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A video mockup shows the future of the Firefox interface and it’s animated

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The guys are serious about designing the perfect UI and they have put a lot of effort into various experiments. Firefox 4 is a long way from getting released but its UI has gone through several mockups already and now they’re introducing a new element – eye-candy animation.

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ZoomIt is the first iPhone SD card reader

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Back in the days when Apple announced the iPhone 3.0 OS they promised that it will support loads of smart accessories, starting with the Nike+ personal running system and its monitors. And now, eight months later we are seeing another one of those – the ZoomIt SD card reader. Let’s just hope that the third one won’t need as much to appear.

But let’s not digress – the ZoomIt is really helpful tool that allows you to share photos, music and documents between your iPhone/iPod Touch and the rest of your gear. Read more »

Apple considers iPad price cut, in the meantime Hutchison welcomes the device in Austria

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While operators show their trust in the iPad, Apple seem to start losing faith in their newborn. These days, the CEO of Hutchison Austria announced that the operator will be the first in the country to offer the device to its customers. In the meantime Apple are considering a price cut if the first iPad sales aren’t as high as expected.

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NEC camera chip promises 13MP stills, 1080p video for mobile phones

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olved thisWith several manufacturers already offering sensors, capable of delivering high-res images and FullHD video, it’s only a matter of processing power until we finally see a mobile phone that has them. And NEC have solved this with their CE151 chip.

Capable of full HD video output and still image processing up to 13 megapixel, it’s something want to see on a cameraphone this year. Read more »

Motorola Droid getting Android 2.1 next week

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It’s not a great surprise that Motorola Droid will be getting an Android 2.1 update really, but apparently it’s going to happen sooner than I expected. Starting next week this fine piece of mobile technology will become even better.

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Samsung to show off a new phone with new, better AMOLED touchscreen at the MWC?

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Samsung is cooking up a few surprises for us at the MWC and apparently their brand-new Super AMOLED displays will be one of them. The current touchscreens are made up of a separate display and touch sensor, which complicates the manufacturing process. Plus the second layer that is the touch sensor absorbs light, degrading image quality.

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Sony Ericsson Vivaz waltzing in our office, here’s an HD video

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We just got our hands on the HD-totting Sony Ericsson Vivaz and you can bet you’ll be getting a review. But before then, we’ve got a quick video demonstrating the cameraphone in action plus an HD camera sample.

Sony Ericsson VivazSony Ericsson Vivaz
Sony Ericsson Vivaz held in hand

It’s sleek and thinner than what the photos so far suggested. The Vivaz is actually quite quick to snap them 8 megapixel photos, but its key selling point will definitely be the 720p HD video recording. The Vivaz is the second HD-recording cameraphone and all hopes are that it will do better than the pioneering Omnia HD. From what we’ve seen so far, the prospects are quite good. At least it doesn’t duplicate any frames and delivers all 24 frames worth of HD footage.

Sony Ericsson VivazSony Ericsson VivazSony Ericsson VivazSony Ericsson Vivaz
Sony Ericsson Vivaz vs. Samsung Omnia HD

We’re yet to put these two head to head, but for now check out Read more »

Canon throws 4 new PowerShot compacts into the mix

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Canon have just unveiled four new members of their PowerShot family. Those include the SX210 IS compact superzoom, the full-touch SD3500 IS (also known as IXUS 210) and the ultra-compact couple SD1400 IS and SD1300 IS (IXUS 130 and IXUS 105).

 Canon PowerShot SX210 IS

The Canon SX210 IS comes to succeed the SX200 affordable ultrazoom and is built around a 14 megapixel 1/2.3” CCD sensor and a stabilized 14x zoom lens going from 28 to 392mm in 35mm equivalent.
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Canon EOS 550D (T2i) brings 18 MP stills and 1080p video to the mid-range

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Canon have just announced the latest addition to their DSLR camera lineup, the EOS 550D. Packing an 18 megapixel sensor, pretty similar to the one found in the EOS 7D, the Canon EOS 550D is also capable of recording 1080p video at 30, 25 and 24fps.

Canon EOS 550D

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The rumored LG LU9400 Arena Max gets pictured, looks worse than the original

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It’s only a matter of time before the LG KM900 Arena gets a successor. We’ve heard rumors of one, but little was known: its name, LU9400 Arena Max, and the fact that it will support Wi-Fi. Not much, huh? Well, read on, I have something to share with you.

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Megan Fox wants you to buy the Motorola Devour. Now!

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The Android-powered Motorola Devour, packing the MOTOBLUR UI, made its TV debut during the Super Bowl XLIV. It was promoted by no other than Megan Fox, who seems to enjoy sharing bath tub pics over Facebook. Erhh, no, we’re just kidding. But what if she did?

Go on, watch those and see what happens!

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HTC Incredible leaks, lives up to its name with Snapdragon, Android 2.1

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Yet another pretty cool HTC smartphone leaked over the weekend. Unfortunately this one works on CDMA networks only so it will hardly see much in terms of world popularity, but oh my, is this some fine piece of technology.

HTC Incredible

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A lot of new Windows Mobile 7 details surfaced, we still hold our breath

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PPCGeeks managed to obtains some new spicy info about the latest Microsoft mobile OS – Windows Mobile 7. Zune and Xbox integration are waiting to be unveiled at the MWC later this month.

As the previous leaked images left us with mixed feelings, so is the new feature roster. The notable improvements Read more »

Dell Precision M6500 gets USB 3.0, Core i5 and new Core i7 processors

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The Dell Precision M6500 work station is certainly a pretty powerful laptop with its Intel Core i7-920XM Extreme Edition CPU but the thing with technology is that you need to constantly evolve to keep up with the rest.

Dell Precision M6500

So I am not entirely surprised that Dell decided to upgrade it with USB 3.0 and a few new CPU options. Starting the end of this month Read more »

Motorola Droid gets pinch zooming too, MILESTONE laughs

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So apparently the next time Droid owners go to a Moto convention they will have one less reason to feel ashamed. As of today Google Maps 3.4 update is available from the Android Market and it features… yeap, you got that right – pinch zooming. Apparently that Nexus One update yesterday wasn’t an isolated incident.

Motorola Droid
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