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Motorola Droid gets pinch zooming too, MILESTONE laughs

So apparently the next time Droid owners go to a Moto convention they will have one less reason to feel ashamed. As of today Google Maps 3.4 update is available from the Android Market and it features… yeap, you got that right – pinch zooming. Apparently that Nexus One update yesterday wasn’t an isolated incident.

Motorola Droid
Obviously Google took a strange U-turn on the matter. According to their previous official position the only reason the MILESTONE and some other Android devices packed multi-touch gestures was because they didn’t have any control over the software when it left the US of A. Clearly though, they have solved whatever issues (legal, I guess) they had with it and are now implementing it in their devices for the American market too.

You can only zoom in the maps app for now, but I expect them Droids to get pinch zooming enabled throughout the interface in some of the future firmware updates.


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