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Microsoft take UK retailer Comet to task over claims of producing and selling 94,000 bootlegged Windows CDs

UK-based electrical retailer Comet have incurred the wrath of the big ‘M’ over in Redmond, Washington.

Comet, eerily empty

Microsoft are presently taking legal action against Comet following allegations of the production and sale of bootlegged copies of both Windows XP and Windows Vista recovery CDs.

Microsoft Corp. today began proceedings against Comet Group PLC for allegedly creating more than 94,000 recovery CDs which were then sold onto customers who had purchased Windows-loaded PCs and laptops in their retail stores.

Microsoft’s David Finn, associate general counsel of Worldwide Anti-Piracy and Anti-Counterfeiting, stated that “Comet’s actions were unfair to customers. We expect better from retailers of Microsoft products — and our customers deserve better, too.”

Comet on the other hand argue that they were doing their customers a service, creating and distributing the disks as in recent years, manufacturers have done away with providing bundled recovery CDs with new computers in favor of creating special partitions on hard drives, so users may create a disk in their own time if they so wish.

Comet’s official statement is as follows: “Comet firmly believes that it acted in the very best interests of its customers. It believes its customers had been adversely affected by the decision to stop supplying recovery disks with each new Microsoft Operating System-based computer. Accordingly, Comet is satisfied that it has a good defense to the claim and will defend its position vigorously.”

The ‘dodgy’ disks were apparently produced at a factory in the English county of Hampshire and then distributed to Comet’s 250 retail stores. The company are currently in the process of changing hands, being sold by French parent retail company Kesa Electricals PLC to London-based investment capital firm OpCapita LLP. As such, a costly legal battle is the last thing the company would want, given their current delicate financial situation.

So who do you think are in the wrong? Comet for producing and profiting from software originally created by Microsoft, or Microsoft for berating a company trying to provide a service that they know many of their consumers will appreciate. Leave us your comments below.

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