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Samsung to unveil a successor of the Galaxy S at MWC 2011?

The MWC 2011 in Barcelona is only a couple of months away and quite expectedly all kind of rumors have started popping up. The latest one claims Samsung will announce the next generation Galaxy phone on the MWC 2011.

Of course, the announcement of a new Galaxy phone seems quite logical. The 2010’s MWC was disappointing with very few new phones and almost no innovations. So the expectations of the upcoming Congress are quite high.

The new Galaxy is rumored to run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and pack a dual-core processor, gyroscope and NFC support. If all of this comes true, perhaps we could expect 1080p video recording.

Anyway, now when the dual-core processors are ready for mass production and integration within the mobile phones we could expect most of the high-end phones to be capable of 1080p video encoding/decoding and even better graphics.

The MWC 2011 starts on 14 February, but Sony Ericsson will try to steal the spotlight with new XPERIA announcements a day earlier. It should be an interesting event indeed.



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