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Nokia N900 hacked into remotely controlling your Nikon DSLR

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If you were to name the device with the greatest hacker appeal that would of course be the Nokia N900. The latest portion of dark side programming that we stumbled upon enables the Maemo-powered device to act as a remote shutter for a Nikon DSLR camera.

In theory the widget that the guy from DoItDifferent created should also work with other IR-enabled Nikons so it’s not only the D40 owners (the camera used for the demo) that should celebrate the news. And to sweeten and officially seal the deal you can also make the N900 sync its IR wireless trigger and its LED flash for some creative lighting effects.

Check out this short video of the N900 and D40 in action:


HTC’s latest eye-popping Sense UI ported over to Motorola DROID

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Motorola Droid does a lot. And now it even does HTC’s latest Sense UI version. Who cares about the missing MotoBLUR when new Sense UI is so cool!

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Nokia Ovi Maps 3.04 Beta for Mobile released, adds a bit more oomph

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Fortunately, the introduction of free navigation was only the start of some heavy further development of Nokia’s Ovi Maps mobile application. Just over a month passed since the major 3.03 release and here we are having the first beta of its successor.

Ovi Maps
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DROID does: Quake 3. Also Quake 2. And they’re available for almost all Android phones

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Android and Me host the occasional Android Bounty – the community gathers cash for a specific challenge to the developers. The latest bounty asked for an Android port of Quake that has support for multiplayer over Wi-Fi.

Well, the community asked and they delivered. Read more »

Impressive Nokia N86 8MP photos get printed in XXXXL size, exhibited at Heathrow

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And here we have a contender for the Guinness Book of World Records. An exhibition at Heathrow Terminal 5 sponsored by Heathrow / BAA, Nokia and Skyline Whitespace will be displaying prints of photos taken with the N86 8MP the size of a double decker bus.

Nokia N86 8MP
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Skype Lite and Skype for Win Mo discontinued to improve the experience

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With all the commotion about VoIP over 3G networks, the Skype versions for feature phones and Skype for Windows Mobile died a quiet death and almost no one noticed – instead of an obituary, all the two Skype versions got was an entry into the FAQ.

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Six new features you will find in Gmail by default, Search Auto complete and YouTube preview among others

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Gmail Labs have been the playground of “mad Google scientists” for over a year and a half now – they churn out new and experimental additions to Gmail one after another and users can opt to use that new functionality at their own risk.

Google Labs has seen anything from the game Snake to the Forgotten Attachment Detector (an actually useful feature). Six of these features are graduating – being included into the default Gmail feature set, while five others are being retired. Read more »

Major mobile App Stores analyzed, Android Market has 57% free apps

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The analysts from Distimo made a very intriguing research, unveiling the truth about the major mobile applications stores. The information concerns the free vs. paid apps ratio, the average price comparison, total number of apps, etc.

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zForce Pad, cheaper and cooler touchscreen displays made by Neonode to show up soon

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Nope, zForce Pad has nothing to do with Apple. It’s how Neonode call their latest product, a range of 5″ to 13″ touchscreen displays for a range of devices, including mobile internet devices, e-book readers, even mobile phones.

Neonode used to manufacture some of the tiniest touchscreen equipped mobile phones (I even can’t think of a more compact phone packing a touchscreen than the Neonode N2) but these days are now over and the company has a new survival plan: production of touchscreen displays.

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NVIDIA launches GeForce 300 series cards, available as OEM only

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Without any proper intro, NVIDIA launched the GeForce 300 family cards today. The series consists of five new models, which will be available only through OEM channels.

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Google Earth now available for Android 2.1, puts the world in your hands

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Google Maps is available on just about every phone platform out there, but Google Earth is very rare on mobiles. iPhone users have been enjoying it for a while, but now it’s time that Google phones get it too – Google Earth for Android is available in the Google Market. It works on Android 2.1+ devices for now – ones such as the Nexus One.

Oh, there’s pinch zooming as well. Read more »

Google Nexus One users – go get your HTC Sense UI with Flash 10.1

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The HTC Desire was just announced last week and somebody already has gutted its software internals and ported them in a nice package for Nexus One users to use and abuse. Android 2.1 OS, HTC Sense UI eye-candy and full Flash 10.1 support are among the goodies you get if you flash your Nexus One with the custom unofficial firmware.

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Project Natal for Xbox 360 could cost less than 80 dollars, make a lot of geeks happy

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We had a brief run-in with motion-based gaming at our office when we reviewed the Sony Ericsson Yari, but it wasn’t really a full-featured console-like experience. The opposite holds true about Microsoft’s Project Natal – it will bring motion-based gaming to the Xbox 360.

Unlike the gesture-based game play of the Nintendo Wii, Project Natal for the Xbox 360 uses your entire body motion as game controls (it uses a special camera to capture your movement). It seems like it will be pretty cheap too…
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MWC 2010 overview: what happened and what should have happened

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This year’s Mobile World Congress was a let down for me both as a journalist and as a user. We saw only a handful of newsworthy handsets and almost none of those was a trend-setter. If that’s all planned for the first half of 2010, well then, I would be more than sad for the direction this all is going. Sorry, guys, but someone has to say it. This MWC sucked!

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Sigh, LG not interested in making their own smartphone OS!

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Reportedly, somebody asked an LG representative whether LG will be working on a proprietary smartphone OS. The answer was no. And good for them, since the mobile market is already overcrowded with those. I really don’t know how developers manage to keep track of all those SDK tools spawning around.

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