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Motorola Droid getting Android 2.1 next week

It’s not a great surprise that Motorola Droid will be getting an Android 2.1 update really, but apparently it’s going to happen sooner than I expected. Starting next week this fine piece of mobile technology will become even better.

To start with the main question – yes, there will be multi-touch gestures support in the browser. There is no Flash support for now – Adobe are still making us wait with their promised update the mobile Flash player for the most popular phone platforms. We already told you that the latest version of Google Maps for Android brings pinch zooming along as well, but presumably no other parts of the interface are getting pinching support.

In fact as user reports suggest the only other notable improvements are the news and weather widgets of the Nexus One and the Google Goggles app, which now will come pre-installed.



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