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Rafael Nadal’s latest lightweight watch costs 525 000 US dollars, will probably improve your forehand

by 22 comments

Yesterday Rafael Nadal won the Roland Garos final in a comfortable fashion, beating Soderling in straight sets. But if you were able to deviate your attention from the magnificent tennis skills the Spaniard demonstrated you might have noticed the 525 thousand US dollar worth of a wrist watch on his wrist.

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Nikon camera lens thermos is pure awesome

by 303 comments

Canon started this at the Olympics and had the first round but now Nikon are ready to retaliate. The thermos shaped like a 24-70mm f/2.8 Nikkor AF-S camera lens is already up for pre-order on eBay so you might start saving.

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HP didn’t buy Palm to be in the smartphone business? Updated

by 208 comments

HP CEO Mark Hurd shared in a recent interview that HP didn’t buy Palm because of their smartphone business, but for the webOS. Does that mean it’s the end of Palm cellphones as we know them?

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Free Ovi Maps taxis hit UK streets today, Nokia X6 takes you for a ride

by 9 comments

Nokia is really pushing hard when it comes to promoting Ovi Maps. Their latest PR stunt is unleashing a fleet of black Ovi Maps branded taxis in some UK cities – they’ll give you a free ride and let you play with a Nokia X6 while you’re traveling…

If you live in London, Manchester, Birmingham or Glasgow be on a lookout for a special kind of black taxis. The Ovi Maps branding should make them easier to spot and this promotion should last a week.
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Stockholm goes 3D in Google Earth with photo textures, still can’t substitute the real thing

by 4 comments

You can add Stockholm to the list of cities available in 3D form inside Google Earth with photo-textured buildings, a list which so far includes New York and Madrid.

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Holiday Inn hotel will test if smartphones make good hotel room keys

by 13 comments

Keys are notorious for being lost easily, but who needs keys anyway? A couple of Holiday Inn hotels are getting ready to begin a tryout, which will test how good are smartphones at being keys to your hotel room…

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China to put heavy restrictions on Internet maps, Google Maps is probably out of there

by 353 comments

China has been censoring a lot of Internet related stuff lately – the latest victim is online maps. Citing security concerns, the Chinese government is going to impose some very restricting rules about maps on the Internet and location-based services in China…

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London to get city-wide Wi-Fi network in time for the Olympics in 2012

by 12 comments

The Olympic games coming to your city is a good motivation to upgrade the place – London’s mayor Boris Johnson agrees. He promises that before the 2012 Olympics begin, London will be one huge Wi-Fi hotspot…

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MacBook gets more powerful hardware, longer battery life, MacBook sales up, iPod – down

by 18 comments

Analyses show that MacBook sales are unaffected by the iPad – good news for the just released Apple MacBook refresh, which brings Core 2 Duo and GeForce goodness with a longer 10 hour battery life.

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Sony refuses to give up on proprietary cards, announces faster Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX cards

by 10 comments

Despite the rest of the world being on the other side of the bridge, Sony are still sticking to their proprietary memory cards, instead of switching to SD. The Japanese company has just announced their new and improved Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX memory cards that support reading speeds of up to 30 MB/s and writing at up to 15 MB/s.

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Adobe launches an ad campaign against Apple

by 308 comments

Propaganda is a powerful weapon in war, they say, and both parties in the Adobe vs. Apple conflict don’t hesitate to use it. Today it’s Adobe’s turn to strike as they launched a full-fledged ad campaign against their Flash’s new arch enemy.

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Dominator I is an inconspicuous gadget that eavesdrops on GSM calls

by 434 comments

Shhh… Big Brother can hear you. No seriously, they just declassified the Dominator I (friendly sounding name, isn’t it?), which obviously can tune in on all GSM phone calls in its range – plus it can read your SMS messages too.

Dominator I

The Magnet Dominator I GSM eavesdropping system was developed for the military (no word which one exactly) exploiting the recently cracked A5/1 encryption of the GSM communications. The whole setup consists of a laptop, two relatively small boxes and a couple of directional antennas that you point to the zone (people) you want to eavesdrop on. The whole thing can fit in a suitcase, weighs 5.6 kilograms and can be powered by a car battery just as well. And it can intercept and record four independent GSM calls in real-time. Read more »

Data shows Microsoft spends the most on ads, Google barely bothers

by 239 comments

We’ve all seen Apple‘s “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads, Microsoft’s laptop hunter ads, but have you ever asked yourself, how much cash those big tech companies are spending on those sometimes informative, sometimes silly, sometimes downright annoying ads?

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Foldable, electric Bik.e by VW does away with pedals (and your car’s spare tire, too)

by 11 comments

What can you fit in the spare tire compartment besides a spare tire? How about the VW Bik.e (they pronounce it “e bike”), an electric bike that can be folded to fit snuggly in the spare tire compartment and get charged in the same time.

VW is planning to get the Bik.e on the road in the future, as part of their plan to become the greenest car company… Read more »

The iPad – Will it blend?

by 1,791 comments

The question we’ve all been asking ourselves for a while now received its answer. Check it out on video after the jump.

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