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Power-Up: Sources suggest that the next-gen Xbox console will use a Radeon 6000 series-based GPU

by 34 comments

With Microsoft’s next-gen console expected to hit stores between late October and early November 2013, speculation of its final hardware is already on everyone’s lips.

a Radeon 6670-graphics card

That latest rumblings contradict initial speculation that the Xbox ’720′ was going to utilize AMD’s Radeon 7000 series Southern Islands GPUs and in their place, it’s expect to be using a derivative of a Radeon 6000 series unit. Read more »

SMART UK: A look at some of the most promising projects coming to MWC from the UK this year

by 14 comments

UKTI (Trade & Investment) have aggregated the nation’s most promising new mobile products and services ahead of Mobile World Congress next month, so lets see which of these endeavors has potential to shape the future of the industry.

The UK's idea

On Monday we attended a unique pre-MWC event in London where 19 companies showcased their latest projects centered around mobile technology, aiming to influence all manner of fields including healthcare, education, the environment, business, marketing, security and design. Read more »

Brookstone’s WiFi cufflinks add hotspot functionality to your dinner attire

by 13 comments

These little beauties have enough tech inside to make James Bond blush whilst making sure you look sharp too.

A set of Brookstone's WiFi cufflinks

Brookstone’s latest creations are geeky enough to join the ranks of GameBoy cufflinks and 8-bit neckties, so what’s so special? Read more »

NEStalgia: A dose of super-sized gaming history as this giant joypad takes the world record

by 7 comments

Things that you used to think were huge as a kid, seem so much smaller once you grow up, your staircase or your Dad’s old car for example; but here’s something that appears to have grown up with us.

Giant NES Controller

There’s nothing like a super-sized NES controller to rekindle your childhood inner nerd. Read more »

The BPS look at how smartphones could be a major cause of stress in your life

by 43 comments

Following a recent survey commissioned by the British Psychological Society, it seems that smartphone use can directly influence your stress levels.

The smartphone stress 'look'

100 Britons from different occupations underwent a psychometric stress test and were quizzed on the interactions they had with their smartphones throughout the day. The results eluded to the fact that stress levels become elevated based on the number of times a person checked for emails and texts. Read more »

Rumor has it February will see the launch of the iPad 3 at one of Apple’s special events

by 60 comments

Fire up the rumor mill, another Apple product has appeared on the horizon.

Is the iPad 3 just around the corner?

There are whispers that come February, Tim Cook will be telling us about ‘the greatest iPad yet’, or words to that effect at a special event expected to take place early next month. Read more »

Shooting, dancing and taking an arrow in the knee: A look at the best selling games of 2011

by 20 comments

Overused internet memes aside, market analysts NPD have crunched the numbers on US physical copy video games sales during 2011 to bring us the best selling titles of last year.

The top 5 best selling games of 2011 in the US

The results are combined across all platforms (including PC), but can you guess which ones made it into the top 10? Read more »

A breakdown of Facebook’s expected $100 billion worth once it goes public [INFOGRAPHIC]

by 56 comments

Facebook is pretty popular, ‘pretty’ possibly being the understatement of the century, but did you know that in fact 1 in 10 people use Facebook and that combined, that makes 800 million users worldwide?

Facebook IPO Infogrpahic

With that much activity, Facebook Inc. have made themselves a pretty sizable audience for advertisers to address, but with talks of the company going public, just how much did you expect it was actually worth? Read more »

Toshiba’s FlashAir wireless LAN SD card cuts the cables to photo management [VIDEO]

by 8 comments

This innocuous little white SD card is the first to use the SD association’s Wireless LAN standard, making file and photo management quick and cable-free as a result.

Toshiba FlashAir 8GB

This is the Toshiba FlashAir WLAN SD card and it’s showcasing its talents at this year’s CES. The card actually broke cover last year at IFA 2011 too but it’s here now to drum up interest before its official launch next month. Read more »

Vimeo finally lands on Android, Windows Phone and the Kindle Fire with their official mobile apps

by 21 comments

Vimeo, famed video-sharing site, popular among users for its array of user-generated original and consistently high quality content, have just released a number of mobile apps for both Windows Phone and Android devices, alongside the Kindle Fire.

the droid touches down on Vimeo video service

Previously mobile users of Vimeo only had access via means of an iOS device or a clunky unofficial iteration, but now it would appear that the love has indeed been shared more freely with a bumper release onto two app stores at the same time. Read more »

Toshiba showcase three mysterious tablets at CES and tell us nothing about them

by 11 comments

The Excite X10 might be the tablet Toshiba are using CES to shout about, with it’s competent specs and measuring in at just 7.7mm thick (making it the thinnest tablet around).

A yet unnamed Toshiba 13.3

But there are three other members of Toshiba’s tab family that have caught our attention, despite a certain level of mysticism surrounding them. Read more »

In case of emergency: The new SpareOne mobile phone promises to hold its charge for up to 15 years

by 31 comments

You read correctly, not 15 days, weeks or months but years. Xpal Power, makers of other power savvy mobile kit, designed to prolong the life of your smartphone, have just announced the SpareOne.

SpareOne Phone image

Powered by a single AA battery, its makers say that the SpareOne will be capable of holding its charge for an unbelievable 15 years and what’s more, it’s intended to be super cheap to buy too. Read more »

LG demonstrate that the best way to promote their flat-screen TVs is to steal them [VIDEO]

by 50 comments

Promoting theft doesn’t seem like the most obvious marketing strategy, but LG clearly like to go against the grain if this new ad is anything to go by.

man pretending t steal an LG TV

As marketing goes, this is a fine example of both a smart and more importantly, funny commercial to promote their latest flat-screen TVs, enjoy. Read more »

Vuzix SMART HD glasses want to open our eyes to the future of augmented reality

by 14 comments

Vuzix, a company best known for their range of peculiar looking futuristic spectacles, designed to give you the effect a 60-inch screen in front of your eyes, are planning to unveil their vision for the future of augmented reality at CES 2012.

Vuzix want us to see into the future of augmented reality

Vuzix backed by funding from Nokia, have been developing what they hope will be the future of augmented reality eye-wear. Read more »

Gametel’s portable Bluetooth games controller to support iOS devices by CES 2012

by 34 comments

We had some fun testing Gametel’s Portable Games Controller last month and were impressed with its performance, offering Android devices far better gaming prospects than with touchscreen only controls (Xperia PLAY aside).

Gametel supporting iOS (literally)

Now, in the lead up to CES, makers Fructel have revealed that the hardware gaming goodness is no longer exclusive to phones that favor Google, with iOS getting in on the action in the coming days. Read more »