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Nokia Conversations asks what you do with the photos taken with your phone

Last week Nokia Conversations asked its users what accessories they would like to have for their Nokia N8. Now the final results are out – phone jewelry lost, but what came out on top? Not what I voted for.

Anyway, now that that’s done, a new poll asks what people do with the photos from their phones…

But first, here’s the top three accessories for the Nokia N8 – the protective case leads, a microSD card comes in a close second and wireless headphones slip into third place. My accessory of choice, car kit, came out forth ahead of the add-on battery. Unpopular options turned out to be the jewelry (unsurprising) but also tripods and stands.

The “Other” field led to some interesting suggestions – a keyboard and a mouse (which the Nokia N8 does support), even a bicycle charger.

Here’s the new poll – what do you do with photos taken with your phone? Upload them to some Internet site (photo sharing site, social networking site, etc.), print them, stow them away on a memory card or just store then on your computer?

The results currently sit at 56% for the “store on the computer” option. It’s not too late to cast your vote over at Nokia Conversations and tip the scales.


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