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YouTube Video Speed Dashboard clocks you Internet connection speed

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Google is employed by speed demons and they’d like to carry that speed-lovin’ spirit to YouTube users by their YouTube Video Speed Dashboard. The Dashboard is a nifty statistics web app that shows you your average download speed from YouTube overtime, compared to the average for your ISP, your city and country.

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Increased solar activity can lead to errors in personal GPS navigation

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The Sun’s activity is getting higher (as we approach 2012, wink!) and there’s more than just nasty sunburn you need to worry about – the GPS system that so many have come to rely on may be in trouble. We can expect worse accuracy and even complete positioning “blackouts”.

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Opera report reveals some interesting trends in mobile web usage

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Did you know that Twitter and Facebook are respectively the fastest-growing and the largest social networks in the world? Oh, you did… Well, nonetheless, there are some other pretty interesting facts to be learned from the mobile web report that Opera just published.

According to the report in December 2009, more than 46.3 million people used Opera Mini, marking an 11% increase compared to November 2009 and 159% increase compared to December 2008.
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Avatar dethroned Titanic. It’s the new boxoffice champion!

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James Cameron managed to break his own record for best-selling movie of all time. The previous leader in this chart – Titanic, was beaten just six weeks after the official Avatar premiere.

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South Korea reveals the Ecorium project – one of the most amazing natural reserves you will ever see

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South Korea has just announced its Ecorium project – a huge natural reserve, similar to the Eden project in the UK. The country most popular with its electronics manufacturing is going to invest 80 million euro in a series of interlinking domes, stretching over 30 090 square feet.

The Ecorium project

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A Mass Effect movie would generate a tremendous amount of interest, BioWare still play it cool

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In an interview for MTV, the project director of Mass Effect 2 shared some very interesting info. While Mass Effect 2 will be released tomorrow (USA) and Friday (Europe), the interest in a motion picture based on the game universe grows rapidly.

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High-tech hotels warm up rooms with a waterfall, use iPhones as keys

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If you are already running out of ideas where to spend your holidays than you might want to check this out. The guys from the popular Men’s website have come up with a list of the top ten high-tech hotels in the world. I don’t know about you, but they all made it on my “Things to see before I die” list.

Helix Hotel

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Kaspersky Lab false positive: Google ads spread no virus

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If you happen to use antivirus software created by Kaspersky Lab, you have probably seen the virus warring quite a lot of times today. It turns out that a flaw in several of the company’s software products caused the unnecessary panic by recognizing all Google ads websites as infected. ZoneAlarm as well as F-Secure antivirus software products have also been affected by this problem.

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PlayStation 3 finally hacked thanks to GeoHot

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It has been more than two years since the initial launch of PlayStation 3, but until now no one has ever succeeded to get full control of the device. Well, its reign over the pirate world is over.

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BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition ends with a scandal: Winner disqualified

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This round of the annual Wildlife photographer of the Year competition, organized by BBC and the Natural History Museum ended with a scandal as the winner was stripped of his award. The judges ruled that Jose Luis Rodriguez used a trained animal to take his winning shot, without declaring it, which is against the contest rules.

The storybook wolf

A brief look at the rulebook of the contest informs us that “Images of captive animals must be declared. The judges will take preference to images taken in free and wild conditions.” What’s more interesting is how did the judges find out that the wolf in the shot was tame.
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Silicon Power releases the world’s first 128 GB 400x CF card

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After we saw the mcroSDHC standard reaching its theoretical maximum last week it now came turn for the CF to fulfill its potential. Silicon Power released a 128GB 400x card that promises the amazing 90 MB/s read and write speeds, which is basically as fast as they get.

So if you hate how fast the new DSLR video mode consumes free space, this is certainly a happy day. And with a write speed like that you won’t have to worry about your buffer filling up either.

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Fermilab built a 570 megapixel camera to shoot the universe. Say cheese, dark energy!

by 24 comments

Fermilab built one of the biggest digital cameras in the world in order to understand the mysteries of the universe in their quest for dark energy. It has 74CCD sensors, it’s as big as a Mini Cooper (you call that big?) and costs $35 million.

But what are they going to do with it?

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Kindle and Kindle DX headed to over 100 countries with global 3G data plan included

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Who says no one reads anymore – certainly not Amazon. With their just announced Kindle DX shipping to over 100 countries with global 3G Internet coverage, future populations just might not forget how to read texts over 140 characters long.

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A US government site makes us quit talking and texting while driving

by 21 comments

Have you ever thought how dangerous it might be to talk on the phone or to text while driving? The discussions on that matter began years ago but now the US government decided to make the next step towards solving that problem by launching the web site

And it is a serious problem indeed. As the statistics in there show, 80 percent of all crashes are connected to some kind of distraction. And if you dig deeper you’ll find some even more shocking details.
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Bubble wrap calendar counts the days of 2010, reduces stress, me likes it

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If you are looking for a stress-relieving calendar and you are already tired of all those pseudo motivational photos, you might want to check this out. The 2010 Bubble calendar gives you a poster-sized piece of bubble wrap, where you need to pop one balloon each day to track the date.

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