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Xbox 360 Slim Arcade with 4GB storage on the way?

Today slipped some details on the yet unannounced Xbox 360 4GB Arcade System Bundle. As the name suggests the new Arcade will be packed with a game (a Kinect one may be?) and most probably will be from the new Slim generation.

Earlier today had a price and possible release date for the new Arcade System. It was supposed to cost 149 euro and become available on 20 August. Unfortunately shortly after the discovery of this product the price and date were removed.

Anyway the mentioned price is almost the same as the one rumored for the Arcade refresh. It’s not clear yet if those 4GB will be internal memory or will come as a USB flash drive.

I suppose we’ll have to wait until August for the official unveiling.

In related news today I also heard that the upcoming Xbox 360 firmware will be able to send to Microsoft your DVD-ROM information. This means if you are from pirateland, you will be detected and your console will be banned (from Live) immediately.



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