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Both BlackBerry Storms get an optimized Google Mobile App with voice search

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If you thought a voice search app was all that separated your BlackBerry Storm or BlackBerry Storm2 from perfection, you are in luck. Google released a version of their Google Mobile App, specially optimized for the BlackBerry touchscreen devices.

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Swype gets its first competition in the face of T9 Trace

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I’ve written about Swype a few times before but now it’s getting competition from an old heavyweight in input prediction, Nuance, better known for their T9 product.

Their competitor is called T9 Trace and the idea behind it is pretty much the same, though reportedly, there are a couple of advantages… Read more »

Adobe’s new RAW processor impresses just as much as the just revealed first new feature of Photoshop CS5

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Since I shoot exclusively in RAW, I was thrilled to learn that the latest Lightroom 3 beta actually comes with a revamped RAW processing engine. The guys over at Adobe have done some serious work on revealing more of the fine detail and taking care of image noise.

Friends of mine that have taken the time to re-process some of their older photos tell me it’s like they’ve used another camera body. The changes are impressive.

Since I didn’t have time to experiment on my own shots, here’s a sample that I snatched off It was shot in RAW with the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV at ISO 102400 (yes, that’s a six-figure ISO sensitivity). The shot was processed with the current version of Adobe’s Camera Raw and the latest Lightroom 3 beta 2 RAW processor.

100% crops processed by Adobe Camera Raw v5.6 • Lightroom 3 beta 2

And here’s another couple of comparative crops. Impressive, indeed…

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Google Voice for Android updated, made faster

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Google Voice has a long list of features already, but you know how Google engineers are, they can’t help themselves but add more and more new features. The latest addition greatly speeds up notifications – no more waiting before you’re alerted of new messages in the inbox.

If you’ve got an Android phone that is… Read more »

NDrive USA (CTIA Edition) for iPhone now available at the App Store

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It’s always good to have an iPhone around. Especially when there are offers like this: now, during this year’s CTIA, you can test the NDrive USA navigation software for free. What you need to do is get to the App Store and download the CTIA edition of the NDrive USA app.

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Yahoo launches Sketch-a-Search and Yahoo Search apps for iPhone

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Starting today Yahoo offers two new free apps in the Apple US AppStore. The Sketch-a-Search is an interesting map app that doesn’t involve any typing at all. The standard Search app brings the regular Yahoo search engine to the iPhone and spices things up with features such as voice search, local shortcuts, etc.

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InVisage Technologies announce camera sensors with 4x light sensitivity, cameraphones lovers rejoice

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Technology developer InVisage Technologies has developed an image sensor that can offer four times better light sensitivity than the traditional silicone-based CCD and CMOS sensors. That has become possible through the usage of quantum dots (nanocrystals wrapped in a polymer film) instead of silicon photodiodes.

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Guinness World Record for typing set with Swype, hype too

by 12 comments

I’ve mentioned Swype here before (it was released as beta for Android) and I mentioned it should be a devilishly quick way to enter text.

Samsung decided to prove just how fast it is by setting a Guinness World record…

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Nintendo announces new portable console – Nintendo 3DS

by 186 comments

Nintendo just announced the 3DS, the successor of the popular portable console Nintendo DS. The Nintendo 3DS will integrate completely new technology – 3D screen, which doesn’t even need 3D glasses.

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Design by Community enters second week, ponders size and shape

by 365 comments

It’s Week Two of the Nokia Design by Community project – this week they focus on size and shape. That means the standard height, width and depth but also the form factor and the lens cover (which can add quite a bit to the thickness of the phone).

Over 43,000 people voted last week, but you’ll never guess which screen size turned out to be the most popular. It was… mhmm… Read more »

Internet Explorer market share takes a hit as the Browser Choice screen starts rolling out

by 29 comments

Tough times for Internet Explorer coming right ahead. Only a month has passed since the European Union forced Microsoft to give their users a choice of several browsers and the IE market share is starting to feel the heat.

Microsoft should send almost 200 million computers a browser choice screen, offering users to select a browser by the end of May. However even now, before March has ended, IE has lost market share in several of the key European markets.

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The Football – Real Kick: table football the iPhone way

by 744 comments

You’ve gotta see this to believe it! I know that the iPhone lacks lots of features that even times cheaper phones have but how about that: the iPhone brings table football to a new level allowing you to play using only your phone, a tiny Styrofoam ball and the Football – Real Kick app. See how it works.

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Gresso lets customers personalize their own luxury phones

by 244 comments

The Russians from Gresso have just redefined luxury phones. While others would only engrave your name or initials on your future luxury mobile phone, Gresso will also let you mix different materials to make it truly unique.

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Android breathing LG GW620 pays us a visit, demo video inside

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The Android family is getting larger by the day. Just after the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 landed at ours, we have received the LG GW620. It packs handy sliding-out full QWERTY keyboard following the GW-series tradition.

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Nokia Diagnostics beta app is now available for Symbian S60 3.2 phones

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What I like about Nokia Labs is that they just don’t stop launching new apps. And some of them are really useful. Like the Nokia Diagnostics application.

The Nokia Diagnostics was first made available for touch phones running the S60 5th Edition and as of yesterday it’s also compatible with their non-touch bros with the S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 on board. Read more »