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The follow up to the short-lived Sony NEX-3 spotted, meet the NEX-C3

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In mid-2010, Sony released the highly successful NEX-3 Compact. It sported a huge 14.2 MP sensor, a large adjustable screen, interchangeable lenses and could shoot 720p HD video. Oddly enough, Sony decided that despite its success they would then take it off the shelves after only 8 months of availability. It seems now however that its successor is getting ready to take the stand.

Sony NEX-C3

Leaked shots of the NEX-C3 have been spotted and it looks to build on the reputation of its predecessor. For a start it comes with a 16.2MP image sensor, the same sensor used in the Sony A55 DSLR. It will most likely support full 1080p HD video recording and as you can see in the image above, comes with a far more impressive flash than that of the NEX-3. It also keeps the interchangeable lens functionality and the tiltable LCD screen. Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 released, and it’s now whiter than white

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The Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 has just been released on the market and we were more than surprised to see it get this snow white color version. It looks even cooler than in gray.

White Samsung Galaxy Pro

Hot on the heels of the iPhone 4′s eventual appearance in a new white suit, Samsung have similarly coated one of their latest portrait QWERTY’s in a slick coat of paint. The Samsung Pro now appears officially on an official Samsung site in a classy new white number. Great news for the fashion conscious text-a-holics, or the business man or woman after a different, whiter, brighter look among you. Read more »

Unboxing the Galaxy S II: the EXTREME version(s)

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The Samsung Galaxy S2 is just around the corner and it has already more than proven itself as the next-gen smartphone. How about seeing it get unboxed in a bunch of extreme situations? Yup, it’s the greatest thing to be captured on film since extreme ironing (yes, that’s real too).

Galaxy S2 Rally Read more »

A Nikon 50mm F1.8 lens with a built-in auto focus motor is around the corner

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Nikon recently published (and then removed) details on their US site of a new AF-S NIKKOR 50mm F/1.8G lens complete with a Silent Wave focusing motor.

new 50mm nikkor lens and d5100

This unofficially announced design should allow autofocus on all entry-level Nikon DSLR bodies, including the latest D5100 and D3100 the lens should work with both FX and DX DSLRs. Read more »

HTC Desire HD owners can get their hands on the HTC Pyramid ROM

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“CapyChimp” over at XDA Developers just released a port of the HTC Pyramid ROM to all adventurous HTC Desire HD owners. The speed of the turn around does mean that in its current state, the ROM does have very limited functionality, but this does allow users to have a look around what those picking up an EVO 3D, Sensation or Flyer are in for.

HTC Pyramid custom ROM screens on Desire HD Read more »

Shop your phone online Minority Report multi-touch style [VIDEO]

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The gap between the sci-fi future of Minority Report and our future just got a little bit smaller.

3 live shop touchscreen

3 Live Shop takes the online shopping experience to the next level using the latest technology and techno-wizardry. Developed in partnership by B-REEL, Teenage Engineering and Isotop, the new tech allows a touchscreen wielding ’3′ sales assistant to help you with info about your potential purchase by showing you an interactive visual overlay on your own computer screen. They can drag, drop, resize, scale and rotate images and information beaming it straight to you. Read more »

50 Years in Space: An Infographic

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It’s been 50 years since the first flight into space (hats off to Yuri Gagarin), pretty remarkable when your average car nowadays has more computing power than the earliest manned spacecraft. The infographic below details some of the amazing ways we’ve traveled beyond into the space starting with Gagarin’s first manned flight, which took place on 12 April 1961.

50 years in space Read more »

Add an extra touch of professionalism to you Guerilla mobile filmmaking with Steadycam for iOS devices

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Want to shoot a high-speed pursuit from the passenger window of your car? Perhaps a chase scene on foot through city streets or maybe you just want smoother looking videos?

iPhone Stead Cam

Adding a touch of professionalism to any budding film makers shots, app developer Midnox have released SteadyCam Pro, promising “a professional film camera in your pocket”. Read more »

WP7 devices get the NoDo treatment, whatever the carrier

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Good news for those of you still waiting on the “NoDo” update for your Windows Phone 7 device. Chris Walsh, one of the creators of “ChevronWP7″ (the first Windows Phone homebrew) has taken apart the latest Windows Phone “Support Tools” that were released earlier today.

The tools are designed for troubleshooting failed updates and even have the ability to “unbrick” a device, but Chris uncovered that they also have the means to update any WP7 handset to any version of the software currently publicly available from Microsoft. This lets you update without having to wait for your carrier (great for WP7 users on AT&T as their February and March updates are still at the “testing” stages). This unofficial update is completely carrier-independent so it works for everyone. Read more »