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Sharp unveils world’s first mobile device camera module shooting 720p hi-def 3D videos

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Sharp has just proudly presented a 3D camera module capable of taking 720p high-definition 3D videos. This is the first camera module of that kind that is made for mobile devices such as cameras, mobile phones, etc.

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Android OS v2.2 a.k.a. Froyo is about 450% faster than the Ecalir (v2.1)

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While we’re still waiting for Android OS v2.2 a.k.a. Froyo to become officially available there are plenty of developer-intended devices around the globe that already run it. And as it turns out the latest version of the Android OS is way faster than its predecessor, the Eclair.

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Dominator I is an inconspicuous gadget that eavesdrops on GSM calls

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Shhh… Big Brother can hear you. No seriously, they just declassified the Dominator I (friendly sounding name, isn’t it?), which obviously can tune in on all GSM phone calls in its range – plus it can read your SMS messages too.

Dominator I

The Magnet Dominator I GSM eavesdropping system was developed for the military (no word which one exactly) exploiting the recently cracked A5/1 encryption of the GSM communications. The whole setup consists of a laptop, two relatively small boxes and a couple of directional antennas that you point to the zone (people) you want to eavesdrop on. The whole thing can fit in a suitcase, weighs 5.6 kilograms and can be powered by a car battery just as well. And it can intercept and record four independent GSM calls in real-time. Read more »

A green Nokia N8 teases in front of the camera, looks big

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The guys at Engadget had the wonderful opportunity to do a brief hands-on on a pre-release Nokia N8 unit in London. Thanks to their live shots, you can really see the N8 size in perspective.

Well, it is big. In woman’s hands, it’s HUGE! Nokia should really get some male hand models for future presentations of the device. Read more »

Intel unveil new Atom-based platform for smartphones and tablets, does 1080p videos and all

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Intel have just announced the second generation of their Atom-based platform (a.k.a. Moorestown). The new Z6XX series is expected to bring PC-like experience and 1080p video support to smartphones and tablets. On top of that, the new Atoms are said to be extremely efficient and not at all power-hungry.

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Samsung S8500 Wave and the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S get cool TV ads

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While we’re waiting for two of Samsung’s most anticipated smartphones to hit the sheleves, they appeared on some cool TV ads. Of course I mean the Bada-based Samsung S8500 Wave and its Android-running bro, the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S.

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Nokia Conversations poll reveals the N8 true colors

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Last week, right after the announcement of the Nokia N8, the official blog of the Finnish company launched a poll about the preferred color of the device. And now that the results are out we can see if the bright and colorful Orange, Blue and Green versions of the Nokia N8 will be appreciated as well as the time-tested Silver and Dark grey ones.

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A 32GB version of the Nokia N8 may be in the works, also the battery is hard to replace

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Here are a couple of things you didn’t know about the Nokia N8 – there’s potentially another version of it with 32GB internal storage and the battery is somewhat easily replaceable, but not like Nokia owners are used to…

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Apple’s iPad 3G is actually factory unlocked, but gets jailbroken and learns how to send text messages in a flash

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There is a bunch of news concerning the recently released iPad 3G. Apparently, the thing is factory unlocked and would accept with any SIM card cut down to the size of a micro SIM card. On top of that, like the non-3G iPad, the 3G capable one is also jailbrakeable and you can also make it send text messages if you want.

Plus you get a second juicy feature on board – the GPS receiver, which lacks on the Wi-Fi-only iPad.

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Adobe strikes back: no Flash for iPhone, end of story?

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As expected, Steve Job’s “Thoughts on Flash” couldn’t remain unnoticed by Adobe so now they are striking back. Apple refuse to let Flash to the iPhone? Well, Adobe won’t even bother bringing it to them then.

This story started a long time ago but the pressure has never escalated to such a high level. At least now it’s clearer than ever: iPhone won’t get Flash support. Read more »

Steve Jobs on the 6 grudges Apple holds against Flash

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“Flash is the number one reason Macs crash.”, Jobs says, “We don’t want to reduce the reliability and security of our iPhones, iPods and iPads by adding Flash.” You bet they don’t.

Apple like to have things under control – especially user experience. But there’s more to that and Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, thought the issue is important enough to deserve a full press release that explains 6 reasonable sounding points in favor of their decision.

It’s an interesting read – and definitely one that’s been written by a true essay master, so I bet you guys would love to have a look at it in detail. BTW, it’s really strange of him publishing this semi-official/semi-personal statement on Flash, while still avoiding the more topical issue of the lost iPhone prototype and the events that followed. Anyway, check out the stuff yourselves.
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Apple Developers Conference keynote all set for 7 June in San Francisco, hello iPhone 4G!

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Apple announced their next Worldwide Developers Conference will take place between 7 and 11 June. Tickets are already on sale and you can book your place for 1600 US dollars.

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Nokia N8 first HD sample outed, looks stunning

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After the first sample shots from an early version of the Nokia N8 were posted yesterday, the community was pleased to find that the hype surrounding the handset’s new camera isn’t unfounded. And now comes the first video sample to confirm that the Symbian^3 pioneer is on track to ruling the cameraphone world. Check it out after the jump.

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How LARGE is the Nokia N8 large image sensor? Updated!

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Earlier today Nokia announced their latest multimedia flagship, the N8 and said that it packs a large sensor that rivals those found in compact digital cameras. But they never actually quoted the exact sensor size and since compact cameras sensors go from 1/3″ through 1/2.5″ to 1/1.6″ in diagonal (from smallest to largest) I felt the need to do the math and find out where exactly the Nokia N8 ranks.

After all 1/2.5″ sensors have been around the mobile industry for a while now – Nokia N95 had a sensor about that size some 3 years ago. Yet, it turns out that Nokia did have something to boast about with the Nokia N8. Read more »

A bunch of LG smartphones unveiled, meet the LU2300, the SU950/KU9500 and the GT500s

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LG finally decided to officially announce the LU2300, which has been circulating in the Internet for a little while. On top of that the company also unveiled a few more devices, namely the SU950/KU9500 and the GT500s.

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