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Palm Pre overclocked to 800MHz, CPU benchmark needed

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Ah, it’s good to see the overclocker spirit is not dead yet. Though the Palm Pre is an unlikely target. Still, ramping it up to 800MHz sounds like a hefty boost…

Here’s the deal – there are two distinct patches that can be used to overclock the Palm Pre. The first is OS independent, while the second is specific to the version of WebOS (a version for v1.4 is coming too).

The first patch has two options – set the CPU clock at 550MHz or at 600MHz and there’s a third patch that undoes the changes. Apparently, the CPU in the Palm Pre is rated at 600MHz but is downclocked at 500MHz.
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120 000 iPads pre-ordered in just one day, plus a diamond version already in the works

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51 000 Apple iPads have been pre-ordered only two hours after the thing went on pre-order. And a day later the number of pre-orders reached estimated 120 000. Do you need another proof that Apple is the ultimate money making machine?

In the meantime a diamond iPad popped up. But that is something we’ll talk about a bit later. Now, let’s first see how the iPad pre-orders are doing. Read more »

Custom firmware brings real 24 frames per second 720p video recording to the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

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The video recording of the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD has been a hot topic for debate. Pages have been written about what’s wrong with it and how it can be fixed, while some have even acted upon fixing it themselves.

Like HyperX for example, who created his own firmware that records 720p video at 24 fps… but real 24fps this time.

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TomTom and CoPilot for iPhone get major updates

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Good news fellas – two of the most popular navigation apps for iPhone just got updated. The TomTom app goes in version 1.3 adding Google Local Search and real-time traffic support, while CoPilot adds Facebook integration and adjustable volume settings.

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Apple iPad up goes on preorder, let’s see how it does

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You might have noticed earlier today that the Apple Store website was down again. And as it usually happens after it went back up again a new product was available for order.

Now my editor doesn’t allow me to open the discussion of why Apple alone in the world needs to take down their whole company website to announce the availability of a new product so I’ll just give you the good news.

The Apple iPad is now available on pre-order and if you really, really want to be among the first ones to have it, you might wanna order it right now. Read more »

Sony PlayStation Move turns the PS3 into a Wii, but better

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The long awaited Wii-like motion controller for PS3 is already unveiled. Meet the PlayStation Move which involves your whole body in the game. Sounds familiar, huh? But motion-based gaming also sounds fun.

The first information on the Move (which back then had no name) was unveiled at the E3 2009 but what you see now is not just another mockup. And sometime this year the thing will hit the stores.

But there are some important aspects you should know about the Move before considering one.

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Google Shopping for Mobile tells you if items are in stock in a nearby store

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Google sure are bent on creating the ultimate shopping tool – first Google Shopper showed up, a tool that quickly finds info on a product by scanning its cover art (for books, CDs, etc.) or you can scan the products barcode or search by voice.

Now the mobile version of the Shopping section of the Google website tells you if the product is in stock in a shop near you…

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Hott MD500 4.8″ Android Tablet aims for the “iPad-killer” thing

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So the Apple iPad isn’t even out yet and here goes the first device trying to kill it. Or at least that’s what the guys from Hott have said about their 4.8″ tablet dubbed MD500. Running Android (with a few home-brewed customizations) it packs an ARM9 CPU. Check it out in action in the video after the break.

Hott MD500Hott MD500Hott MD500Hott MD500

Coming with a much thinner bezel and at the incredibly sweet price of 92 US dollars (to distributors anyway) it does seem worthy of some attention but I doubt things will be as sweet in the end as they sound now.

Anyway with the lukewarm reception the iPad is getting so far it’s even unclear yet if it will be the device to beat, so we will have to wait and see how this battle develops.


Google Reader Play is a new, touch-friendly view for Google Reader

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I’m getting a bit worried about the guys at Google Labs – at the rate they’re pumping out new stuff, they probably don’t get much time to sleep. The latest thing to pop out of the Labs is Google Reader Play – a new way to view Reader that seems particularly well suited to tablets, maybe even touch phones.

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Google Maps gets biking directions

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Apparently every second or so person that this guy working in the Google Maps team knows can’t live without two things – their bike and Google Maps. So they decided to do something about the fellas that pedal their way through the country by including Bicycling directions in Google Maps. True story!

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Google launched their own App Marketplace – the Cloud is your new home

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Google just went ahead and launched an App Marketplace of their own. Hmm, strange, you may wonder what kind of apps they’ll be selling? Well, it’s easy – web apps. The first available apps are business oriented and already available for purchase. Now let’s get behind the storefront.

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40 MP medium format Pentax 645D revealed, yours for 9400 US dollars

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After five long years of development and several months of teasing, Pentax finally revealed their 645D medium format camera. Built around a 40 megapixel 44 x 33 CCD sensor, the Pentax 645D sports a dust and water-resistant body with solid magnesium-steel-alloy frame and reinforced glass LCD display with 921k dots.

Pentax 645D

The extra durability suggests that the Pentax 645D is not meant to be held as a prisoner in some photo studio but taken out. The Japanese company also developed a new high-precision 11-point wide-frame autofocus sensor for their first digital medium format camera.

So now all that it takes for you landscape photos to take a huge leap forward is 9400 US dollars and a plane ticket to Japan as this is the only country to get the 645D at launch.

Sigh, I won’t be among the ones on board that plane as I still can’t save enough cash even for a full-frame DSLR…


Is there a dual-core Intel Atom for netbooks in the works?

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Now here’s some interesting news from the netbook world – Intel may be readying a dual-core Atom processor. Maybe the notion of netbooks as generally underpowered computers will be overturned soon…

This rumored new processor is the mobile version of the Intel Atom D510, which is used in nettops, and it will be called the Atom N500. There aren’t any other details available about the N500, but for comparison, the D510 is clocked at 1.66GHz and packs 1MB of L2 cache. Read more »

Android-powered HTC Supersonic goes on video, looks swell in white

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The HTC HD2’s evil twin made another public appearance, starring in a short and blurry video. The CDMA-powered full-touch device that runs on Android is still very much a mystery but geeks all around the CDMA-networked world already know they want it.

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Android NDK r3 now available, adds OpenGL ES 2.0 support

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The Android NDK, or Native Development Kit, just got its third release and it brings along a few improvements worth mentioning, including support for improved 3D graphics. Maybe this can give a slight boost to the Android gaming industry, which isn’t doing very well…

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