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Sony Ericsson’s battle of the thumbs sees celebs control real football teams with the Xperia PLAY [VIDEO]

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Realism in gaming has been a goal of many a game developer for a long time. Advancements in graphics, surround sound and force feedback have all been steps towards better drawing a player into the gaming experience, but as of late we’ve seen some bold new attempts, trying to take this concept to the the next level.

Tom and Darren, marvelling at the power their PLAY's have

Some of you might have caught UK TV series The Gadget Show’s Battlefield 3 simulator, which married a host of different technologies together to try and place the player in the game environment, making it one of the most impressive FPS (first-person shooter) experiences ever. Read more »

Game On: Gametel Gaming Controller promises real gaming for Android gamers everywhere

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Mobile gaming has been a fast growing market, especially since Apple’s App Store propelled game companies and developers to dizzying heights once they’d gotten the ball rolling (Rovio’s 51st title became pretty popular, you might know it).

graphics from Gametel site

So far however, the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY has really been the only device with the mobile gamer truly in mind especially on Android. A new peripheral however, hopes to level the playing field somewhat with a classic D-pad, four button, shoulder button configuration, one that retro games will know and love. Read more »

We take a closer look at the Motorola RAZR XT910, careful it’s sharp [VIDEO]

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The RAZR name should ring a bell to any mobile phone enthusiast who’s followed the industry over the past decade. Motorola struck gold with the original RAZR line back in 2004 thanks to its low-profile clamshell design and attractive material choices.

Motorola RAZR XT910 Home Screen

After a somewhat tumultuous time since the original RAZR’s heyday, Motorola have decided it’s time to bring the RAZR name back with the intention of proving that they’ve still got ‘it’. Read more »

The HTC Titan lands at the office so we can take a closer look [VIDEO]

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HTC’s Radar and Titan arrived as the flag bearers for their first Windows Phone Mango handsets, aiming to offer the best media experience possible from a Windows Phone device.

HTC Titan in hand

Following on from the Radar’s visit last week, its bigger brother, the HTC Titan now takes center stage for further inspection. Read more »

Figures on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The team over at Mashable have manage to aggregate a wealth of impressive stats all centered around a little social networking site you might have heard of called Facebook.

With an estimated 800 million users, it’s safe to say that reading this, you might fit under Mark Zuckerberg’s broad umbrella of a user base too. Read more »

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, confirmed to be coming to Verizon before the end of 2011

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It would appear that newly announced Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with its Ice Cream Sandwich goodness will also be making an appearance in LTE form.

But just the other day, Samsung and Google’s Unpacked Event in Hong Kong brought the next evolutionary step of Android to the fore. Read more »

GTA 3 coming to iOS and Android devices, as long as you’ve got dual core

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Rockstar Games, the team most recently responsible for the likes of L.A. Noire and creator of the wildly successful Grand Theft Auto titles, have decided to dust off one of the most influential names in the series, GTA 3.

10 years ago, to the month, the first all-3D Grand Theft Auto made its way to consoles and effectively kicked off a genre of games we’ve come to know as sandbox shooters, now a staple of modern gaming. Read more »

Motorola & Verizon hint at something Faster, Thinner, Smarter and Stronger coming October 18th

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It would appear that something special will be coming out of Verizon and Motorola’s goodie bag later this month as they hint at a ‘big innovation’ to be unveiled at 12pm on October 18th.

As the invite suggests, the device in question will be faster, thinner, smarter and stronger than assumedly, whatever its predecessor was. Read more »

Run Android apps on Windows with BlueStacks App Player [VIDEO]

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App Player alpha for Windows is a newly released piece of free software from developer BlueStacks. Designed to run on Windows PC’s and tablets, it allows you to run Android apps on your Windows computer or tablet, with no modification to the original app.

App Player lets you run apps windowed or full screen and with their Cloud Connect service, you can share software between your Android and Windows devices easily. Read more »

Adobe MAX sees more clearly than ever with Photoshop’s new “unblur” feature [VIDEO]

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Adobe’s 2011 MAX event wowed the crowd with their developmental “unblur” feature.

Adobe software already sports some pretty impressive algorthim-based photo manipulation magic. First they gave us Content-aware scale, then Content-aware fill and now Unblur to sharpen shots that at the time, looked like you’d taken them whilst on a rollercoaster. Read more »

Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition: The new sound of Finland’s phone royalty [VIDEO]

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When you have the most iconic and recognizable mobile theme in the world, you’d have to be pretty confident to let the general public loose on it, with a mind to then putting the result on 100 million handsets worldwide, but that’s exactly what Nokia have gone and done.

Nokia goes dubstep

The Nokia Tune competition opened at the start of September and asked musicians, music lovers and Nokia fans everywhere to reinvent the iconic Nokia theme in their own style.

Update: Nokia just came up and made it clear that this new controversial DubStep remix is not replacing the original Nokia tune.

Read more »

Facebook for iPad officially launches on the App Store, about time too

by 24 comments

Social networking sites don’t really get more recognizable than Facebook and for all the great things the iPad brings to the table, until now Facebook has amazingly not been one of them.

Excluding scaling up the iPhone app or accessing the site through Mobile Safari, Facebook has only really been available in app form via 3rd party solutions. Read more »

Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype for $8.5 billion gets approved in the EU

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It’s taken just under five months, but for the biggest acquisition in the company’s history, Microsoft’s 8.5 billion dollar deal has finally gotten the green light.

Skype Technologies SA was previously under split ownership, with eBay buying up 30% of the company in 2005 and the remainder spread amongst tech investors. Read more »

AT&T said to be ‘working with’ Apple to add a 4G indicator to the iPhone 4S’ status bar

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US customers have been exposed to the term ’4G’ in marketing material for a while now. The problem is some 4G technologies are more legitimate than others.

With carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T marketing certain devices as 4G from their existing lines and now with AT&T rolling out their LTE infrastucture, confusion is bound to ensue. Read more »

Nexus Prime boot animation caught on a Droid Bionic [VIDEO]

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OK, so this may not make up for the delay to the Samsung/Google ‘Unpacked’ event that we had been expecting, but chief of staff at, P3Droid has another piece of Nexus Prime/Ice Cream Sandwich goodness to add to the pile.

tweaked image of ics boot animation on droid bionic

The above screenshot and the video to follow show the very cool looking boot animation taken from P3Droid’s Motorola Droid Bionic, which he has running a leaked ROM of ICS destined for the Nexus Prime. Take a look.

Update, October 10: Samsung Galaxy S II does the boot animation too.
Read more »