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Minecraft arrives on the Xperia PLAY and FIFA 12 joins in as a timed exclusive

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For the gamers amongst you, Mojang Specifications’ smash indie title Minecraft should be no stranger to the likes of your mouse and keyboard.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

With 11,963,015 (as of writing) registered players and 3,144,868 of those playing the paid survival version, they’ve already amassed a huge following and E3 brought us news that Minecraft would soon be making its way into the mobile world. Read more »

Samsung racks up 4 awards at EISA 2011, Samsung Galaxy S II dubbed best mobile device

by 54 comments

The European Imaging and Sound Association deemed Samsung worthy of a multitude of awards this year, thanks to a host of top quality products from the Korean manufacturer, across the board.


In case you don’t know, EISA is an association of 50 ‘specialist interest’ magazines across 19 European countries who come together to award brands and manufacturers for outstanding products in their respective fields. Read more »

The new Panasonic Toughbook S10 promises to hang tough

by 25 comments

We haven’t seen a Toughbook walk the halls of this blog for over a year, but what we have here is the newest in Panasonic’s family of super hard-wearing laptops.

The S10 is in fact near enough a clone of the Toughbook S9, but what’s under the hood is where this hard nut differs from its predecessor. Read more »

Sony’s next-generation LCD technology for mobile devices: WhiteMagic

by 48 comments

There are an array of different screen technologies out their vying for superiority in a crowded device world. Of course with displays it’s having the right tool for the job; a low power, high legibility e-ink screen suits the Kindle’s purpose, where as a super high-res, high pixel density HAST LCD would feel right at home on the latest entertainment-centric tab.

Sony WhiteMagic teaser image

Now Sony send another contender into the display-fray, their next generation LCD technology announced under the name, WhiteMagic. Read more »

BlackBerry & RIM get hacked for trying to help police with the London riots

by 40 comments

Over the past few days riots have broken out across London and even spread to other cities throughout the UK following the death of a 29 year old man shot by police last Thursday. What was initially a peaceful protest designed to question the legitimacy of the man’s shooting soon evolved into a violent riot.

London riots RIM

As the days have passed, more and more groups of people, which the news have stated are ‘primarily made up of youths’, have congregated across London to riot, committing acts of vandalism, theft and arson in their wake. Read more »

Sharp’s new 7″ Galapagos A01SH tablet unveiled in the land of the rising sun

by 4 comments

Sharp and ISP, EAccess have teamed up to release a new tablet upon the Japanese market.

sharp galapagos a01sh tablet

On Wednesday the two companies unveiled the Galapagos A01SH tablet, as with many Japanese product names, not the catchiest in the book but lets see what it has to offer. Read more »

Sugar Rush: A look back at the life of Android [INFOGRAPHIC]

by 21 comments

In the short time that Android has been around, it’s evolved at an unprecedented rate to become one of the leading smartphone and now tablet OS’s out there.

droid icons

With its confectionary-themed branding as of version 1.5 (Cupcake), it also stands out as the more lighthearted alternative amongst its main rivals Read more »

Opera shows off its efficiency with server-side web content compression [INFOGRAPHIC]

by 57 comments

If you like browsing on your mobile, but don’t like worrying about hitting your data cap, you might have opted for some sort of unlimited data plan (like myself).


Such plans have become scarce of late as carriers wise up to the potential revenue benefits that data caps can bring, whilst helping take a little load off their networks at the same time. Read more »

Mad Russian scientist aims to save lives with telephony [VIDEO]

by 74 comments

Vladislav Oleschenko, a name synonymous with the mobile world. Oh what’s that you never heard of him?

Mobile phone radiation emissions
Well OK, he’s not actually famous, yet, he’s more of an ‘unknown quantity’, a Russian inventor who thinks that his latest creation could take him from mad scientist to technical-telephony genius and with the evidence he brings to the table, it’s pretty compelling stuff. Read more »

Want to root your Motorola Milestone XT720, let your carrier show you how

by 9 comments

With the hundreds of different Android devices out there, there will always be those who feel they’ve been left out in the cold when the device they bought last year is stuck on last year’s firmware whilst everyone around them appears to be running the latest and greatest.

Motorola Milestone XT720
For owners of the Motorola Milestone XT720 on US regional carrier Cincinnati Bell, its been tough. Read more »

Improved Google Search for all BlackBerry OS 6.0 devices, about time

by 626 comments

The boys in the labs down at Google HQ have been tinkering and tweaking recently and on Thursday released the latest iteration of Google search for BlackBerry webkit 6.0 devices (obviously this means you’re running BB OS 6 or higher).
bb os 6 devices
Assuming you’re the browsing type you might have already noticed the improvements they’ve brought to the table in the past two days, but in case you haven’t, there are four aspects that Google have focused on. Read more »

Nokia’s N950 and MeeGo Harmattan get an in depth look [VIDEO]

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The N950 is the beautifully crafted, but sadly developer only counterpart to Nokia’s latest commercially available MeeGo device, the N9. Running MeeGo Harmattan, the video below gives a detailed look at the UI, along with the dialer, contacts, web browsing, Facebook, the camera settings, turn by turn navigation and a whole host more.

Nokia N950 open keyboard
This expansive 17 minute video (in Thai) will get you better acquainted with the device you just can’t have. Read more »

Ericsson trial new mobile money scheme across 7 European countries

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Swedish mobile technologies giant Ericsson have seen fit to leverage their wide-spread presence in the mobile industry and take a step into the consumer market with the launch of a new mobile money scheme. Think of this new scheme partly as a mobile to mobile PayPal service, it’s more than that but you get the idea.

A screen of the payment options on Ericsson Money

Dubbed ‘Ericsson Money’, the service will allow participants to send or receive money and even withdraw cash. Read more »

P.O.Cs for 3rd party notification and widget support in iOS 5, unofficially

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Apple announced that iOS 5 will be coming to i-devices everywhere by this fall. They failed to mention any access to public API’s for developers to toy with in time for summer app updates to take advantage of the new Notifications Center. However that hasn’t stopped some developers and hackers from already making it happen.

A screen of WillFour20's widget P.O.CDeveloper, WillFour20′s widget P.O.C

We gave you a quick look at the Notifications Center in the iOS 5 beta just a few days ago, and reported our full review thereafter. The Notifications Center was one of the most obvious new features in the upcoming release. Read more »

Microsoft plan on bringing self-branded tablets to market in 2012 but are they cool enough?

by 17 comments

It doesn’t take a genius to note that thus far the Windows 8 tech demos we’ve seen have had a big emphasis on touch interface and share a heck of a lot with Windows Phone’s Metro UI. What is more Windows 8 will almost certainly be hitting a host of tablets as well as the next generation of desktops and laptops.

mocked up windows 8 tablet on GSM Arena

Those such as ARM have already demoed a few devices with some iteration of Windows 8 but what about Microsoft stamping their own branding on a tablet. Read more »