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Orange launches Tactile Internet – an Android smartphone on the cheap

by 861 comments

After we met the Three Mobile UK exclusive ZTE Racer, here comes another cheap Android, Orange Tactile Internet. The unassumingly called smartphone can be yours on a contract for only 1 euro, but don’t get excited just yet.

To get the Tactile Internet for 1 euro you’d have to sign a 2-year contract with a minimum of 51-euro monthly tariff.
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Antennagate bears on: Motorola DROID X is the next death-grip victim

by 248 comments

As it seems, Apple doesn’t plan on ending Antennagate any time soon. The iPhone 4 reception issues continue and so do Apple demonstrations of other smartphones losing signal just as well. And here comes Apple’s next victim, the Motorola DROID X, which “turns out” to be affected by iPhone 4′s decease, too.

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Samsung UK gives free Galaxy S to reception-plagued iPhone 4 users, I could use one too

by 95 comments

There is no doubt Samsung Galaxy S is one of the most threatening competitors against the iPhone 4. It seems Samsung won’t stop with the nagging ads, but will step even further – give away a free Galaxy S to unsatisfied iPhone 4 users. Beat that, Apple!

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Acer Stream drops by, we shoot it on video

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Our next guest is the newest member of the high-end Android lineup. Acer Stream managed to surprise us with top notch specs and really cool Acer Touch 3D user interface.

We’ve been eagerly waiting for some movement on the high-end Android market that’s so far been ruled by HTC and Samsung. Acer Stream enters the fray of battle just in time and rest assured, there will be blood.
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Bought an iPhone 4 Bumper case? Your money is on its way back to you

by 18 comments

As you might have heard, Apple is giving away free cases to the iPhone 4 owners and those who have already bought a Bumper case, will get their money back. Apparently, the company has just started issuing refunds automatically.

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Unboxing the Nokia C6 – mass market texting, the Symbian way

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The Nokia C6 landed in our office and we did the unboxing tango with it. Nokia doesn’t have a great many phones that combine a touch screen and a hardware QWERTY – and that’s quite a popular combo, just look at all those Androids.

Nokia C6

Aside from the Nokia N97 and N97 mini, the Maemo-powered Nokia N900 was the other touchscreen/QWERTY phone. And now, there’s the Nokia C6 – 3.2” nHD touchscreen and a four-row QWERTY keyboard are its claim to fame… Read more »

Froyo not coming to the Motorola MILESTONE?

by 44 comments

Motorola is so keen on working on its upcoming devices that it seems to have forgotten about its currently available ones. According to James King, the company’s European marketing director, it isn’t quite sure whether the MILESTONE will ever get the eagerly anticipated Android v2.2 update.

I, like many other Motorola MILESTONE owners, have been thinking that this update is in the oven and is coming any moment now. But apparently, the Motorola team hasn’t started working on it yet. As James King says, the decision whether the Motorola MILESTONE is getting a Froyo treatment or not has not been made yet. Here is James King’s post on Facebook:

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Adobe’s FlashTime to bring free p2p videocalling to all Androids out there, a touch of sarcasm too

by 224 comments

On the course of working on the latest beta builds of Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR 2.5 for Android smartphones, Adobe dropped a tingling teaser – their FlashTime video chat app. Still not included in the beta software builds, the playfully named video chat runs real-time between two Nexus One phones on the video demo following the break.

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RIM finally introduces GPS-free location service for BlackBerries

by 8 comments

It’s been a few years since most of the major manufacturers started using the cell tower triangulation as a quick fix for the slow initial GPS position locking. Today even some cheap feature-phones use the cell-based location service, but still there is no BlackBerry handset capable doing this.

Well, that’s no more. RIM has finally added cell positioning to their Location Services and it’s ready to be used for all developers in their future or already released applications.
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Sony Ericsson Vivaz dressed in pink, says Hi to the ladies

by 421 comments

It seems the Vivaz fella is selling quite well in all the four colors, because Sony Ericsson is launching a new pink version.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz in Light Pink will be available in the selected markets by the end of September.

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Three Mobile UK offers the Android powered ZTE Racer for 110 pounds

by 14 comments

Three Mobile UK is offering one of the cheapest Androids on the market – the ZTE Racer. You can buy it for 110 pounds on Pay-As-You-Go (contract free) with included minutes, texts and data.

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1 billion apps flew off the Android Market shelves

by 222 comments

While the Android Market still can’t compete with the App Store when it comes to the total number of available applications, it sure is its most serious (and most rapidly improving) competitor. And here comes yet another proof of that: the billionth application recently flew off the Android Market shelves.

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Samsung Galaxy S sales reach seven figures, Samsung crosses fingers and hopes to push 9 more millions

by 59 comments

You may have been thinking that it’s only Apple that can sell millions of units of a single device in no time. Huh, think twice! Samsung’s current flagship, the I9000 Galaxy S, sold in one million units since it was released (that happened only a few weeks back) and the company expects this number to reach a total of 10 million units worldwide.

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Nokia’s Terminal Mode connects your car’s multimedia system with your smartphone

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Nokia’s engineers managed to fully connect your mobile phone to your car’s dash head unit. Thanks to the Terminal Mode you can control the most important phone features directly from the car controls (touchscreen, wheel shortcuts, BT audio).

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Sprint sells 300 000 EVO 4G units, despite shortages

by 514 comments

Sprint is obviously doing great with the EVO 4G, having already sold more than 300 000 units of the Android-running smartphone. The thing is that number would have been much greater hadn’t it been for the stock shortages that the carrier is facing.

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