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Next-gen Microsoft Surface gets revealed at CES 2011, makes your jaw drop

by 11 comments

You remember Microsoft Surface when it was first showed to the public almost three years ago, right? Well, at this year’s CES Microsoft revealed their latest generation of the magic touch table.

Micosoft Surface 2.0

This time they have cooperated with Samsung to create a truly impressive user experience, and although Microsoft claim it’s cheaper than the original and if you badly want one it’s going to set you back $7,600. Read more »

Samsung Touch Control TV reinvents the remote control, copies iPhone 4 design

by 12 comments

Samsung’s new generation of HDTVs is pretty sleek, we admit. But the remote control that they come bundled with is quite amazing on its own. Why? Just take a look at it. Does it remind you of something? Yeah, we thought so too.

Samsung Touch Control TV

The RMC30D Touch Control TV, as Samsung has kindly named it, shines with a 3” touch display and ton of features that aren’t very remote-control-ish. Read more »

Free Gmail voice calls to US and Canada extended

by 119 comments

The web-based VoIP client in Gmail was launched several months ago with free calls to the US and Canada until the end of 2010. Well, it’s either the Christmas mood or something else, I don’t know, but Google decided to extend those free calls through the whole 2011.

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Watch this video mash-up of YouTube most popular 2010 videos

by 638 comments

YouTube is looking back at the most popular videos of this year. Parodies won out at the end but at the 10th spot is one of Ken Block’s ludicrous driving videos, which got our tech-geek hearts’ beating. Looking solely at the tech section, the Apple iPad was among the fastest rising search terms this year…

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iPad and Android were the hottest tech topics in Twitter for 2010

by 950 comments

Twitter is where rumors are born and distributed lightning fast. The social network just published their 2010 top tweet subjects and the top tech topics of the year turned out to be the Apple iPad and Google’s Android OS.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab in the UK comes with an Entertainment Package worth £200

by 6 comments

Samsung has been trying to bolster Samsung Galaxy Tab sales by offering free goodies instead of lowering the price. The latest offer is for the UK and comes to the tune of £200 worth in the form of an “entertainment package”. It’s not as good as it sounds though…

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Facebook updates profile page, sums up your entire life in three lines

by 15 comments

Facebook has been doing some redecoration to the profile page template and they’ve made it a better representation of you. The new Profile page starts with a concise summary (where you work, live, what languages you speak, etc.) and follows that up with a perfect incarnation of the “a picture is worth a thousand words” mantra…

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Lufthansa is launching W-Fi and GSM access on its intercontinental flights

by 190 comments

It seems those offline breaks you had to take during long flights are coming to an end, as Lufthansa is launching a Wi-Fi service on its intercontinental flights. The servie, aptly called FlyNet, will be available for free until the end of January 2011 and will expand on all the company’s intercontinental flights throughout 2011.

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Best Buy offers Droid Incredible, XPERIA X10 for free this holiday season

by 350 comments

Best Buy is celebrating the holidays and have decided to play smartphone Santa – they are offering smartphones for free. The catch, of course, is that you have to get them on a 2 year contract, but the daily deal includes phones from all major carriers.

Currently, they’re offering mostly Androids but there’s a BlackBerry too… Read more »

Czech T-Mobile signs Chuck Norris, competitors to be roundhouse-kicked out of business

by 9 comments

Sorry to break it to our Czech fellas but their right to choose any carrier has been revoked effective immediately.

The Czech branch of T-Mobile has just established Chucktatorship and joining them seems the right thing to do as beating them is no longer an option.

Seriously though, we stumbled upon several T-Mobile ad videos, featuring no other than Chuck Norris. They are all in Czech but we think you will get the idea. Either that or the Texas Ranger will have to come and beat the sense out of you. Check them out! Read more »

The latest Doritos ad treats you to a new Rhianna single and some wild 360-degrees videos

by 6 comments

You won’t hear me praising ads too often (though I do favor ad-supported apps as opposed to paid ones) but credit has to be given where it’s due. In this particular case the well deserved pat on the back goes for Doritos and their Late Night promotion.

If you go to you will treated to a bunch of interactive 360-degrees music videos. Interactive in this case means you can literally use your mouse to look around while the video is running and the lead singer is singing, walking or whatever. Read more »

Apple announces a 11.6-inch MacBook Air, new Mac OS 10.7 Lion plus AppStore and FaceTime for Macs

by 18 comments

It’s been quite busy in the Apple camp – the focus is again shifting towards computers. And as usual, usually gets interesting when Steve Jobs gets on stage. Anyway, I’m not going to recap last night’s “Back to the Mac” event. Instead, I’ll offer you a quick recap of the highlights as I see them.

Perhaps the most important announcement is the new generation of MacBook Air. Available in two flavors – with a 11.6 and a 13.6-inch screens – the new MBAs are thinner and lighter than ever. That’s been made possible by doing away with the hard drive altogether.

New MacBook Air

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Parrot AR.Drone goes on sale, can be yours for 300 bucks (in various currencies)

by 4 comments

Remember the smartphone-controlled quadricopter that stroke us with its awesomeness back in February? It missed its target launch date by a week but it’s already hitting the shelves and is waiting for you to go and get it.

The lucky fellas who live in the USA can snatch a shiny new Parrot AR.Drone for a penny under 300 dollars from Brookstone, Amazon or the company’s own online store. Read more »

Nokia N8 is behind the shooting of this wonderful stop-motion short movie

by 27 comments

CellScope is a mobile phone holder/attachment that turns an autofocus cameraphone into a high-resolution digital microscope. The following stop-motion video was shot with Nokia N8 and CellScope. You can see the shooting rig in the final seconds of the clip.

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The IFA 2010 booth babes

by 32 comments

The IFA 2010 fair is drawing to a close, but the memories live on. And the great new gadgets introduced weren’t the only thing that was worth checking out this year. Just take a look at some of the cute booth babes that were at the fair lighting up the place.

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