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How does the iPhone 4 pixel density stand in comparison?

by 52 comments

Apple was very keen to brag about the iPhone 4 high-res screen and for a very good reason. From having one of the lowest pixel densities on the market in the previous generations, the iPhone is now in the lead. The question remains how much of a lead does it have over its rivals and I decided to do a brief comparison to give you an idea about that.

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iPhone 4 new features explained on video – Apple fans drool

by 404 comments

The iPhone 4 entered the mobile world with a bang and is here to stay as the company’s flagman for at least a year. In an attempt to let us get to know it better before it hits the shelves Apple released a promo video of their new device.

Featuring each of the new features that Steve Jobs mentioned in his keynote speech tonight, the video is pretty entertaining and well worth watching. Read more »

8GB iPhone 3GS announced, destined to play second violin from its birth

by 8 comments

With all the fuss surrounding iPhone 4 announcement you may have missed another announcement made by Apple at the WWDC event. Steve Jobs mentioned it when talking about the pricing of the iPhone 4, so understandably the attention was focused elsewhere.

So yeah, the rumored 8GB version of the iPhone 3GS is finally seeing daylight. Read more »

HTC EVO 4G starts breaking sales records from launch day

by 700 comments

Last Friday was a busy day for the employees at Sprint stores – it was the day when the mighty HTC EVO 4G hit their shelves. The Android-powered flagship has single-handedly improved the carrier’s 1 day sales record – and quite comfortably at that.

Sprint’s previous launch day bestsellers were Palm Pre and Samsung Instinct, but the EVO 4G (previously codenamed as HTC Supersonic) managed to sell 3 times as many units and even caused temporary shortages of the device at some of the 22 000 sales locations. Read more »

Acer teases with the BlackBerry-styled beTouch 130 running on Android

by 738 comments

Have you ever wanted a BlackBerry or Nokia E72 running on Android fuel? Well, dream no more – the QWERTY bar Acer beTouch E130 is exactly that kind of device and will be released later this year.

The Acer beTouch 130 packs all the basic features – 2.6-inch QVGA touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel snapper, 416 MHz Ericsson processor (now that’s a first), 256MB RAM, 512MB ROM, 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi, microSD card slot and the nice front-facing full QWERTY keypad.
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We won’t see a Moorestown tablet like this one at least another six months

by 25 comments

Tablets are a hot commodity these days and it seems almost every company has a prototype on display at this year’s Computex. Unfortunately, there are only few tablets available on the market despite the huge demand. It’s like all hardware companies either totally missed this wave of touchscreen tablet love or manufacturers simply lack the optimized OS needed for creating a compelling tablet computer.

Whatever may be the case, the Intel’s Moorestown platform currently seems as one of the most promising upcoming tablet solutions. The Quanta Redvale tablet shown off by Intel at Computex is a living proof.
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Samsung Wave ships with Trojan-infected memory card in Germany

by 855 comments

We’ve just published our Samsung Wave review and here is a nasty surprise. As user reports have it, the microSD card in the German retail package is obviously infected with a Trojan virus.

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Foosball fever by Nokia, now that’s a cool video ad

by 1,400 comments

It’s rare that I come upon a seriously impressive video ad such as this one. I won’t waste your time trying to recap, I’ll just say those are some wicked foosball tricks.

Oh, I also think I saw a Nokia N8 parading around at some point, but I’m not really sure. I’m too busy learning the new moves.

HTC HD Mini with new firmware update

by 594 comments

The HTC HD Mini just got what appears to be its first firmware update. Unfortunately, it only brings some minor changes. In fact there is only one improvement – the ringtone sound quality. So if you were unhappy with the way your ringtones sound on the HD Mini, it’s time for update.

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Nokia N8 shown runnings games, NFS: Shift, The Sims 3 and Monopoly ahoy

by 73 comments

Here’s another thing to look forward to from the Nokia N8 – games. At the Open Mobile Summit in London, Nokia showed off a few game trailers for games running on the Nokia N8.

Nothing new, but Tetris, Monopoly and The Sims 3 are pretty much timeless and Need For Speed: Shift is about as good as it gets in the current mobile racing game world… Read more »

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S stars in another demo video, this time it’s about telephony

by 254 comments

When it comes to contacts management and telephony the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S has got several nifty features up its sleeve. We can hardly find any compromises Samsung has made in that department. But you should know that if you’ve read our recent review.


We decided to get more graphical so you can see more easily how well everything works. We shot a new demo video of the Samsung Galaxy S concentrating mainly on contacts management and telephony features.
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Firefox Home will soon bring your desktop Firefox stuff to your iPhone, iPad

by 632 comments

No, Firefox web browser is not likely to appear as a native iPhone application anytime soon. But Mozilla are already working on a native iPhone app that syncs your browsing history, bookmarks, and opened tabs. Meet the Firefox Home for iPhone.


I’ve been using various workarounds to sync my currently opened tabs with my iPhone. I’ve tried saving those pages to ReadItLater. I’ve also tried bookmarking the webpages and later on accessing those through the Xmarks website – the service I use for bookmark syncing. But none of these are as convenient as the upcoming Firefox Home.

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Windows Phone 7 demonstrated on a Samsung prototype

by 15 comments

Microsoft demonstrated Windows Phone 7 interface and gaming abilities at the reMIX event in France. Their latest mobile OS was up and running on an unidentified Omnia HD-like Samsung headset and performed quite impressively.

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Samsung I9000 Galaxy S manages 7:25 hours of video playback, puts critics to shame

by 325 comments

The results from the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S dedicated video playback battery test are out and they might be quite surprising to some. A lot has been said and written about the Android handsets poor battery life recently but obviously things aren’t as bad as they are made out to be.

Our testing procedure was pretty standard: we charged the Galaxy S until it said full and looped a standard definition XviD video with the screen brightness set to 50% until the battery level fell to 10% (beyond that point the handset automatically turns off the video player and doesn’t allow restarting it). And in the case of the Samsung Android flagship that took some good 7 hours and 25 minutes.
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Free Ovi Maps taxis hit UK streets today, Nokia X6 takes you for a ride

by 9 comments

Nokia is really pushing hard when it comes to promoting Ovi Maps. Their latest PR stunt is unleashing a fleet of black Ovi Maps branded taxis in some UK cities – they’ll give you a free ride and let you play with a Nokia X6 while you’re traveling…

If you live in London, Manchester, Birmingham or Glasgow be on a lookout for a special kind of black taxis. The Ovi Maps branding should make them easier to spot and this promotion should last a week.
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