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Dropbox for Android updated to version 2.0, adds offline storage, bulk uploads and ICS support

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Dropbox released version 2.0 of their Android app and it promises to make the mobile experience much, much better. Storing files offline, bulk uploads and Ice Cream Sandwich support are just a few of the changes that the new version brings.

Dropbox 2.0 uses a tabbed interface and one of the tabs is Favorites – files marked as such will be stored on the phone for offline use (Dropbox for Android typically doesn’t store files in the phone’s memory). Read more »

Nokia adds classic Snake game to their Facebook page, brings back old memories

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Before there was Angry Birds or Plants vs. Zombies, there was Snake. One of the two games found on old Nokia phones (the other one being Space Impact), Snake is single-handedly responsible for taking away many hours of precious time from people’s lives, none of which they regret because it was just so much.

Unfortunately, you don’t get Snake on Nokia phones these days. Not the old fun one, anyway. And Nokia seems to understand how much people miss it. So they have brought it back, but it’s not on their phones anymore but on Facebook. Read more »

Rovio puts the ‘Play’ in PlayBook, brings Angry Birds to the tablet

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Other than the lack of a native email, calendar and contact app, the biggest item on the list of things you can’t do on a BlackBerry PlayBook is play Angry Birds. These days you can probably play Angry Birds on washing machines and microwave ovens as well, so its absence on the PlayBook was a bit disappointing.

However, if you’re one of the PlayBook owners or planning to buy one now that the prices have dropped so much, you don’t have to worry about missing out on all the bird flinging action because Rovio has just launched the entire Angry Birds series on the BlackBerry App World. Read more »

HTC Vivid made a run on our battery test track, see how it did [TEST]

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As an LTE packing, dual-core smartphone, we did not have any high expectations regarding the battery performance of the HTC Vivid. The device is powered by a relatively modest 1620mAh battery, which has a lot to deal with.

As always, we will begin our Read more »

More December deals for mobile gamers as GTA 3 on iOS and Android gets a price drop

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Rockstar’s monumental classic sandbox shooter, Grand Theft Auto 3, appeared on everyone’s radar back in October 2001, being the first game in the series to boast full 3D graphics and not only that, ridiculously fun gameplay.

GTA 3 gets a price cut

Roll on to it’s 10th anniversary and the game that took the world by storm is back in the minds of gamers, as it launches on both Android and iOS devices just in time for the holiday season. But wait, there’s more… Read more »

The first S40 phone with touchscreen + QWERTY, the Nokia Asha 303, drops by for a round of Angry Birds [VIDEO]

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The top of the Asha line, the Nokia Asha 303, walked into our office to tell us about its 1GHz processor. We asked it about multitasking, but it quickly changed the subject by yelling “I have Angry Birds!”.

The 303 has several things that elevate it above the majority of other feature phones – from the fast processor, through a capacitive touchscreen and QWERTY to Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G with HSDPA. Read more »

The Eee Pad Transformer Prime’s origami covers hit the shelves to bring stylish protection to the quad-core tablet

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The iPad 2′s Smart Cover is a pretty recognizable accessory for Apple’s tablet, but earlier this month we saw the Android equivalent crop up in the form of a product simply known as ‘Sleeve’.

Origami cover colours

Intended for the Eee Pad Transformer Prime and made in house by Asus, the new protective cover has arrived online and is ready and waiting for those planning on picking up the quad-core endowed droid tablet right now. Read more »

Hasbro comes up and sues Asus over the Transformer brand

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Since the announcement of the Asus Transformer Prime, I’m sure many of you were wondering what Hasbro thinks about this. Well, the thinking seems to be over – Hasbro is taking Asus to court.

Hasbro is the owner of the Transformers trademark, all the characters and most importantly the most popular transformer – Optimus Prime. Read more »

Nokia Pulse for the Nokia N9 now available at Beta Labs

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The location-based social networking app, Nokia Pulse, is inviting the Nokia N9 to the party. The app debuted with Windows Phone and Symbian versions along with an in-browser version, but now you can try out the beta version of the native app for Nokia’s sole MeeGo-powered phone.

Nokia Pulse lets you check into places (and maybe post a photo for them to) and discuss those places with your friends. It’s hardly the first app to do that, but Pulse integrates with Nokia Maps. Read more »

EA and Gameloft slash prices on around 120 titles between them this Christmas

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Christmas sales are great in the high street, but even better when they crop up elsewhere, such as in this case with both EA and Gameloft putting a number of their top titles on sale for the holiday season at considerable discount.

Festive fun from EA and Gameloft

With around 20 iOS titles from Gameloft and over 100 EA titles on both iOS and Android in some cases dropping from $10 down to as little as $0.69, it seems like a good time to get your festive game face on. Read more »

All three Angry Birds games are now available for BlackBerry PlayBook, cost a small fortune

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Angry Birds is arguably of the most popular game franchise in the history of mobile gaming. Almost every mobile device and OS on the market today has a few of the Angry Birds titles, and now the BlackBerry PlayBook joins that family as well.

Today Rovio announced that it launches the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio versions compatible with the RIM tablet. Read more »

LG Optimus LTE SU6200 comes to spread its AH-IPS magic around our office, we unbox it on video [VIDEO]

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Yet another high-end phone appeared at our doorstep today. The LG Optimus LTE SU6200 is the pioneer of the company’s brand new AH-IPS display, which aims to challenge the best on the market.

As usual on such occasions we thought you might be interested in seeing a quick hands-on video garnished with our first impressions of the smartphone. Read more »

AMD’s $549 Radeon HD 7970 launched, gets benchmarked

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The highly anticipated AMD 7xxx-series GPU are finally arriving and the first one out of the gate is the Radeon HD 7970. This is the first GPU to utilize the 28nm process technology and according to AMD is the fastest single-GPU graphics card in the market today.

The 7970 is clocked at 925MHz and can be overclocked to 1.1GHz. It has 2,048 stream processors and 3GB of GDDR5 memory with 384-bit memory bus. It is also the first graphics card in the world to use the Direct3D 11.1 technology and AMD’s Graphics Core Next GPU architecture and natively supports PCI Express 3.0. Read more »

Firefox for Android gets updated to version 9, focuses on improving the tablet experience

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Firefox on Android may not have had the same success as its desktop counterpart but Mozilla has not given up hope and so right after Firefox 9 for the desktop computers came out they have released Firefox 9 for Android.

The main focus of this update is improving the UI experience on Android tablets. The browser now shows all the open tabs on the left side of the screen after you drag it out as large thumbnails. To make efficient use of display space, the thumbnail view switches to a simple drop down list for tabs when you switch to portrait mode and the browser goes full-screen. Read more »

Swype incorporates Dragon Dictation feature, still stuck in the beta stage

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When Nuance acquired Swype back in October it was only a matter of time for the company’s award-winning voice to text conversion technology would find its way into the Swype keyboard. So now the keyboard which pioneered the swipe gesture-based typing method that has later been adopted by countless other keyboards now includes Nuance’s Dragon Dictation feature.

This feature is part of the new beta that was just released and also comes with support for 50+ languages. It also has “improved advanced language modelling” and “automatic updates”. Read more »