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AMD drops the ATI brand, for now on all Radeon graphic cards shall bear the AMD logo

AMD is dropping the ATI moniker from its graphic cards range. Its future products will go sell under the AMD logo, but the family names will stay the same – Radeon and FirePro.

The ATI brand surely has a long history and traditions, but it’s time we all let it go. It was clear where this would lead to, the moment AMD acquired ATI. Today thefamous three letters become part of the history replaced by the three-letter abbreviation of their owner AMD.

I am sure many of us, who followed ATI through the years, are already nostalgic but it’s the right decision. It ends the long-drawn confusion about the proper abbrevation to put in front a Radeon graphic card.

AMD graphics lineup will continue to fight NVIDIA with the same spirit as before. The first AMD-only labeled cards are expected to launch later this year.



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