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HTC and Dropbox team up to offer HTC customers 5GB of cloud storage

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Dropbox has become a popular third-party solution for cloud storage and file management, allowing users to sync files between specialized folders, across OS’s and more recently mobile platforms.

Dropbox quietly brilliant

Currently the service is available in mobile form for iOS (as an alternative to iCloud), BBOS and Android users, but this recent partnership looks to sweeten the deal for those running the latest HTC kit. Read more »

Skype vulnerability leaves iOS users open to attack and theft [VIDEO]

by 36 comments

iOS users should watch out next time they decide to take up a conversation via Skype, they could be exposing themselves to a pretty fundamental security hole.

skype needle extraction

The vulnerability can easily be used to steal content direct from an iOS Skype user during a normal chat log and the victim is none the wiser during the attack. Read more »

Footage of how it would feel to fly over Planet Earth [VIDEO]

by 24 comments

Space has always captured the minds of people for centuries, from those who the spent time to map and document stars and planets across the night sky, to the first men and women who actually took flight beyond our atmosphere into the unknown.

curvature of the earth's ionosphere visible

Despite a lull is televised space exploration and media attention on space research in recent years, our love for this mysterious void is alive and well. Read more »

CardSwitcher brings a touch of WebOS to iOS, providing you’ve got a jailbroken device [VIDEO]

by 21 comments

WebOS has effectively died its death, but there are those who still want to keep it alive, in whatever form that may be and CardSwitcher is one such example.

WebOS & iOS

For those of you sporting a jailbroken iPhone (on 4.1 or higher), CardSwitcher offers WebOS’ visual multitasking in all its glory. There are other apps available of course, but this one appears to be the most fluid and complete of the bunch. Read more »

Windows 8 to offer Xbox Live on PC says Major Nelson following BUILD

by 16 comments

Major Nelson is the go-to guy on Xbox, real name Larry Hryb, the Major covers all things Xbox, Kinect and LIVE.

Xbox LIVE on Windows 8

Following the BUILD conference just the other day, Larry posted on his blog that next year, Xbox LIVE will be appearing on Windows 8. Read more »

Windows 8 in 8 minutes: all you need to know about Windows’ next step [VIDEO]

by 24 comments

The boys over at have waded through the full 3 hour keynote from Microsoft’s BUILD event and condensed all of the must-see features of Windows 8 down into a handy 8-minute video.

Microsoft Build Conference Logo

Of course if you want the full-fat 3 hour long version, the Microsoft team will no doubt have it available on the BUILD microsite soon. Read more »

The LG Optimus Black, finally comes to US shores, with a few cosmetic tweaks

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On this side of the Atlantic, LG fans have been able to enjoy the benefits of the LG Optimus Black for sometime, but until now, US fans have been kept in the dark.

LG Marquee

It would appear that this is about to change however, as the LG Optimus Black will be coming to Sprint in the US, not quite as we know it though. Read more »

A desktop AMD FX CPU wins the Guiness overclocking world record, hits a staggering 8.429GHz [VIDEO]

by 20 comments

We as a race have always had a fascination with speed, making faster cars with better aerodynamics, pushing the global network faster and faster with fiber optic broadband and for power users, a PC needs a lightning fast brain to deal with those heavy duty tasks.

holy cow!

But what about trying to squeeze the greatest clock speed you can out of a stock CPU, just for the sake of it. Read more »

Philips Xenium x525 goes official, provides up to 1.5 months worth of stand-by time

by 12 comments

Power to the people is a somewhat apt term for this phone, as it’d be hard, nigh impossible for users to complain about battery life on the Philips Xenium x525.

Philips Xenium x525 Official

The x525 offers around 50 days worth of standby time or approximately 1200 hours in all. Oh and did I mention, this is a dual-SIM phone too. Read more »

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be restocked and sold in Germany, Apple asks ,’Pardon?’

by 102 comments

Samsung Germany still can’t promote or sell their Galaxy Tab 10.1, but it looks like that doesn’t stop anybody else from doing so. This is probably going to leave a bitter taste in Apple’s mouth too.

german flag apple and samsung logo

Those in the know will be aware of Apple’s multi-pronged attack on Korean tech giant Samsung for infringement on patents pertaining to i-products versus Galaxy Tabs across various countries worldwide. Read more »

Netflix comes to all Android devices running Froyo or Gingerbread, aims to sweeten their service

by 9 comments

The Netflix app for Android has been doing the rounds now, since May this year in fact, but at launch, it only yielded support for a smattering of droids, (a group of HTC’s and the Nexus S).

Netflix Logo

Compatibility has only slowly been opening up since, but has now come to support a much wider variety of handsets since launch. Read more »

BlackBerry App World 3.0 officially launches, promises the best experience yet

by 12 comments

Today, BlackBerry’s App World 3.0 finally officially launched, with a fresh UI, improved channels for finding new apps, better handling of your BBID and account info, a more social App World experience and more. So let’s take a quick look.

What's new in BB App World 3.0

We originally caught site of BlackBerry’s App World 3.0 a month ago, almost to the day. Back then we looked at the revamped UI, the new channels and navigation and basically everything that it had to offer. Read more »

Shots emerge of the HTC Flyer running Honeycomb, we can nearly taste it

by 23 comments

After the recent leak of an RUU (ROM update utility), was found to contain an early beta build of Android 3.2 Honeycomb destined for the HTC Flyer, hacking masters including Paul O’Brien from MoDaCo, set about making it into a usable ROM for users with rooted devices to try out.

HTC Flyer running Honeycomb

One such user from the XDA forums has provided screenshots to the internets of this Honeycomb ROM running on their 32GB 3G HTC Flyer. Read more »

Neat freaks rejoice, Samsung’s Pure Breeze UI for Android is available to try now

by 54 comments

Samsung have just developed and released their Pure Breeze UI. An Android based UI that has a focus on widget organization and app management.

Samsung Pure Breeze UI Banner

The first thing you notice is the inverted take on the typical Android interface. Read more »

Samsung left out in the cold for future production of Apple’s A6 processors

by 148 comments

For some time now Samsung’s presence has been a large part of the Apple supply chain, but it looks like Apple are now turning their attentions elsewhere.

Apple's A6 Processor

Most will be aware of the various law suits that have recently befallen Samsung, courtesy of Apple Read more »