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Nokia N8 gets a pretty impressive panorama feature

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There’s little doubt that Nokia N8 is a pretty great photography tool, but one feature it notably lacks out of the box is Panorama shots. Luckily the Finns are going to add that with a separate app that should hit the Ovi store soon.

In the sample above it’s incredibly hard to detect where the three stitches are (the panorama was created from four shots and measures 4306 x 1280 pixels at full stretch). Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab enjoys Gorilla Glass protection for its 7-inch screen

by 17 comments

The Galaxy Tab was announced a month ago but details about it are continuing to surface. Take this one, for instance. The Froyo-serving tablet is packing a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. And this isn’t the only device in the Samsung lineup to have one of those. The Galaxy S (in all of its forms) features a Gorilla Glass as well.

Gorilla Glass is a thin but robust translucent glass that has a special coating making it not only easy to clean, but also heavy-duty resistant to the daily wear and tear.

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Panasonic shows Lumix phone at CEATEC, it’s headed for NTT DoCoMo

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Panasonic promised and it has delivered – it revealed the Panasonic Lumix phone today. But the news isn’t good (if you live outside of Japan that is) as the phone appeared on the NTT DoCoMo booth at CEATEC, so chances of it dropping into our hands are pretty much nil.

At least now there are photos to gawk at and a video that shows all the stuff we can’t have… Read more »

Modu will unveil the first modular smartphone – the T-Phone – on 10.10.10

by 514 comments

Modu is gathering the press on the magic 10 October to show the world their next modular phone. It’s called the T-Phone and runs on Android OS. Its core will pack touchscreen, 3G, Wi-Fi, 2GB internal storage and microSD card slot. As usual the rest of the features will depend on the jackets that’s on top.

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Phantom Black HTC Legend seems fit to live up to its name

by 22 comments

The HTC Legend was one of the prettiest handsets out there even before but now it closes on perfection. HTC has just announced a new “Phantom Black” color option for the Android-running device and the official shot really makes me drool.

The aluminium unibody is as sleek as always but now the back is in unison with the plastic patches on top and on the bottom. Read more »

Nokia N8 in all its 12MP glory next up for review, video and camera samples inside

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Digicams are already feeling the heat as the Nokia N8 enters the doors of our office. Are mobile phones just about to deal a deadly blow to the digicams?

Nokia N8

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Samsung Galaxy Tab comes by the office, the hands-on video awaits you

by 74 comments

The first Samsung Android-running tablet is up for review and a quick hands-on video is due. The Galaxy Tab is certainly among the most interesting devices of the year and we felt like we should give you a heads up of what to expect. In addition to our IFA preview, that is.

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Dual screen Samsung Continuum heads to Verizon as part of the Galaxy S lineup

by 25 comments

Samsung Continuum is another Galaxy S phone to hit Verizon this month. The interesting thing about this one is the two Super AMOLED capacitive screens on its front. The smaller unit is dedicated to all kind of statuses icons such as new messages, emails, missed calls, weather, etc.

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We finally got our hands on the Nokia 5250, let’s get to business

by 13 comments

The Nokia 5250, company’s most affordable full touch smartphone, was unveiled a month ago and now we’re already holding our Nokia 5250 review unit in our hands. And while the 5250 is still cooking, the unboxing video is ready.

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Ovi Store on the rise, welcomes 200 000 new members each day

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The Ovi Store was suffering a bit of a crisis at the beginning of the year with its downloads standing still in a moment when all the competitors were taking huge leaps forward. But apparently Nokia managed to put its app distribution service back on the right track as the store is now welcoming 200 000 new members each day.

Other encouraging numbers are the 2.3 million downloads per day and the 70 developers who have already passed the 1 million mark. Read more »

LG GT540 Optimus 2.1 (Éclair) update goes live, screenshots inside

by 740 comments

LG seems more focused on Windows Phone 7 than Android recently but it doesn’t mean they have forgotten about their Google OS devices. In fact they just released the official Android 2.1 update for what seems to be their most successful handset this year, the LG GT540 Optimus.

LG Optimus gets Android 2.1

It’s only available for the handset in the Baltic region at this stage so the rest of the world will have to wait a while longer. Or they could take matters in their own hands and use a third party tool to flash their handsets with that Baltic ROM. Read more »

BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 pays us a visit, we rush to give you an unboxing video

by 8 comments

We had a short break but now we are restarting our series of unboxing videos of the handsets we get for a review. Next up is the Pearl 3G 9105 in all its BlackBerry goodness.

It’s hardly as cool as the Torch 9800, which we reviewed last week, but the little fella certainly has a charm of its own. Read more »

Nokia N8 feeds video to the largest cinema screen in the world

by 27 comments

What do you need for a home theater system? Usually you get a media player, a good sound system and a big TV or maybe a projector/screen combo. The Nokia N8 can substitute the media player as it can playback Full HD with true 5.1 channel Dolby Digital Plus over its HDMI output.

And don’t worry if your screen seems too big for the N8 to handle, Nokia tested that setup on a 1,428 square meter screen with a total of four projectors… Read more »

RIM says their QNX tablet UI will replace BlackBerry OS in the future

by 11 comments

Remember that hot tablet OS that RIM revealed the other day along with their PlayBook tablet? You know, the one that looked so colorful and user-friendly and so not BlackBerry?

Well it turns out that the company has some big plans for it, so big in fact that they stretch outside the tablet realm. Read more »

HTC Mondrian leaks in two funny Windows Phone 7 video ads

by 599 comments

Remember HTC Mondrian? Well, here it is breaking loose once again. This time we meet it in two official Windows Phone 7 ads.

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