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You can win a starring role alonside Pamela Anderson in a movie shot entirely on a Nokia N8

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Who didn’t enjoy watching Baywatch as they were growing up – I know I did. But did you ever imagine yourself as a co-star? Well, if you did then read carefully – Nokia will be shooting a short film using the Nokia N8, starring Pamela Anderson and, wait for it, you

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Orange launches HD Voice in UK, opera singer breaks wineglass with it

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HD video recording has been the latest fad on mobile phones, but a new feature with an “HD” tag is coming – Orange is launching HD Voice. It improves on a feature that’s been neglected on mobile phones recently, you know, making phone calls.

HD Voice dramatically improves audio quality in a call and also reduces the background noise and hisses…
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Gmail just got smarter, important emails are now on the top of your inbox

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Emails make life easier. Only if you didn’t have to waste your time sorting out important emails from the rest. Well, the Gmail Priority Inbox will from now on do that for you.

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AMD drops the ATI brand, for now on all Radeon graphic cards shall bear the AMD logo

by 17 comments

AMD is dropping the ATI moniker from its graphic cards range. Its future products will go sell under the AMD logo, but the family names will stay the same – Radeon and FirePro.

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Google Realtime Search gets refreshed – scores a dedicated web address, too

by 554 comments

The Google Realtime Search was introduced back in December 2009 and now it gets its own homepage and some major improvements, which should make it even better. Those include location-based search refinement, email updates and conversations view.

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Voice calls through Gmail are now official, and cheap

by 601 comments

Yesterday I told you that Google is about to integrate a web-based VoIP client in Gmail. Well, the new service was launched later on following my yesterday’s blog post about the rumors of it. So, if you have a Gmail account both voice and video calls are only a web browser plug-in and a few clicks away from you.

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Voice calls coming to your Gmail inbox soon

by 787 comments

Rumor has it, you’ll be soon able to make voice calls directly from your Gmail inbox. Groundbreaking? I don’t know. But the important thing is this makes things much easier. No need to download dedicated apps or whatsoever.

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Angry Birds available for WebOS, may become a movie franchise

by 195 comments

Hollywood has been trying to do video game based movies for a while without much success. But what if they take a game that’s extremely popular on mobile platforms and turn it into a series of shorts?

The creators of Angry Birds, Rovio, are looking to do just that and they have already been approached by several studios. Oh and by the way, Angry Birds has added WebOS to the list of supported platforms… Read more »

World record in fast texting broken, 160 characters typed in 25.94 seconds on a Galaxy S

by 638 comments

Yesterday a 27-year-old British lady broke the world record in fast typing on a mobile phone, typing 160 characters in just under 26 seconds. Using a Swype-enabled Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Melissa Thompson managed to better the previous best achievement by 9.6 seconds.

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PlayStation 3 finally jailbroken, 100 euro frees it from its shackles

by 53 comments

PlayStation 3 finally got hacked and playing games from ISO images is now possible. The tools are on a USB flash drive, which is currently selling for 100 euro. It’s expensive to be a pirate these days.

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Antennagate continued: Apple removes page with videos of other phones suffering from signal drops

by 44 comments

It’s always nice to see that big, successful companies don’t get into a childish “you suck” anti-campaigns… oh, wait. Feeling the pressure of everyone criticizing the iPhone 4 antenna Apple decided to post a few videos demonstrating that other phones have similar issues too.

Apple antenna engineer locked in a dungeon (I’m kidding, this is Apple’s expensive test chamber)

Other companies responded with “don’t try to drag us into your own mess” type of press releases and some clever puns. Well, now it’s over – Apple have pulled the page with the mud slinging videos… Read more »

Microsoft Street Slide brings Bing Maps to a whole new level, video demo inside

by 192 comments

If you think Street View is awesome, you’ve got to check Microsoft’s Street Slide. Virtual sightseeing (and even window shopping) will from now on be a lot more fun. Check out the video demo inside.

Street View is my favorite Google Maps feature but that doesn’t mean that I’ve missed its flaws. Moving along the street (virtually) happens by moving from one 360-degree photographic bubble to another. While you’re in a bubble you can hardly see what’s in the next. And zooming in doesn’t help much either so you need to move to the next bubble – step by step, click by click.

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A tale of winners and losers in the land of social networks: let the numbers speak

by 214 comments

Facebook just recently hit 500 million active users but not all social networks are enjoying its explosive growth. On the contrary, some older, established networks are beginning to fall out of popularity.

It’s also interesting to see how popularity of networks changes across borders – for example you may not have heard of Google’s Orkut, but in Brazil it’s bigger than Facebook. Also, people are beginning to spend more and more time interacting via social networks… Read more »

Statistics geek: mobile web traffic by OS, Android OS distribution

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Statistics of mobile web usage often point to the iPhone as the king of the hill. The fine print however is that those statistics use data from the US only.

So, here are our two cents – web traffic from mobile devices to our site, which should give the other side of the story. It’s probably not 100% representative of the worldwide statistics, but at least it’s more global.

And while we’re in statistics geek mode, we’ll also take a peek at how Android OS versions are distributed… Read more »

Facebook keeps in touch 500 million users all over the world

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There are nearly 7 billion people living around the globe and as it seems 1/14 of them are part of the largest social network out there – Facebook. The 500 millionth Facebook user registered yesterday, only 6 years and a half years after the website’s launch back on 4 February 2004.

The first thought that crossed my mind was that even if there are so many Facebook accounts, only a small part of their owners actually use them. Wrong! Believe it or not, but, reportedly, 50% of all users login daily. And 100 million of the users (that’s one of every five users) visit Facebook through their mobile devices.
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