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Here is how Qualcomm keeps its engineers at their best [Video]

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I don’t know about you, but designing processors and graphics chips isn’t the easiest job in the world. That’s why Qualcomm has developed a new, and rather innovative way of making sure their chipset engineers are always giving a top-notch performance.

Welcome to a real Dragons Retreat. A place where the humbleness of the nature, the brilliance of the human mind and… komodo dragons can connect and be in real harmony. Check this awesome video of how Qualcomm employed dragons help people design Snapdragons. Read more »

Google will completely cover Kansas City with fiber optic cables, provide 1Gbps internet

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Last year Google announced a new project: covering an entire city with fiber optic connections and providing its citizen with internet connection 100 times faster than before. Naturally there was no shortage of applicants – 1100 cities all over the US wanted to have a taste of the 1Gbps internet speeds.

Google took their time reviewing the applications and announced today that the lucky winner is Kansas City, Kansas. A development agreement with the city has already been signed and work on the actual project has already started. Read more »

Sprint to appeal against the T-Mobile takeover, says it will stifle innovation

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US carrier Sprint may file a lawsuit against the T-Mobile takeover by AT&T. This was said today by Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse at the CTIA in Orlando, Florida.

Hesse’s concerns are this acquisition will hurt the wireless industry. He went to say that if this deal went through, AT&T and Verizon will hold 79% of the US market share, leaving Sprint at the lowly third spot and almost bereft of leverage. Read more »

New XPERIA Play ads get creepier and creepier, even iPhone isn’t safe anymore

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Sony Ericsson is hard at work with the XPERIA Play media campaign. You can really tell it’s very important for Sony Ericsson to sell the life out of this device.

The latest slew of ads feature this lunatic woman (in real life american actress Kristen Schaal, who’s actually not insane or possessed ), which absolutely looses it in front of the camera, delivering satanic messages and plain old craziness. Read more »

So here’s how the HTC Incredible S rotating touch keys actually work!

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The HTC Incredible S is the first smartphone with rotating button inscriptions. Sure, it’s not a big deal, but our geeky minds just wouldn’t let us sleep until we found how they did it.

Rotating keys on the HTC Incredible SRotating keys on the HTC Incredible S

Well luckily our insomnia was short-lived as we managed to get to the bottom of this quite easily. Read more »

Angry Birds go 3D and highly amusing at the SXSW, check it out on video

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Hold your horses – it’s not a 3D version of the insanely popular game just yet. What we have here is a 3D promo video that Rovio developed in collaboration with Nokia. However it is nicely done and pretty funny so you won’t regret sparing some time to check it out.

The spectacle happened at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas and it shows what happens when those pesky green pigs steal an N8 from the birds’ nest. You guessed that right – the birds get angrier then ever.

Now sit back and enjoy the video. Read more »

Apple Smart Cover busted, seems like a copy of someone else’s idea

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The Apple iPad 2 rocked the tech world a couple of days ago, when it became official. Along with the new iPad 2, Apple presented the Smart Cover – a seemingly must-have accessory to protect your iPad 2. However, a sleek idea like that was bound to go under the scrutiny of the press and the blogger’s community. And as it turned out, Apple’s Smart Cover may be borrowed or totally copied from elsewhere.

Not only that but the possible source of the Smart Cover is not one, there are two. The first is an accessory designer – Incase, who have a very similar product for the exact same purpose – protecting your device. It’s almost uncanny a resemblance. It’s practically the same.

Read more »

Sneak peak at Saab’s Android-powered IQ-on Infotainment System [Video]

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Back at CES 2011 there were a couple of smart infotainment car systems on display running Android, but none of them looked that cool, in my opinion. I present you the IQon – Saab’s future in-car entertainment unit running the Android OS.

The power of Android is going to be at your disposal through an 8-inch touchscreen. You can play music, movies, access the Internet, download applications, change the look of the homescreens. Basically, pretty much anything Android is capable of, but Read more »

Apple to unveil the iPad 2 on Wednesday, March 2 at a special event in San Francisco

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Apple will hold a special event on Wednesday, March 2 where it will lift the curtains on the successor of its trendsetting tablet – the iPad 2. As usual, Apple is holding its cards close to the chest and nothing is known for sure just yet.

We can’t be too sure whether we can judge anything from the invitation image they’ve sent out above, as it looks pretty much as the original iPad. However, Apple has been known for making subtle design changes, not radical ones. Read more »

The full Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK is now officially out

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The full SDK for Android 3.0 is available to developers and now they can start making apps for the tablet-oriented OS. The new APIs are ready and integrated and the SDK Tools are now at version r13.

This is great news for future owners of the slew of Honeycomb tablets released this year at the MWC, running Honeycomb. It means that pretty soon the new Android version will be getting specific apps in the Android Market.


The MHL port explained, makes the Galaxy S II that much cooler

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With all the fuss about the impressive 1080p video recording and the gorgeous new SuperAMOLED Plus display we might have missed a pretty cool new feature of the Samsung Galaxy S II – its MHL port. Long story short it’s a port that integrates HD TV output into a compact microUSB-shaped connector.

The MHL standard specifies a 5pin port that can output HD video up to 1080p/60 and 192 kHz 7.1 channel audio to HDTVs. And that’s only one of its fancy features. Now for the details. Read more »

Watch the Samsung MWC 2011 press conference in a 2-minute time-lapse flick [VIDEO]

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The HTC press conference might be one of the key events of this year’s MWC but Samsung’s was one of the milestones. The manufacturer did quite a show for their Unpacked event and announced the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

We already showed you the HTC event from the MWC into a short two minutes time-lapse video. Now we are going to do the same with the Samsung’s presentation. Read more »

See what the HTC MWC 2011 press conference was like in only 2 minutes [VIDEO]

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The HTC press conference was one of the key events at this year’s MWC. The Taiwanese company announced five new smartphones and its official entry in the Tablet market with the HTC Flyer.

We recently got back from Barcelona where the MWC 2011 was held and we finally managed to crunch down all the photos we took in a nice time-lapse video, whcih will show you the press conference in only two minutes.

Read more »

Firefox 5 gets on stage, while Firefox 4 is yet in beta

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It might sound a bit strange, but the User Experience team at Mozilla Corporation has already started working on how the Firefox 5 user interface will look like and we have some screenshots for you. Yes, even though the first Firefox 4 Release Candidate is expected to come out in late February or even early March, the UX engineers have already started throwing in ideas on how the user experience could be improved for the future version of my all-time favorite browser.

The designers have already revamped the way the search field looks like, for example. And they haven’t stopped there. Read more »

See how Corning, the creators of the Gorilla Glass, envision the future [VIDEO]

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The company behind Gorilla Glass has posted a rather interesting video showing how our everyday lives could be improved if everything we interact with is covered with Gorilla Glass enhanced displays.

As you probably all know, Gorilla Glass is the type of tough glass that protects smartphones and tablets from scratches and damaging. So imagine that everything in your home has an embedded display protected by Gorilla Glass and watch this impressive demo: Read more »