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Over 9,300 apps and games were entered into the Android Market last month

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Apple has done plenty of chest-beating about their App Store but the Android Market is catching up fast.

The number of apps and games being uploaded to the Android Market per month keeps growing, but still more than half of those are free… Read more »

Design by Community week 4: is mind-control the pinch zoom of the future?

by 1,358 comments

Another week, another Design by Community challenge – imagine the OS that will bring the crowd-designed phone. The Operating system part of Design by Community was voted most exciting by the users.

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Mobile data usage in 2015 will grow 40 times, over half of that will be mobile video

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The year is 2015 – only five years from now. The Mayans were wrong and the world didn’t end in 2012. The data traffic from mobile phones in the US alone has plummeted to 327 petabytes a month, up from the measly 8 PB/mo way back in 2010.

That’s the future folks, according to predictions anyway… Read more »

Design by Community week 3: Materials and paint jobs. Hot rod flames FTW!

by 11 comments

Exotic metals and custom paint jobs. What am I talking about? Well, the Design by Community week 3 of course. This week we’re talking materials, now that we’ve picked the display, the size and the form factor in the past weeks…

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Xbox 360 firmware update adds USB Flash support, coming on 6 April

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Microsoft announced they will release new firmware update for their Xbox 360 console, which will add USB flash drives support. You will be able to download it on 6 April.

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Quick mobile graphics performance comparison

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Desktop graphics isn’t as competitive as it used to be. Most users can buy a $70 card and it will be good enough for everything they do. With mobile phones however, the graphics performance field is heating up, especially with the iPhone eating into Nintendo DS and Sony PSP sales.

Android and Me has put together a quick comparison of the graphics chips of some of the top dogs in the Android world, the iPhone 3GS and I’ll throw in a few other phones as well as well…

Here it goes. Read more »

Design by Community enters second week, ponders size and shape

by 365 comments

It’s Week Two of the Nokia Design by Community project – this week they focus on size and shape. That means the standard height, width and depth but also the form factor and the lens cover (which can add quite a bit to the thickness of the phone).

Over 43,000 people voted last week, but you’ll never guess which screen size turned out to be the most popular. It was… mhmm… Read more »

Abu Dhabi will be the home of the world’s fastest roller coaster

by 26 comments

When I heard that the world’s fastest roller coaster is building I was sure it is in Abu Dhabi. It will be the next huge addition to the UAE sightseeing map after the world’s tallest building. Be sure to take a helmet, because you will be sitting in a real beast of a car!

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CNET put together a list of the highest SAR values for phones sold in the US

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Radiation from gadgets has long been a serious concern. There have been plenty of reports of people getting sick or having allergic reactions to gadgets of all kinds, and even though some have been debunked, the whole thing shouldn’t be dismissed completely.

CNET have put together a Top 20 list of phones sold in the US that emit the most radiation…

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Canon want to get .canon top-level domain

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The Japanese electronics manufacturer giant Canon will try to secure their own top-level domain – namely “.canon”. If they succeed they will become the first company with their own generic domain.

Don’t hold your breath just yet, though. Even if Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) grants the permission today, which is what Canon expect to happen the new domain won’t be up and running before late 2011.

Since ICANN liberalized the top-level domain obtaining procedure in 2008 it was only a matter of time until the large companies enter the game (it still costs several hundred thousand bucks to get one). Let’s now see who else will follow suite.


Nokia Conversation’s Design By Community project lets you design a smartphone, they won’t build it though

by 302 comments

Nokia Conversations has launched an interesting project – Design by Community. The idea is that over the course of several weeks users can have a go at designing their dream phone.

The first week’s challenge is to pick the display and user interface basics…

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Dotcom websites turn 25, rule the traffic charts

by 553 comments

On this day, exactly 25 years ago Symbolics computers of Cambridge, Massachusetts, registered the first web address, ending in dotcom. Five more companies dared to go in the dotcom area that same year and nothing suggested the avalanche that was to follow.

Twelve years later the millionth dotcom domain got registered and now there are 668 000 dotcom sites registered every month. In the meantime the world saw the rise of dotcom websites that defined the internet as we know it today. (15 September 1997), (18 January 1995), (29 March 1997) and Twitter (21 January 2000) are probably visited by most of you on a daily basis and one can hardly imagine what the internet would be like without them. Read more »

Palm Pre overclocked to 800MHz, CPU benchmark needed

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Ah, it’s good to see the overclocker spirit is not dead yet. Though the Palm Pre is an unlikely target. Still, ramping it up to 800MHz sounds like a hefty boost…

Here’s the deal – there are two distinct patches that can be used to overclock the Palm Pre. The first is OS independent, while the second is specific to the version of WebOS (a version for v1.4 is coming too).

The first patch has two options – set the CPU clock at 550MHz or at 600MHz and there’s a third patch that undoes the changes. Apparently, the CPU in the Palm Pre is rated at 600MHz but is downclocked at 500MHz.
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MWC 2010 overview: what happened and what should have happened

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This year’s Mobile World Congress was a let down for me both as a journalist and as a user. We saw only a handful of newsworthy handsets and almost none of those was a trend-setter. If that’s all planned for the first half of 2010, well then, I would be more than sad for the direction this all is going. Sorry, guys, but someone has to say it. This MWC sucked!

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Sun-spotting on your iPhone, solar physics for beginners

by 1,109 comments

You know, apps for the iPhone no longer vary from useful to nuisance. Not when NASA gets involved. A new iPhone application gives you a live view of the sun as well as alerts, images and even videos of interesting events (how about the death of a comet?).

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