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Both an iPhone 4S and an Galaxy S II take the plunge, only one survives

Let me be clear up front – this video is not suitable if your heart misses a beat every time you see a tech device getting abused. With that said, we urge you to take a look at this cool experiment courtesy of the guys from SquareTrade.

They get a hot Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II and drop them three times from different heights onto concrete. While here at GSMArena we may test everything there is to test on a mobile device, we can’t test how physically strong and durable these devices actually are. So, if you are interested how the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S II fare on this test, watch this video.

Nice, eh? The result isn’t all that surprising considering the Gorilla Glass display of the Galaxy S II, but this hasn’t stopped more than 4 million people getting themselves an iPhone 4S.

If you were given the opportunity to make such a test which devices would you pick and why?



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