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Microsoft promises loads of Windows 7 based tablets by the end of the year, Windows 7 SP1 beta available now

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Today on the Worldwide Partner Conference Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer revealed the company’s plans of releasing multiple tablets running Windows 7 by the end of this year. He also spoke about Microsoft looking forward to the cloud computing and continuing working on the Azure OS.

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Moorestown-based Aava developer platfrom phone shows off MeeGo 1.1

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A proper MeeGo device is still nowhere in sight, but the Aava phone is the next best thing – it’s a developer platform, meaning intended mostly for MeeGo developers rather than customers, but it gives us a look at how the MeeGo OS and MeeGo-powered devices might look.

There’s a lengthy video review along with an extensive photo shoot of the Aava phone running MeeGo 1.1. A lot of the things aren’t working yet, but there’s still quite some time before the market launch… Read more »

Get Android up and running on your old Windows Mobile phone

by 528 comments

A Windows Mobile device owner is not something you would like to be at this moment. With Microsoft focusing all their effort on WP7, support for current devices is next to non-existent and it’s not like they are so good that they don’t need the occasional update.

But what if you could get an OS that is currently all the rage to run on your old device? It does look like a nice way to repay it for all those years of loyal service. And all you need is a microSD card, some spare time, plus the ability to follow instructions. Read more »

Custom firmware puts Android 2.2 Froyo on the HTC Desire, adds 720p video recording too

by 13 comments

You might think it’s unfair that HTC Desire still hasn’t been treated to an Android 2.2 Froyo update, while in the same type the Google Nexus One is basking in its Flash-enabled glory.

As usual, XDA-Developers might have a solution – a custom firmware for the Desire that not only brings Froyo with HTC’s Sense UI on top, but also offers one very sweet extra – 720p video recording… Read more »

Nokia Conversations asks what you do with the photos taken with your phone

by 1,125 comments

Last week Nokia Conversations asked its users what accessories they would like to have for their Nokia N8. Now the final results are out – phone jewelry lost, but what came out on top? Not what I voted for.

Anyway, now that that’s done, a new poll asks what people do with the photos from their phones… Read more »

Android 2.2 Froyo blazes past iOS4 on the JavaScript track

by 680 comments

I just stumbled upon an interesting comparison between the iOS4 and Android 2.2 and thought you it might interest you. With both running on 1GHz CPUs (the Snapdragon Scorpion core vs the iPhone Cortex-A8) the results come up somewhat surprising (for me at least).

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iPhone 4 battery life test is over – turns out undisputed video playback champ

by 74 comments

It’s rarely that we do dedicated battery life tests with mobile gear because it’s time-consuming and honestly, doesn’t seem to influence buying decisions that much (unless it’s a flop). But when we have the opportunity we like to walk that extra mile with certain high-end handsets. And lately, it’s worth it. Because they seem to be getting better and better, despite all the extra features each new generation brings to the table. Today we’ll see how the iPhone 4 is doing in that department.

iPhone 4
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MeeGo-running Moorestown-based Aava prototype caught in the wild

by 245 comments

While we’re still waiting for Nokia to announce its first MeeGo-powered device, the Moorestown-based Aava Mobile smartphone has already started cropping up around the globe. It has just been caught in the wild and a video is about to show up within the next couple of days.

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Apple iPhone 4 proximity sensor acts weird, we’ve got the video to prove it

by 94 comments

The Apple iPhone 4 went off to a flying start in terms of numbers alone, but its stellar performer reputation certainly took quite a lot of hits. First it was the yellow spot issues (which luckily disappeared all by themselves), then it was the new antenna design that backfired spectacularly and now it’s the proximity sensor that’s causing troubles for early adopters.

As you will see in the video below the new proximity sensor fails to do its job very well, allowing the screen to turn on when there IS an object nearby. In practical terms this means that it doesn’t lock the screen every time you are in a call and you might press some of the on-screen buttons with your cheeks. Read more »

Third LG Mobile WorldCup aims to crown the planet’s fastest texter

by 175 comments

While most of the planet is still busy following a certain football tournament held in South Africa, LG have announced the start of another World Cup tournament. The third annual LG Mobile Worldcup tournament aims to find the fastest texters on the planet and reward them nicely.

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Sprint Epic 4G stars in epic video, touts its epic features

by 937 comments

Sprint sure love touting their 4G network (WiMAX)! The latest addition to their 4G-capable lineup is the modestly named Sprint Epic 4G. The Epic 4G is a Samsung Galaxy S phone but unlike most others, this one comes with a QWERTY keyboard.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – so here’s a promo video of the Sprint Epic 4G, which shows you just how epic the Epic 4G is… Read more »

Over 1000 of iOS developers cheating with Android?

by 763 comments

Google or Apple? Why not Gapple?! 3 percent of app developers are cheating on the iOS with its major rival, the Android platform. And if we look at it from another point of view, numbers get even more exciting: over 15 percent of Android’s developers have already released iOS-loving applications as well.

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Nokia N8 can play 720p video through HDMI, 5.1 channel audio too

by 66 comments

Nokia is pretty proud of the multimedia capabilities of the upcoming Nokia N8 – they’ve shown off the video and still image capturing capabilities of the 12MP shooter, but now they’re boasting about the multimedia playback prowess too…

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Nokia N8 poll: picking accessories for a 12MP cameraphone

by 674 comments

Nokia Conversations asks: what accessory would you buy for the Nokia N8? Some of the options are, uh, odd – phone jewelry, a tripod. Were they unable to come up with better suggestions? Or perhaps that’s their subtle way of saying that the Nokia N8 has it all…

Here’s what you can vote for: Read more »

HTC HD2 triple-boots WinMo 6.5 with Sense, Android 2.1 and Ubuntu

by 19 comments

We probably won’t seen a GSM version of the HTC EVO 4G. Not officially anyway – the ever resourceful people from XDA Developers are busy porting Android and Ubuntu (yes, Ubuntu) on the HTC HD2, which WiMAX connectivity aside is identical to the EVO 4G…

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