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Asus shows the Eee Pad Transformer Prime sleeve, the Smart covers smirk

Asus Taiwan just unveiled a pretty cool accessory for its yet-to-be-released Eee Pad Transformer Prime quad-core Android tablet. Quite strangely called “sleeve” the accessory is actually a cover for the Transformer Prime screen that easily transforms into a stand that can be used for watching video on the slate.

Yeap, it’s much the same deal as with the Apple iPad 2′s Smart covers, save for the slightly different folding pattern. And before you start pointing any fingers, don’t forget that the Smart covers aren’t exactly a new idea either.

The Transformer Prime sleeve is incompatible with the original Tranformer as the attaching mechanism is designed for the slimmer shell of the Prime.

Now if Asus could actually get the Transformer Prime to the US and European markets it would all be great.

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