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Get Android up and running on your old Windows Mobile phone

A Windows Mobile device owner is not something you would like to be at this moment. With Microsoft focusing all their effort on WP7, support for current devices is next to non-existent and it’s not like they are so good that they don’t need the occasional update.

But what if you could get an OS that is currently all the rage to run on your old device? It does look like a nice way to repay it for all those years of loyal service. And all you need is a microSD card, some spare time, plus the ability to follow instructions.

Okay, okay, there is a catch. Not all of the ports are perfectly functional as of now but the list of supported devices is pretty long and chances are your phone will be on it. You can check it out at the bottom of the tutorial and if you are in luck you might just start hacking. Or, you know, get someone with a bit better technical knowledge to do it for you.



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