post-it note covered Apple retail stores, but now the most devoted of fans have a somewhat more unusual new way to immortalize their favorite technological visionary in the form of this eerily accurate action figure. Read more »

Child actor appears in both iPhone 4S ad and Galaxy Tab 8.9 ad, coincidence?

by 101 comments

Acting is a competitive career to say the least and there are two ways to keep steady work coming in, become a principle character on a long running TV series/stage show or carve a niche for yourself in TV ads, something one young female actor appears to be doing in the tech world.

Look familiar?

Dubbed “Little Miss Tablet” by the Sydney Morning Herald, this little lady has managed to land a part in not just one popular gadget ad, but two. Read more »

LG and Intel team up again to showcase a Medfield toting smartphone at CES 2012

by 29 comments

With the partying done and the daylight shining on the start of a new year, we jump straight into the first big tech event of 2012, CES which will kick off on January 9th.

An LG/Intel partnership

It looks like history will be repeating itself at this years Consumer Electronics Show, with word of LG and Intel partnering up yet again with the unveiling of a Medfield powered Android device. Read more »

We take a look at this year’s creative Christmas trees, suitable for any festive geek

by 15 comments

No doubt, many of you have unwrapped your new toys, eaten yourselves to a standstill and maybe even fallen asleep in an armchair by the fire.

the LEGO Tree at St. Pancras Station

But we thought we’d look at some of those who’ve decided to jazz Christmas up this year with their creative attempts at Christmas trees, ones any geek would be proud of. Read more »

Prize winning app developers get their creations blasted into orbit to kick off 2012

by 10 comments

SSTL, might not have the same notability as the Kennedy Space Center or as catchy an acronym as NASA, but Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd in partnership with the Surrey Space Centre in the UK plan to kick 2012 off with a bang.

SSTL's Nexus image

The two organizations have given winning app developers of their recent competition the chance to genuinely launch their applications into orbit. Read more »

Apple make plans for new ‘prototype’ store in Palo Alto, CA

by 16 comments

Apple Stores are pretty recognizable, whether they’re built from scratch, such as the recent Pudong, China store or designed to fit into their existing surrounds, such as the Covent Garden store in London.

front concept

But now we’ve caught word of a new prototype store appearing in Jobs’ hometown of Palo Alto, set to appear downtown at 340 University Avenue, around a block away from one of the earliest Apple retail stores, built a decade ago. Read more »

More December deals for mobile gamers as GTA 3 on iOS and Android gets a price drop

by 12 comments

Rockstar’s monumental classic sandbox shooter, Grand Theft Auto 3, appeared on everyone’s radar back in October 2001, being the first game in the series to boast full 3D graphics and not only that, ridiculously fun gameplay.

GTA 3 gets a price cut

Roll on to it’s 10th anniversary and the game that took the world by storm is back in the minds of gamers, as it launches on both Android and iOS devices just in time for the holiday season. But wait, there’s more… Read more »

The Eee Pad Transformer Prime’s origami covers hit the shelves to bring stylish protection to the quad-core tablet

by 15 comments

The iPad 2′s Smart Cover is a pretty recognizable accessory for Apple’s tablet, but earlier this month we saw the Android equivalent crop up in the form of a product simply known as ‘Sleeve’.

Origami cover colours

Intended for the Eee Pad Transformer Prime and made in house by Asus, the new protective cover has arrived online and is ready and waiting for those planning on picking up the quad-core endowed droid tablet right now. Read more »

EA and Gameloft slash prices on around 120 titles between them this Christmas

by 8 comments

Christmas sales are great in the high street, but even better when they crop up elsewhere, such as in this case with both EA and Gameloft putting a number of their top titles on sale for the holiday season at considerable discount.

Festive fun from EA and Gameloft

With around 20 iOS titles from Gameloft and over 100 EA titles on both iOS and Android in some cases dropping from $10 down to as little as $0.69, it seems like a good time to get your festive game face on. Read more »