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A tale of winners and losers in the land of social networks: let the numbers speak

Facebook just recently hit 500 million active users but not all social networks are enjoying its explosive growth. On the contrary, some older, established networks are beginning to fall out of popularity.

It’s also interesting to see how popularity of networks changes across borders – for example you may not have heard of Google’s Orkut, but in Brazil it’s bigger than Facebook. Also, people are beginning to spend more and more time interacting via social networks…

The chart above clearly shows the winners and the losers in the social networking game. Facebook is spreading like wildfire, Twitter has seen a healthy growth over the last year too.

One of Google’s earlier attempts at social networking – Orkut – is growing too. In Brazil it’s more popular than Facebook and Twitter combined though not much elsewhere. Facebook dominates the other territories, usually by a lot.

Facebook is the most popular social network in most countries • Time spent on Facebook increases

MySpace and Flickr are on the losing side of the equation. Blogging platform Bebo is heading down to zero and I haven’t even heard of Friends Reunited, which doesn’t speak well of its (falling) popularity.

Also interesting to look at are the statistics on how much time a month users spend on average on Facebook. The Australians seem particularly addicted, spending up to three hours longer than they used in June 2009.



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