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GetJar does a Gold sale, lets you have more than 100 Android apps for free

by 12 comments

The only thing we love more than high-quality apps are high-quality apps for free. And thanks to the latest GetJar promotion you will be able to get more than a 100 of those on your droid.

All you need to do is visit GetJar’s mobile website and download their Android app. From there you can browse the hundred free titles (including some pretty nice game) and download the ones you are interested in. Read more »

You can get Firefox 9 for desktop and mobile right now, Google-Firefox deal renewed

by 6 comments

Firefox was in a precarious position for a while because the search deal with Google was running out – and that was the main source of cash for the non-profit Mozilla Foundation. Firefox fans can breathe a sigh of relief as there’s a new deal that ensures Google sponsorship for another three years.

After reports that Chrome has surpassed Firefox for the second spot in the most popular browser leaderboard, it looked uncertain if Google still had interest in Firefox. It turns out it does and Google will remain the default search provider for Firefox for the foreseeable future. Read more »

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey first trailer now available

by 19 comments

In case you’ve somehow missed the news, Peter Jackson is filming the prequel to The Lord of the Rings – The Hobbit. The book that this one is based on might be quite small – smaller than just The Fellowship of the Ring, but the movie obviously has a lot of action to offer.

That’s probably the reason why Peter Jackson decided to split the book into two movies, shot back to back as it was with The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will hit the cinemas worldwide in December 2012, while The Hobbit: There and Back Again is scheduled for December 2013 release. Read more »

Apple App Store faces issues with the interface on iOS 3.1.3 devices, fixes itself automatically

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Last week people started reporting a strange problem with the Apple App Store program installed on their iPhone and iPod touches. This made it nearly unusable because it would hide the buttons to download the apps, along with the screenshot and other app information.

The interesting thing about this issue though was that only those running iOS 3.1.3 were reporting it and as you may know that was the latest update that the first generation iPhone and iPod touch is capable of running. However, it seems now though that the issue has been fixed. Read more »

The Old Republic shows up on our scanners looking to fill the Star Wars MMORPG void [VIDEO]

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The wait was over for many a Jedi and Sith-in-training yesterday, as Star Wars: The Old Republic; EA, BioWare and LucasArts’ new MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) finally launched on PC.

A Sith looking moody with twin red light sabres

The title itself fills the gap left by the last Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: Galaxies which saw varied interest between its launch in 2003 and its recent shutdown, less than a week ago (December 15th). Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon brought its ICS magic to our office [VIDEO]

by 35 comments

The U.S. version of the hottest Android smartphone of the year made it in front of our camera, folks. The Verizon Wireless exclusive (at least for the time being) Samsung Galaxy Nexus is practically identical to its GSM sibling, save for the CDMA/LTE radio on board.

The smartphone features a Read more »

Sony has shipped over 320K PS Vita units in just two days

by 28 comments

Sony’s latest portable gaming console is obviously doing pretty well. The PS Vita sold 321,407 units in the first two days of its market availability, which is nearly half the amount of the initial shipment (believed to be around 700,000 units).

The sell rate is roughly comparable to that of the original PSP (166,074 units in the first 24h) and Nintendo’s recently launched 3DS (371,326 in the first 48h), so portable consoles are still doing relatively well. Read more »

Update v6.2.1 pushed out to Kindle Fire – it installs silently and breaks root with SuperOneClick

by 4 comments

The Amazon Kindle Fire gets listed in the same column as the rest of the Android tablets, but it’s worth remembering that it’s a highly customized version of Android and works differently than the rest. Take the silent auto-updates for example – the Fire will install the latest available firmware version 6.2.1 without asking, which will break root and make the tablet immune to SuperOneClick rooting.

The update does bring several goodies, the most valuable of which is probably the ability to remove items from the homescreen carousel. Read more »

Touchless smartphones and TVs coming in 2012, XTR3D says

by 19 comments

Touchscreen is cool, but touchless is even cooler. And if a small company XTR3D has its way, we might be getting more of the touchless experience from our TVs and smartphones really soon. XTR3D has developed a Kinect-like system that recognizes your gestures and uses them to control various devices.

There’s no need for remote controls or touching the actual device, you just wave your hand and, for example, the next channel comes up or the volume increases. The XTR3D technology also allows hands-free operation of your smartphone, which sounds really convenient for use while driving. Read more »

Asus Transformer Prime preorders from Amazon now shipping

by 20 comments

Asus delivered on their promise to make the Transformer Prime available on 19th December and users who placed a pre-order on got their shipping notifications over the past couple of days. The quad-core tablet is now on its way to its first US adopters and just as rumors, takers aren’t in short supply.

The other major retailer that will sell the Transformer Prime in the US, Best Buy, is also expected to start shipping the first orders this week, so units should arrive in time for Christmas. Read more »

Samsung Ace gets an Alpha Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich port, Alpha being the keyword here

by 38 comments

Now that Google has officially released the source code for Ice Cream Sandwich we are going to see it on a lot more devices. A couple of days ago we saw it running on the original Xoom and now the developers on xda-developers have managed to get it working on the Samsung Ace too.

I use the term ‘working’ loosely here because the ROM is far from being stable or even usable. Which explains why even before you start reading about it you can see the words “Only for developers!” and “IT CAN KILL YOUR PHONE!” being written on top of the post. Read more »

Scribbles for Gmail mobile adds an artistic touch to your email experience

by 9 comments

Gmail mobile just added a solid dash of fun to the user experience, folks. The freshly announced Scribbles feature enables you to quickly put together simple drawings via a lightweight interface, which is embedded right into the email composer – a sharp and fun way to express yourself in a different way than the conventional smileys.

The feature is currently available for Read more »

Tweak the graphics of Grand Theft Auto 3 for Android for best image quality – if your phone has the GPU for it

by 112 comments

So, you’ve got yourself a cool new droid with a beefy GPU but then you find out that GTA 3 was optimized for common Androids and their paltry graphics. Luckily, it turns out that the game supports much better graphics, you just need to enable them through slightly unconventional means.

It’s as simple as replacing the right file with a customized one and you can get much improved visuals from the game if your phone’s GPU is up to it. There are a couple of more before/after pics after the jump. Read more »

Sick of iTunes for managing your iPhone’s content? Try CopyTrans Manager

by 25 comments

For all the features that iTunes offers, it’s still one of the least convenient ways of managing the content of your iDevice. Its performance is hardly spectacular, its usability is mediocre and its inability to upload files to a single device from multiple computers is downright baffling. Enter CopyTrans – a third party app that promises to allow uploading content to your iPhone/iPad/iPod without the hassle of the official Apple software.

Compatible with all iOS versions, CopyTrans lets you drag and drop single files to your iDevice. It works with music tracks, videos and even apps now so chances are you’ll only need iTunes rarely. There’s no need to sync the whole library either, so transfers are much quicker and convenient here. Read more »

Google employees receive a special edition Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Christmas

by 24 comments

You know what’s a byword for Christmas? Presents. And Google likes to give them to its employees come Christmas and this years’ is no exception.

As a “Thank you for your hard work throughout the year”, every Google employee in the company’s offices in London and Zurich has received a special Christmas gift in the form of an exclusive Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Read more »