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HTC Flyer brings its artistic skills to our office – we’re already knees deep in digital paint

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The HTC Flyer is the first ever true tablet to come out of the HTC portfolio (those humongous Advantage things don’t count). It looks very cool and sleek in its white-slash-aluminum casing and feels very solid in your hands.

When you unlock this bad boy, you are greeted by the awesome HTC Sense 3.0, popping up on a 7-incher and it really lights up the entire experience compared to the smaller smartphone screens. Some might argue that offering only a phone-optimized Gingerbread instead of the tablet-in-mind Honeycomb OS is a bad thing but this has allowed HTC to bring the proper Sense feel to the Flyer. Read more »

Angry Birds Mine and Dine update rolls out, 15 new cave themed levels and more

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As Rovio promised the next Angry Birds update is already available for download. It’s called Mine and Dine and gives us the beginning of a brand new sixth chapter.

The Mine and Dine update brings the first 15 levels of the new chapter, a new way to battle pigs (you get hanging stalactites in addition to the TNTs) and most probably there is a new golden egg somewhere. Read more »

Sony’s Android tablets, S1 and S2, could be available in Europe starting September

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When Sony announced their S1 and S2 Android tablets, they left a few things out – like a launch date for example. Now there’s chatter that the tablets (or at least one of them) will be arriving in Europe in September.

An alleged note from Sony says that a tablet (which the note doesn’t explicitly name) will be available through three retailers in September, after a pre-order period in August. Read more »

It seems like Samsung Galaxy S II has a new advertising team, see why [VIDEO]

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This latest Samsung ad that I am about to show you is pretty cool and miles ahead of the last one, which practically was a total fail. You know, the one with the Tron crowd running into a single and a dual tunnel, showcasing the direct effects of dual-core power – with the Durex ad styling but worse?

Yeah, that one. Well this new one is way cooler and shows a young man doing incredible stuff with his hands and prompts us to “unleash” our own.

The art, practiced by this fellow is apparently called Tutting and is a form of street dance. In this case the body parts in focus are the arms. It’s cool and you should watch it. Here it goes. Read more »

High resolution images found within iOS 5 SDK, hints at an iPad with Retina display

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Here we go again. Someone has discovered some high resolution images within the Twitter framework portion of the iOS 5 SDK and not just any high resolution images but those with 2048 x 1536 resolution, four times the current resolution of the current iPad.

Now we have gone though this before the iPad 2 was released. Unfortunately, the iPad 2 was launched with the same resolution display as the first iPad. But now it’s starting to seem that the next iPad will have a higher resolution display. Read more »

Nuance releases Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5, let’s you post verbally to Facebook and Twitter

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I’m sure you are all familiar with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. It lets you input text or control certain functions of your computer just by using your voice. With the latest 11.5 update, it has learned a new trick. You can now send messages on Facebook and Twitter using your voice. All you have to do is say “Post to Facebook [your message]” or “Post to Twitter [your message]” and the software will do the rest.

But that’s not all. There is also a new Dragon Remote Microphone app for iOS, which lets you use the device as a wireless mic for your PC. Read more »

HTC to remove certain apps from Gingerbread for Desire, will let you download them separately

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Now that HTC has finally made up its mind that it will be giving Gingerbread to Desire users, they still have to take care of that little problem which made them deny it in the first place. The Desire has only 512MB ROM which is not enough to contain all the awesomeness of Gingerbread, along with HTC’s Sense UI.

So as a result, the company has decided that they will be removing certain apps from the OS to make it fit on the Desire. They haven’t exactly given a list of what they will be removing as it is still being decided, however, they have been kind enough to let the users know that they will be able to download the applications separately from the Android Market. Read more »

Angry Birds Magic unlocks new game content for specific locations and venues

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No, it’s not what it sounds like. Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds, isn’t using some sort of Apple PR talk to make it’s top selling game more interesting. Angry Birds Magic, if you remembered, is an NFC-based addition to Angry Birds which allows you to unlock special levels by tapping two NFC-enabled phones together.

Now Rovio is taking Magic one step further with special location-aware integration in Angry Birds. When you go to your favorite cafeteria, for example, you might be offered to unlock some cool stuff. Read more »

New top-secret photo-sharing Facebook app for the iPhone looks cool, could bring your social networking on iOS to a whole new level

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It seems as though Facebook is in the making of a new app for iOS with some photo-sharing capabilities. Everyone who has used Facebook on his/hers iOS device knows that uploading a picture to the social network takes some extra unnecessary steps. Well this new super-secret app will supposedly give all of us the cure.

The guys over at TechCrunch are in possession of 50MB worth of insider photos and docs on this secret project and have kindly shared one with the world. That would be the one below. They say that much more is still to come, when they eventually sort all of it out. We’ll keep track to update should new developments become available. Read more »

Google introduces three new features for desktop: Voice search, Image search and Instant pages

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Google introduced a trio of new features that make searching from a desktop computer so much better. The first feature is Voice search, something that has been around on mobiles for a while.

Then there’s the Search by image feature, which does what it says and is surprisingly good at it and convenient to use too. There’s Google’s latest attempt to speed up browsing as well, called Instant Pages. Read more »

Adobe Eazel, Color Lava and Nav for iPad get new updates, price drop

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Despite their differences, Adobe never stopped making software for Apple’s platforms. First it was the Mac and now it’s iOS. And why would they? After all, they too are making money off them. In fact Apple products are often used for creative work, the kind of stuff that would require the use of Adobe’s products.

This year they launched three applications for the iPad, Eazel, Color Lava and Nav. All three apps have just been updated and offer more features, that too at a lower price. Read more »

Here’s an iPad prototype with a functional 3D display, complete with the glasses

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One of the vendors, CPT, was displaying an iPad with a 3D display at the Display Taiwan show. Although they did their best to cover up the logos on the back there was no mistaking what was the first generation iPad. The standard display on the said iPad was replaced with a 3D panel which has to be seen through polarized glasses for its magic to work.

Do note that this is not the official Apple branded Magic™ and definitely not the next generation iPad, no matter what the video says. It’s not even the iPad 2 for that matter, just the first iPad running a 3D display. This was just done to get some eyeballs at the event and there is very little chance that Apple would consider a 3D display for their next iPad. Or even if they do, you can be damn sure it won’t require glasses. Check out the video of this prototype in action after the break. Read more »

Google integrates Places in mobile search page, makes us want to use it more often

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Google has integrated Places in the mobile version of their search site. So now you can search for a restaurant, coffee shop, gas station or an ATM with just a coupe of taps through your mobile browser.

The feature obviously requires your location so you must share that information with your browser. Then you will see restaurants, coffee and bars being displayed prominently on the screen. To access other categories you need to click on More. Read more »

AMD introduces A-series APUs, promises to challenge the whole Sandy Bridge lineup

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After upsetting the Atom domination with ultra-portables and netbooks with its E-series, APUs AMD has set its sight on the more powerful portable computers. The company has just unveiled its new A-series of CPU-plus-GPU chips.

The A-series includes a couple of dual-core processors and five quad-core offerings. The two lowest sitting members are the 1.9 GHz A4-3300M and the 2.1 GHz A4-3310MX, which both support dynamic turbo boosting of up to 2.5Ghz and have 2MB of L2 cache. The Radeon HD 6480G with a clock speed of 444 MHz is the GPU of choice for both A4 chips. Read more »

Why I love and hate having a smartphone, an Oatmeal comic

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I love smartphones and I love Oatmeal’s comics and I know a lot of you do as well. So today when I came across his latest comic which talks about his love and hate for smartphones, I couldn’t help but share it with you.

As is usually the case with his comics, this one turns the dial marked ‘Awesomeness’ all the way to eleven. And being a smartphone user and a nerd it is easy to relate with what he has depicted in it. Read more »