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LG goes all in with 3D: announces a notebook, a monitor and a projector

by 190 comments

Today LG announced a trio of new 3D-enabled products and declared their commitment to the 3D technology. The company went official with a 15-inch 3D notebook, a 3D monitor and a 3D projector.

The LG R590 3D notebook is certainly the most interesting of the new announcements. It packs a 15.6-inch display, Intel Core i7 Processor with HM55 chipset and NVIDIA GeForce GT335M graphics card with 1GB of dedicated DDR3. Read more »

Nokia strikes back at Eldar Murtazin, editior-in-chief of

by 35 comments

You may have been thinking that the war between Nokia and Eldar Murtazin of is over. It’s actually just beginning! Nokia has contacted the Russian authorities (read: the police) to help them retrieve the “stolen” intellectual property. How about that?

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Custom firmware puts Android 2.2 Froyo on the HTC Desire, adds 720p video recording too

by 13 comments

You might think it’s unfair that HTC Desire still hasn’t been treated to an Android 2.2 Froyo update, while in the same type the Google Nexus One is basking in its Flash-enabled glory.

As usual, XDA-Developers might have a solution – a custom firmware for the Desire that not only brings Froyo with HTC’s Sense UI on top, but also offers one very sweet extra – 720p video recording… Read more »

Nokia Conversations asks what you do with the photos taken with your phone

by 1,125 comments

Last week Nokia Conversations asked its users what accessories they would like to have for their Nokia N8. Now the final results are out – phone jewelry lost, but what came out on top? Not what I voted for.

Anyway, now that that’s done, a new poll asks what people do with the photos from their phones… Read more »

Statistics says most Android apps are free, Microsoft needs to lure in more developers for WinMo

by 20 comments

Digging through statistics for the various app stores reveals interesting things about each platform – for example, Android is still the king of free apps, the most popular entries in the Apple App Store are almost exclusively games, and Windows Mobile still lives with it’s Mom, half of apps in the Windows Marketplace are written by Microsoft…

Distribution of prices in the various app stores

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Nokia N8 poll: picking accessories for a 12MP cameraphone

by 674 comments

Nokia Conversations asks: what accessory would you buy for the Nokia N8? Some of the options are, uh, odd – phone jewelry, a tripod. Were they unable to come up with better suggestions? Or perhaps that’s their subtle way of saying that the Nokia N8 has it all…

Here’s what you can vote for: Read more »

HTC HD2 triple-boots WinMo 6.5 with Sense, Android 2.1 and Ubuntu

by 19 comments

We probably won’t seen a GSM version of the HTC EVO 4G. Not officially anyway – the ever resourceful people from XDA Developers are busy porting Android and Ubuntu (yes, Ubuntu) on the HTC HD2, which WiMAX connectivity aside is identical to the EVO 4G…

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FCC documents reveal AT&T bound Sony Ericsson Vivaz, no word on launch date or price

by 4 comments

Symbian phones are not very big in the US, but maybe the Sony Ericsson Vivaz can win a few customers over – the 8MP cameraphone with 720p video capture powers is headed to AT&T…

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iPhone 4 in low supply everywhere, in Europe there’s not even enough to fulfill pre-orders

by 50 comments

We already wrote about the lucky guys who got their iPhone 4 a couple of days early, but they pre-ordered. If you didn’t but want one, well then we have some bad news – in its launch week the iPhone 4 will be rarer that unicorns in stores.

A tip dropped in our inbox says Carphone Warehouse, for instance, is rather under-stocked for launch day – they’ve got barely enough to fulfill half the reservations. As for those who didn’t even reserve one, well, we won’t lie to you – your chances don’t look good. Reports around the Internet suggest the situation is similar in other European locations and even US stores aren’t looking too good… Read more »

Around 3 million iPads in 80 days – Apple manages the third million in just three weeks

by 615 comments

One, two, three… million iPads sold already. iPad sales reached the two million mark in the end of May and now, barely over 20 days later, another million iPads have found their way to their happy owners. By the looks of it, sales are picking up the pace…

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Google did collect passwords with their Street View cars after all

by 479 comments

A while ago Google’s Street View cars were caught red-handed, collecting data from unprotected Wi-Fi networks. The company then declared that it had no actual intention of gathering the data and hasn’t used it in anyway whatsoever so I thought things might just end there. However, as the investigation continues things start to look less and less harmless and there might be a storm brewing over Mountain View.

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YouTube adds an online video editor to its host of services

by 495 comments

Latest YouTube update includes video editor allowing you to create/edit movies from your uploaded content. It’s easy to work out, doesn’t require any software installation and your new videos will directly appear on YouTube once they’re done.

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AT&T messes up big time, exposes the email adresses of 114 000 iPad 3G owners, big shots in the list

by 847 comments

A security breach in the AT&T system allowed a group of hackers to obtain the email addresses of 114 067 iPad owners, along with their ICC-IDs (the unique number that identifies the SIM cards when they connect to a network).

And, as if the huge number wasn’t bad enough on its own, there’s a quite a lot of VIP customers in the list. Top executives at the New York Times, Dow Jones, Condé Nast, Viacom, Time Warner, News Corporation, HBO and Hearst, along with government members and NASA employees are among the victims. Read more »

Apple shares down after the iPhone 4 announcement

by 46 comments

The iPhone 4 impressed a lot of people but clearly the Apple investors aren’t among them. The company’s shares dropped by almost 2 percent since the start of the presentation at the WWDC10. Obviously they wanted something more and Steve and his team failed to deliver.

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How does the iPhone 4 pixel density stand in comparison?

by 52 comments

Apple was very keen to brag about the iPhone 4 high-res screen and for a very good reason. From having one of the lowest pixel densities on the market in the previous generations, the iPhone is now in the lead. The question remains how much of a lead does it have over its rivals and I decided to do a brief comparison to give you an idea about that.

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