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Android ported to the iPhone, Steve Jobs loses his sleep

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Here’s the next proof, if needed, that the rapid development of the Android OS has impressed the whole mobile world. A knowledgeable user managed to port the Open Handset Alliance platform to run over the Apple hardware that is inside the iPhone. Baaam!

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Cypress makes touchscreens track hovering fingers

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Have you ever wondered what would it be to have a touchscreen device that you don’t even need to touch. The concpet sound weird when I put it that way, I know. In reality it could feel quite natural. A touchscreen manufacturer Cypress are working on just that – their latest invention is a touchscreen module with hover support.

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Sony Ericsson jumps the gun with the announcement of an XPERIA X2 soft update

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The official Sony Ericsson blog just announced they have a small but important software update to all XPERIA X2 owners. But as it turned out, they are not quite ready in posting it over at the official Sony Ericsson update center.

Ok, we won’t hold it against them – a software update “that will add stability and improved performance throughout the device” is definitely some good news to share in the first place. Who cares you still can’t get it online.
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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic gets a 50.0.005 firmware update, is cooler and snappier than before

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You don’t usually see a two-year old smartphone get a firmware update – let alone one that adds any major features. Well, Nokia just can’t stop showing their love for their first-born touch phone – the 5800 XpressMusic. The touch-driven Symbian S60 5th edition pioneer is one of the handsets that provides great value for its price in the market segment and Nokia are obviously keen to keep it that way.

The latest 50.0.005 firmware for one of the most popular phone of all times in our database brings several new features and applications, bug-fixes and some key tweaks that noticeably improve the user experience. Read more »

Neutrano WristFone is a yet another watch phone – do people really use those?

by 238 comments

It’s a watch, but look – it can make phone calls! Yeah, it’s been done before but still, the Neutrano WristFone (get it?) is the most watch-like watch-phone I’ve seen yet…

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Apple iPhone 4G – lost, found and dearly wanted back

by 36 comments

It seems Gizmodo managed to contact Gray Powell – the guy who lost the iPhone 4G prototype. Well, in short – Apple wants their lost baby back. But Mr. Powell also shed some light on the matter how the iPhone prototype found its way out in the hands of the press.

Here is the short version of a long adventure.
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iPhone OS 4.0 to come with Facebook integration?

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Prayers have been heard – the iPhone will finally feature some social network integration, starting from version 4.0 of its proprietary OS. It’s only going to include Facebook at the beginning, but that’s a start, right?

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LG SU420 goes live in Korea, comes with DMB 2.0

by 249 comments

LG have just announced another of their full-touch devices, but unfortunately for the rest of the world this one will only be available in Korea. The LG SU420 is the world’s first handset to sport a mobile TV receiver that supports DMB 2.0.

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HTC Droid Incredible announced exclusively for Verizon Wireless

by 341 comments

The latest member of the Android family comes from HTC – the new Droid Incredible. It’s a Verizon Wireless exclusive and will help them in the battle with the Sprint’s Evo 4G.

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Is this the iPhone 4G back cover? Hmm, I don’t think so…

by 27 comments

Yet another rumor involving the still unannounced next generation iPhone. Well, keep them coming! This time I came upon some images that are said to show how the iPhone HD back cover will look like. However, one of them clearly shows something else: that they are fake!

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HTC considers coming up with its own proprietary OS, come on!

by 415 comments

The birth of a new mobile operating system is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but I’m not quite sure if that’s exactly what the industry needs right now. Still, according to Bloomberg, HTC are considering their options and they might just come up with an OS of their own.

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HTC Desire pays us a visit, AMOLED and HTC Sense is what you’ve been looking for

by 40 comments

Our HTC Legend review is still warm, but here comes another anticipated Droid – the Desire. Its advantages over the Legend include an AMOLED screen half inch bigger, a snappier Snapdragon CPU and more RAM.

In case you are wondering what good that does bring in real life, check out the couple of videos that we have prepared for you. Read more »

Design by Community Week 5: Connectivity, wired vs. wire-free

by 554 comments

Design by Community, Week 5 – it’s all about connectivity, wireless connectivity to be more precise. The time has come to make a choice – wireless USB, wireless HDMI, or be a traditionalist and stick with wires?

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Samsung I9000 Galaxy S brings it whole four inches of Super AMOLED-ishness to our office (video inside)

by 37 comments

That next handset that we have for a preview is a real star. The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is yet another flagship aiming for a place at the top of the Android pyramid and from what we are seeing so far it might just succeed.

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Samsung i8910 Omnia HD turned out a real powerhouse, runs 63 apps at the same time

by 17 comments

While some more recent smartphones pack as much RAM memory as some not that old computers, the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD relies on only 256 megabytes. Nowadays, that doesn’t seem to be much but as the following video proves, it’s enough for the Omnia HD to run 63 applications simultaneously.

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