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Over 1000 of iOS developers cheating with Android?

Google or Apple? Why not Gapple?! 3 percent of app developers are cheating on the iOS with its major rival, the Android platform. And if we look at it from another point of view, numbers get even more exciting: over 15 percent of Android’s developers have already released iOS-loving applications as well.

OK, there isn’t anything shocking here, right? After all, it’s all about the money. And everybody is winning, users – most. If you decide to ditch your current device and decide to change platform ships, wouldn’t you miss your favorite apps?

Now, let’s take a closer look at those numbers once again. So, a total of 51 972 app developers serves the iOS and the Android platforms. 41 773 (or approximately 80 percent) of them develop applications solely for Apple’s iOS and 8787 (nearly 17 percent) release apps only compatible with Google’s Android OS.

1412 (a tad below 3 percent) of the application developers bring joy to both operating systems’ fans. And keeping in mind the huge success of Google’s OS, the number of cross-platform developers is expected to grow further.



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