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Google Realtime Search gets refreshed – scores a dedicated web address, too

The Google Realtime Search was introduced back in December 2009 and now it gets its own homepage and some major improvements, which should make it even better. Those include location-based search refinement, email updates and conversations view.

Google Realtime Search helps you get real-time content while searching for something over at Google. However, it isn’t something that you’d need every time you go to Google so the company decided to move it to its own web address –

From now on, you’ll be able to take advantage of what Google Realtime Search can give you only when you need it and thanks to the added tools, you can refine searches further so that the results in front of you will be what you were actually looking for.

The improved Google Realtime Search offers location-based search refinement. So, from now on you’ll see only results concerning the area you’ve specified. As for the conversations view, it stitches together separate tweets into full conversations. As a result, you’ll be able to easily follow the whole conversation and see how it developed.

The last news brought to you by the new Google Realtime Search is the Google Alerts. Google Alerts will inform you once your search query gets mentioned in some of the many blogging, news and social services that Google Realtime follows. The updates can be fed to you via a custom RSS feed or via email updates.

To learn more about the revamped Google Realtime Search, check out the video below:

The Google Realtime Search is either accessed on its own web page or by clicking the “Updates” link in the left panel of the search results.



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