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The new MSI Wind U135 and U130 netbooks go down the Pine Trail, don’t cost much

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Two new netbooks are joining the ranks of the MSI Wind series – the MSI Wind U130 and Wind U135. The two netbooks pack Intel’s latest Atom platform, Windows 7 Starter, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and optional WiMAX connectivity.

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Another photo of HTC Supersonic, the Android-powered HD2 twin

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These days you might have spotted quite a few leaked images of the rumored CDMA-compatible HTC Supersonic. Well, today we have the best one so far to show you. The phone looks like an HD2 clone and guess what, according to the rumors, the similarities between both devices don’t end up with the design.

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T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition gets unboxed

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If you happen to have missed the news on the Fender Limited Edition of T-Mobile’s myTouch 3G Android-based smartphone, this is the right moment to catch up. Now, that the phone is already available in the US, the unboxing videos are spreading like wildfire. And one of them is right after the break, along with some live images of the myTouch 3G Fender Edition.

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Four FujiFilm FinePix cameras leak, three turbo zooms and an ultra compact

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The guys over at LetsGoDigital have got some pretty detailed info (not to mention some downright official looking footage) on four upcoming FujiFilm digital cameras. The company will reinforce its superzoom portforlio with three new offerings and will throw in an affordable ultra-compact in the mix.

The FujiFilm FinexPix S2500HD, as the name suggests will record 720p HD video and will come with 18x zoom lens, covering the range from 28 to 504mm in 35mm equivalent. Read more »

Panasonic extends its compact camera lineup with five new models

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Panasonic have just introduced five new additions to their compact digicam portfolio. The GPS-enabled TZ10 (or ZS7 in the US) and the TZ8 (ZS5) are the most interesting of the bunch but we also have the rugged FT2 and the budget-minded ZX3 and FX66.

Panasonic TZ10 and Panasonic TZ8

The flagships Panasonic TZ10 and TZ8 are near identical with their 12x zoom (25 – 300mm in 35mm equiv.) LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens and 1/2.33” 12 megapixel sensors. Read more »

Avatar dethroned Titanic. It’s the new boxoffice champion!

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James Cameron managed to break his own record for best-selling movie of all time. The previous leader in this chart – Titanic, was beaten just six weeks after the official Avatar premiere.

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DIY grass inspired by Avatar glows when you touch it, is good for six-legged animals

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Did you see Avatar yet? Then you probably remember the grass that glowed when you touch it. Sully, the main character surely had a lot of fun with it. Someone, obviously unsatisfied with being unable to ride a six-legged horse, decided to go the DIY way and make his own glow-when-touched grass.

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The Motz MusicBox FM radio is probably the tiniest boombox out there

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Sometimes it’s the tiniest of things that make my day! So you better put some glasses on or you might miss the Motz FM radio pictured below. It weighs only 17grams and fits in a small child’s palm but it actually is a usable portable FM radio. And on top of that it even doubles as a portable MP3 player speaker.

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South Korea reveals the Ecorium project – one of the most amazing natural reserves you will ever see

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South Korea has just announced its Ecorium project – a huge natural reserve, similar to the Eden project in the UK. The country most popular with its electronics manufacturing is going to invest 80 million euro in a series of interlinking domes, stretching over 30 090 square feet.

The Ecorium project

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A Mass Effect movie would generate a tremendous amount of interest, BioWare still play it cool

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In an interview for MTV, the project director of Mass Effect 2 shared some very interesting info. While Mass Effect 2 will be released tomorrow (USA) and Friday (Europe), the interest in a motion picture based on the game universe grows rapidly.

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High-tech hotels warm up rooms with a waterfall, use iPhones as keys

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If you are already running out of ideas where to spend your holidays than you might want to check this out. The guys from the popular Men’s website have come up with a list of the top ten high-tech hotels in the world. I don’t know about you, but they all made it on my “Things to see before I die” list.

Helix Hotel

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AMD introduces 5 new CPUs that offer a lot of bang for your buck

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As far as the current CPU trends go Intel is the company that provides top-notch performance for the ultimate configurations, while AMD aims at users on a tighter budget that are on the look for bargain prices. So the five new mid-range additions to the Athlon II and Phenom II lineups are hardly groundbreaking news.


The two highlights of today’s announcement are the AMD Phenom™ II X2 555 Black Edition processor and the AMD Athlon II X4 635 processor. The Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition is the fastest dual-core AMD processor to date, clocking at 3.2 GHz, yet it still maintains an affordable price of 99 US dollars.

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Kaspersky Lab false positive: Google ads spread no virus

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If you happen to use antivirus software created by Kaspersky Lab, you have probably seen the virus warring quite a lot of times today. It turns out that a flaw in several of the company’s software products caused the unnecessary panic by recognizing all Google ads websites as infected. ZoneAlarm as well as F-Secure antivirus software products have also been affected by this problem.

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Retro technology: terabyte storage on magnetic tape and a paper map that zooms

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Some of you might remember the times when programs were loaded from a cassette tape, but with 32GB microSD cards just around the corner, you never thought you’d use magnetic tape again, did you? You probably thought you were done with paper maps as well. Not so fast – a new tape from IBM can store terabytes of data and a new paper map can zoom…

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Nokia N900 gets Android OS through a hack, looks even hotter

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It’s still at the proof of concept stages so don’t get too excited about it but apparently the Nokia N900 is perfectly capable of running the Android OS. As proven by the video after the break the hacker has enabled the cool QWERTY-equipped side-slider to run the two open-source platforms in a dual-boot mode.

I’m not particularly sure if going from Maemo to Android is an upgrade or downgrade as they both have their advantages but Read more »