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Gmail just got smarter, important emails are now on the top of your inbox

Emails make life easier. Only if you didn’t have to waste your time sorting out important emails from the rest. Well, the Gmail Priority Inbox will from now on do that for you.

The latest Gmail feature, the Priority Inbox, has just been introduced by Google. It is said to be able to find the important emails among the ones that you could read when you aren’t that busy and to put them on top of the list so that you can see them the moment you open your inbox.

To identify the messages of higher priority, Gmail remembers the contacts you write more often to as well as the type of messages you read or the ones you reply to, so, next time you receive such messages they appear on top of the inbox.

And if, for some reason, Gmail mistakenly marks an important message as unimportant (or vice versa), you can easily fix that by setting the message priority on your own. Check out the video below for more details on the Gmail Priority Inbox:

The new feature should be released this week and once the “New! Priority Inbox” link shows up in the top right corner of your Gmail account (or the Priority Inbox tab appears in Gmail Settings) you can take advantage of it.



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