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Minecraft Pocket Edition bids farewell to Xperia PLAY exclusivity on the Android Market

by 9 comments

Mobile miners everywhere can now don their helmets and ready their pickaxes as Minecraft Pocket Edition finally makes itself available to the masses.

Minecraft Pocket Edition logo

The mobile varient of this smash indy title, until now had only been available to Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY owners, but the exclusivity deal has run its course and, following an update to the app, availability has been blown wide open. Read more »

Will the iPhone 4S rid Apple of the Antennagate woes by launch time?

by 51 comments

For some early adopters of last year’s iPhone 4, one question that undoubtedly needed answering was, will the iPhone 4S suffer from the same Antennagate issues as it predecessor?

no more deathgrip on the new iPhone 4S

Amidst the talk of Siri, the ‘all new’ camera design, and the developments in the iPod market, one small section of yesterdays keynote was devoted to the antennae design on the new iPhone 4S. Read more »

Infinity Blade 2 announced, Epic Games’ next hack’n'slash stunner coming to iOS 5

by 17 comments

“Visuals like you’ve never seen on a mobile device”, were the bold words given to the many hundreds of press and the thousands following along around the world from Apple’s most recent press event at their home site in Cupertino.

Mike Capps, President of Epic Games (creators of the Gears of War series), took to the stage at the all important Keynote to talk about their latest creation for iOS 5, Infinity Blade 2. The follow up to the first iOS game to make use of the Unreal 3 Engine. Read more »

BBM for Android should be available by 2012, get your thumbs ready

by 32 comments

You read correctly, we heard rumblings of such peculiar goings on for a little while prior to this post, and this is just adding to the rumor mill.

BBM icon on Android OS

Purportedly the iPhone 4S is to play as guinea pig for the iOS build of BlackBerry’s Messenger service and now we are hearing through the grapevine that Android users might get in on some BBM action too. Read more »

Not such a long time ago and not that far far away…App Store Wars [INFOGRAPHIC]

by 14 comments

The team at WebpageFX have compiled a heap of statistics pertaining to the competitive nature of of today’s smartphone app stores and how they vie for dominance in a crowded smartphone market.

App Store Wars title

As you’ll see this includes all the big hitters such as the App Store, Android Market, Blackberry App World and Nokia, Palm and Windows Phone 7′s application directories as well. Read more »

N64oid for Android devices gets an update, makes me nostalgic [VIDEO]

by 30 comments

If you’re of a certain age, you will have fond memories of a little console called the Nintendo 64. Being able to play with three friends in local multiplayer on Starfox 64 (aka Lylat Wars for you Europeans and Aussies), Mario Kart 64, Golden Eye and the wealth of other titles that helped make the transition from 2D to 3D all those years ago was a blast.

multiplayer gaming on a Samsung Galaxy S II with the N64oid emulator

For some, you might still have a working N64 in your attic, but for others unable to relight their retro-gaming fire so easily, N64oid has a solution. Read more »

Microsoft look to the community for the key features in the next version of Windows Phone: Apollo

by 57 comments

Following the introduction of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, Microsoft have dubbed the next iteration of their mobile platform ‘Apollo’ and they’ve taken to asking their users as to what features they would like to see as the OS develops.


For starters, it’s great to see Microsoft taking this approach, if you’re in camp Android but have used iOS or WP7, you might have found that restrictive elements of both OS’s intrude on your general phone usage from time to time. Read more »

SugarSync for iOS users gets and update, iPhone/iPad users rejoice

by 359 comments

Earlier this year SugarSync brought their smartphone-to-PC free syncing service to Android users everywhere.

Making a name for themselves with iOS, SugarSync are now ready to push the next version of their service to iPhone and iPad users everywhere, which includes a heap of new functionality. Read more »

Samsung takes the Galaxy S II to London Fashion Week, we come along for the ride

by 9 comments

The mobile phone in its infancy was, let’s face it, a bit of an ugly duckling. Just take a look back at the older pages of our databases and you’ll find failed attempts at style, trying to rectify this with sometimes disastrous results (see: Motorola StarTAC Rainbow for example).

Nowadays however, the mobile phone has been transformed in practically every way. Read more »

Fully Loaded: Fujitsu-Toshiba’s ARROWS Z comes with Android, waterproofing, WiMAX and a 13MP Camera to boot

by 44 comments

First off, it’s essential to say that this device won’t be coming to the US or anywhere else outside of Japan. The ARROW Z ISW11F is just one of six Android handsets that Japanese carrier, KDDI recently brought to market.

The wonderfully named ISW11F is a veritable mixed bag of gadgetry (and a powerful mixed bag at that). Read more »

Toyota’s new ad: Prius goes Plural, but in a creepy way [VIDEO]

by 17 comments

The Toyota Prius is probably one of the most iconic and well known hybrid cars in modern motoring. Not only is it well regarded by the eco conscious Joe Bloggs, but Hollywood seem to have adopted it as the eco-celeb car of choice too.

All that aside, the Prius has been around for a while now, but been a lone hybrid in a sea of petrol and diesel Toyota’s, no longer though as this add aims to promote the complete Prius line. Read more »

Carbyn: The HTML 5.0-based multi-platform OS that runs in your browser [VIDEO]

by 19 comments

Carbyn is the product of a Canadian startup company going by the same name, which debuted its new HTML 5.0-based OS at Tech Crunch’s Disrupt event this year.

Carbyn logo

The platform is designed to run on any modern browser, assuming it has HTML 5.0 support so that’s pretty much everything bar some of the older builds of IE. It works by simply logging onto the Carbyn website and everything’s there, ready and up to date. Read more »

Sandisk’s new mammoth 64GB microSDXC card undergoes some compatibility tests [VIDEO]

by 59 comments

Only earlier this month Sandisk announced their latest offering for removable mobile storage, an impressive 64GB micro SDXC Ultra series number that was said to offer class 6 performance.

sandisk 64GB and test devices

That class 6 rating means we should see minimum write speeds of 6MB/s and theoretically, promising transfer speeds of up to 30MB/s. The news of the card’s existence at all is all well and good, but it comes with a disclaimer of sorts. Read more »

Samsung release source kernel for AT&T’s Galaxy S II. Phone isn’t even out yet

by 14 comments

For all the whining that goes on, waiting for carrier specific updates or other bits of goodness to hit, sometimes long after the vanilla content has made it into the wild, we have to hand it to Samsung.


Those in charge of releasing the source kernel for their devices are really on the ball right now. I’m talking overtly efficient, as the source kernel for the AT&T flavored Galaxy S II is now available and we’re still waiting on the device itself. Read more »

Want access to 250,000+ Android apps on your MeeGo device? Now you have [VIDEO]

by 94 comments

OpenMobile’s ACL should now be your go-to for apps on your MeeGo device. ACL stands for Application Compatibility Layer and it leverages both the runtime environment and the Dalvik Virtual Machine used by Android to allow support for 100% of the Android Market’s apps.

guitar hero for android on meego

The video below shows a demonstration of the ACL running an x86 MeeGo tablet, laden with Android apps. Read more »