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Google asked Sony Ericsson to build the Nexus One, SE turned them down, preserved their pride

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Google: “Sony Ericsson, please build the Nexus One”, Sony Ericsson: “Nah.” True story, according to Sony Ericsson’s CEO, Bert Nordberg. That’s probably not the best idea Sony Ericsson has had lately…

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iPhone-controlled Parrot AR.Drone poses for our camera at the MWC, impresses

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You remember the Parrot AR.Drone, right? The ultra cool four-rotor helicopter (or quadricopter, as they call it) is certainly among the best “accessories” you can get for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Parrot AR.Drone

An AR.Drone prototype was at the Parrot booth at the MWC but they never really bothered showing it to anyone. Read more »

Microsoft Outlook 2010 gets social networking, how about a boss key?

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Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client a lot of people use at work. How to make it better? Add social networking, of course! But wait, won’t your boss be pissed with you tweeting instead of, you know… doin’ da job?

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Star Craft II beta run starts today in USA, Europe will follow

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Without any warning, Blizzard Entertainment opens today the public beta testing of Start Craft II. There is no official word on how the beta keys will be given. Users stateside are supposed to be the first lucky ones to get them, Europe and Asia to follow.

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Sun-spotting on your iPhone, solar physics for beginners

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You know, apps for the iPhone no longer vary from useful to nuisance. Not when NASA gets involved. A new iPhone application gives you a live view of the sun as well as alerts, images and even videos of interesting events (how about the death of a comet?).

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New firmware update for Nokia N900, more apps coming soon

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There is a new firmware update for the Maemo 5 running Nokia N900. It’s 16MB only, so don’t expect major changes or loads of new software. The only thing to note at this stage are a lot of new regions supported.

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SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 released, in bed with Symbian and Android

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SPB Software have a new version up for grabs of their popular SPB Mobile Shell UI. And you know what, they must’ve realized monogamy sucks. It used to be Windows Mobile ONLY. The 5.0 update now lands on Symbian and Android, comes with better graphics, performance and functionality.

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Windows Phone 7 Series: what’s new, what’s old, what’s here and what’s missing

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Windows Mobile has come a long way, even though it was lost in the woods around 6.1 for quite a while. With the latest version, Microsoft are set for a clean break with the past. All family ties are severed – starting with the name. It’s now called Windows Phone 7 Series. And then there’s the question of multitasking…

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Taking panoramic shots of Barcelona with the Sony Ericsson Vivaz

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We finally made it to Barcelona and as you have noticed on our frontpage, we’ve been as busy as little bees collecting info about the latest upcoming phones from all camps. I brought along with me the Sony Ericsson Vivaz on this trip and I’ve been enjoying exploring some of its features.

The ease of use of the panorama mode impressed me most so here are several panoramas that I shot on the go with it:

Sony Ericsson Vivaz pano shot Sony Ericsson Vivaz pano shot Sony Ericsson Vivaz pano shot Sony Ericsson Vivaz pano shot

I’m not saying the Vivaz pano mode is unmatched by any other mobile phone, it just happens that I have this one handy. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Yet another video of the super sleek Dell Mini 5 surfaces

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The Dell Mini 5 first popped up last month at the CES. Back then the company called it a “5-inch tablet concept” and showed some images just to tease people. Only a few features have been revealed so a lot of questions remained unanswered. Well, the following video will answer some of them. Just watch!

As you can see, the 5-inch tablet concept Mini 5 is not only a MID but a smartphone as well. It would be awkward to talk on a thing as huge as that but luckily, it packs a standard 3.5mm audio jack so a headset is always welcome.

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YouTube Video Speed Dashboard clocks you Internet connection speed

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Google is employed by speed demons and they’d like to carry that speed-lovin’ spirit to YouTube users by their YouTube Video Speed Dashboard. The Dashboard is a nifty statistics web app that shows you your average download speed from YouTube overtime, compared to the average for your ISP, your city and country.

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Increased solar activity can lead to errors in personal GPS navigation

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The Sun’s activity is getting higher (as we approach 2012, wink!) and there’s more than just nasty sunburn you need to worry about – the GPS system that so many have come to rely on may be in trouble. We can expect worse accuracy and even complete positioning “blackouts”.

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Rumored Nokia N8 to be introduced at the MWC 2010, packing a 12MP camera with 720p video recording

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In less than 4 days the mystery surrounding the rumored Nokia N8 done with. Even if there is no Nokia device called N8 waiting to be announced soon, I hope that there will be a Nokia phone packing all those features I’m about to share with you after the jump. The name hardly matters. But the features do!

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Google Buzz turns Gmail into a social networking site, Facebook and MySpace beware

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An XKCD comic shows the following morning routine – 1) wake up, 2) catch up on the lives of friends around the world, 3) get out from under the covers. It sounds weird when you put it like that but it’s nonetheless true and it’s social networking that made it possible.

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Apple announces Aperture 3, available immediately

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You might have noticed yesterday that the Apple Store website was down for a while. It turns out that the addition of a new product caused this hiccup – the company is now distributing the new 3rd version of their image processing software Aperture. Just how can Apple be in the business for so long and still not find a way to update their website without shutting it down first is beyond me, but that’s a whole other story.

Aperture 3

Aperture 3 features more than 200 new features, the most noteworthy of them being Faces, Places and Brushes. Read more »